Know dips exercise benefits and how to perform

by Dheeraj Prarthi
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Do you want to strengthen your upper body part? So, this article is right for you. Here we cover all the correct and useful information on dips and some dips exercise benefits.

What are Dips?

Dips are the exercise to strengthen your upper body. It hits every muscle in your upper body (for eg. triceps, chest, shoulders, traps, core, etc.). Not only dips hit your upper body it also hits your core muscles and your upper back. Dips primarily hit the triceps and your lower chest muscles such as your pectoral muscles which are connected to your shoulder deltoid. Dips are the exercise that is performed on a Dips bar, one has to stand on the dip bar. This is by holding them, they have to push themselves like pushups or any other pushing movement without touching their feet into the ground. They have to go up and come down at an angle of 90degree. Dips are very beneficial for triceps muscles and pectoral muscles. 

dips exercise benefits

The major benefits of dips are to build strength in your upper body. It also gives more muscle mass in your triceps and pectoral muscles. As it also involves your core muscles, you will feel more strength in your core. Dips help you to tone up your body. To build your upper body one should always add this exercise to his routine. Because this exercise will add more big muscles in the triceps and chest. Mainly, it also gives strength to your shoulder deltoid muscles.

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In my opinion, dips are more important than pushups, dips engage your chest, arms, shoulder all at the one time. If one is losing in his upper body he should add this exercise to his routine. It also broads your upper body and gives you a bit more v-tapper look. Dips gives you more lockout strength and which can be used in heavy bench press and shoulder press.

tricep dips benefits push up benefits
tricep dips benefits

Dips can perform anywhere, it’s a free bodyweight exercise. People who are advance add weights to their dips and make it harder to perform. It also gives you CKC close kinetic chain effect, which means your hands are in a fixed position. It allows you to move your body with opposite muscles which creates more tension in your muscles. Hence helps you to create more muscle mass in your upper body.

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How to perform dips?

Read the instructions carefully because many people injured themselves while performing this exercise. Mainly I’ve seen in the gym some perform this exercise wrong. So you have to read this till the end, so let’s start.

Step 1: Stand at the dip bar put your hands on the dip bar.

Step 2: Now withholding the dip bar in your each hand jump in an upwards position and make a static hold in the air and come down slowly without touching your feet on the floor.

Keynote: Come down just below your elbow and push again to the top.

dips exercise benefits
dips exercise benefits

Step 3: Put your shoulder back and tighten your core while performing this exercise.

Step 4: Lock your elbows when you are at the top and bend yourself at 15 degrees when you came down.

Keynote: Do not come more below than your parallel elbows. You can either make a 90degree angle or just below 90 degrees. Do not role out your shoulders lock them properly in a backward position.

Why we should perform dips?

This dips exercise will build your upper body. There are so many benefits of doing this exercise as you have read this before in this article. This exercise is superior to the pushups so everyone should do this exercise in his routine.

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