Kimberley Kitching Weight Loss And Her Death Cause

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Kimberley Kitching, a famous Australian politician, recently passed away in Australia’s Melbourne on 10th March 2022 (Thursday). The suspected reason for her death is none other than a heart attack. However, she had lost substantial weight in the last few years before she died. That’s why people are always curious about Kimberley Kitching weight loss.

So, her fans are eager to know what made her lose her life through a heart attack despite the significant loss of weight she has managed to achieve over the years! They are very much sad about her death. They are wondering – did she have any health conditions?

If you are also wondering about Kimberley Kitching weight loss regime and the cause of her sudden death, you are requested to read the whole article, and you will know almost everything about her. So, let’s discuss:

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Who Exactly Was Kimberley Kitching?

Kimberley Kitching, born on 16th February 1970 and died on 10th March 2022, was a popular Australian politician. She was again a trade unionist as well as a lawyer. Being a member of a party named “Labor party”, Kitching was Victoria’s Senator. She attained that responsibility in October 2016 and persisted with it up to her death. 

Kitching, born in Brisbane (Queensland) in Australia, died at the age of 52 in Strathmore (Victoria) in Australia. Andrew Landeryou has been her spouse since 2000. Her father was Bill Kitching, and her mother, Leigh Kitching.

Growing up in St. Lucia’s suburb, she got a childhood friend, Chloe Shorten. Kitching spent her life in England, Spain, the USA, Germany, and France during her youth with her family. She moved from one place to another due to her father’s posting as a chemistry teacher. 

Kitching’s schooling was done in an academy named Brisbane Girls Grammer school. She then studied law as well as arts at Queensland University, and as she continued her study, she joined “Young Labor”. Kitching got the opportunity to work as a solicitor, and Queensland’s Supreme Court granted the permission. 

She also worked in the private sector. In Dec 2012, Kitching was appointed as the Victorian No 1 branch’s general manager for the “Health Services Union“.

She was also called (in 2014) for giving evidence pertaining to her time along with the health-related union, the “Health Services Union”, in front of the RCTUGC (Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption). 

After some years, Kitching got involved in Victorian Labor politics. She became the Victorian Branch of the party’s Vice President. Besides, she also remained the Melbourne city councillor during the year 2000 and a senior adviser to the Government of Labour’s multiple ministries. 

Kimberley Kitching Weight Loss 2021

Kimberley Kitching Weight Loss 2021
Kimberley Kitching Weight Loss 2021

Kimberley Kitching forfeited a substantial amount of weight within the last few years (particularly in 2021). Because of her sudden surmise, many individuals associate her death with her weight loss. But, is this assumption of people true according to you? Do you really feel that the main justification for the suspected heart attack of Kitching was Kimberley Kitching weight loss? 

Well! Several scrutinies have been done. But, no such report has been presented till now that could refer to the demise of Kitching as a result of her weight loss.

Also, medical science says that a person’s heart attack never happens to weight loss. It happens either due to diabetes, or emotional stress, depression, smoking, and pregnancy complications. 

Yes, it’s true that if you compare her before and after pictures, you will also notice a difference in her weight in both photos. The photo in which she emerges just before her death will show you her slimmer figure than that taken in earlier times.

But, her slimmer figure can never be the cause for her heart attack, though it’s just our speculation. It’s also true that in her recent photos before her death, the politician is not looking healthy at all in the real sense. 

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Kimberley Kitching Death Cause:

Kimberley Kitching Death Cause
Kimberley Kitching Death Cause

According to reports, Kimberley started feeling unhealthy and somewhat uneasy just before her death. At that time, she was driving her car between two meetings. She pulled over before phoning Andrew, her husband. Though an ambulance came soon, by that time, she was unable to resuscitate. 

She died within seconds near the place where she had parked her vehicle. The entire Labor family, including Anthony Albanese, a Labor leader, is deeply sad because of her unexpected demise.

They confided that they were very shocked at this situation and deeply missed their member (senator). One of the researched reports describes that the death of Kimberley was due to anxiety and stress and not because of Kimberley Kitching weight loss. 

It’s not because of her weight loss. But, for what Kimberley Kitching was so stressed about? Well! Michael Danby, a former MP of the Labor party and also a close friend of Kitching, said that she was stressed about her pre-nomination by the Victorian Right faction of the ALPs. Besides, according to Danby, Kimberley was also a victim of bullying. 

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How Did Kimberley Kitching Lose Weight?

Kimberley Kitching loses her weight with a strict diet plan. The follow-up of a disciplined lifestyle also helped a lot in Kimberley Kitching weight loss. Other than thyroid, Kitching’s health was perfectly fine.

She had no ailments like heart issues, diabetes, increased body cholesterol, pressure, etc. She was suffering from no big health condition. In fact, she was leading a healthy lifestyle and also forfeited a considerable amount of weight over the years. 

