Kevin James Weight Loss Diet, Secrets & Transformation

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Kevin James, whose real name is Kevin George Knipfing, is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. James played the remarkable role of Doug Heffernan in the CBS sitcom The King of Queens. Many of his fans were curious about his health and wanted to know Kevin James’ weight loss journey and transformation. Even many of them are so curious that they search for his weight for a particular year on google. There were searches like Kevin James 2018 and 2019 weight loss. However, it was also evident in many public meetings that he is very comfortable cracking jokes about his weight