So, it’s really shocking for all that she died suddenly of a presumed heart attack. The weeping Bill Shorten also confirmed that she was undergoing incredible stress because us her preselection fight.

The politician’s other close friend, Pauline Hanson, also moaned on live TV because of her expiration and paid her tribute for being a good friend. 

By 2021, Kitching was taking medications for her thyroid issue. Though the medicines were improving her problems related to thyroid, they were also making her lose weight in the last few months before she died on a Thursday afternoon. 

Harvard University Study

A recent Harvard study has lately proposed a conclusion that the condition of the thyroid can induce some issues that masquerade as diseases related to the heart or make prevailing heart ailment worse. However, this proposal of the Harvard study has not been considered final. Still, other research on the matter is going on. 

As regards her stress, Kitching also had a conflict with her husband on monetary points, and they both temporarily cut off their relationships because of that in the middle of the year 2000. It also somewhat stressed Kitching.

However, they did not divorce each other for their conflict. Their husband-wife’s problem later gets resolved in 2006. It is unlikely that the stress that Kimberley has gone through from 2000-2006 has led to Kimberley Kitching weight loss as well as her heart attack, as it can’t happen after so many years. 

Kimberley Kitching Weight Loss Surgery:

Many Kimberley Kitching fans, after noticing her considerable weight loss, are predicting that Kimberley Kitching has sure gone through any weight loss surgery; otherwise, it’s not possible to lose so much weight within such a short period.

But, until now, no such news has been heard of Kimberley Kitching that she has done any such surgery. Her body weight loss is quite a natural process that either happened through her strict diet routine or from the side effect of her thyroid issues and its medications. 

Kimberley Kitching Death Condolences: 

Many people have expressed their shock and condolences for Kimberley Kitching’s death. Among them are the prominent right-wing figures, Pauline Hanson, Andrew Bolt, and many more.

Pauline Hanson Condolences on Kimberley Kitching Death Cause

Hanson, who made a ten-day trip with Senator Kitching to Afghanistan in 2018, conk out in tears while talking about her friend. She confided that her friend Kimberley was a unique person who always used to smile while conversing with anyone and never had been nasty with anyone. Together they spent a lot of time. She is very sad as well as thunderstruck by the passing of her friend. 

Andrew Bolt Condolences

The emotional Conservative commentator Bolt also praised the dead Senator Kitching. He said that he was devastated after receiving the news of her shocking demise. They have been friends for almost thirty years, and Kimberley had also recently visited his home with her husband Andrew for lunch a few days ago before her death. He also mumbled that Kitching was a person who had guts and was very valuable in Australian Politics. She was a person who would have even defied her own party to fight for what is right. 

Matt Canavan Condolences

Matt Canavan, the Nationals Senator, also penned down a sentimental note of tribute for the politician. There Matt expressed his sadness for the death of his colleague cum friend. According to him, Kitching was so much fun and a pleasure to be around. She never used to take herself seriously and was handy for a laugh every time he met her. Her presence even made for him the lonely Canberra a less lonely place. 

Bill Shorten Condolences on Kimberley Kitching Death Cause

Bill Shorten, another close friend of Kitching, sobbed on the morning radio and revealed that Kitching was under big stress as she had the ambition to protect herself from being kicked out of the senate. She was facing a tough preselection battle for gaining a winnable place on the upcoming election’s senate ticket. Preselection has never been easy. 

Her stress on preselection, other political issues, and the back rooms’ machinations made her lose her life. Bill also revealed that Kitching was a strong kind of person and always used to give her best in everything. While saying all these things, Mr Shorten was seen to be emotional, and his voice broke up several times. He was totally startled to hear from her husband over a phone call that she was no more. 

He said, just one day before her passing out, the Labor Right was unwilling to re-endorse the preselection of this woman. They reportedly refused her regarding the re-endorsement of her preselection, which could have built stress and anxiety within her, resulting in her unexpected death. Also, he does not doubt that some kinds of attacks she got from within her own ranks also contributed to her loss. 

Mr Albanese Condolences

Mr Albanese also showed her deep condolences toward Kitching and her family for this unwanted mishap of Kitching. He said that the entire Labor family was really shocked after getting this tragic news. They are all missing Kimberley a lot.

Daniel Andrews Condolences

Similarly, Daniel Andrews, a Victorian Premier, and Scott Morrisson, Australia’s Prime minister, also gave their thoughts for Kimberley and her family at this sad time. They conveyed their deep sadness for Kimberley’s death’s tragic and terrible news. 

The Final Words:

So, Kimberley Kitching was a well-known, loving figure in Australia as a politician, and her sudden death broke numerous people’s hearts. But, the suspicion of many people that Kimberley Kitching weight loss has led to her sudden death may not be valid. Her death may be either due to stress (because of political issues) or her problem with thyroid and the intake of its medications (as a side effect). Whatever reason it may be, the early passing out of this great politician is pathetic and tragic for all of us.

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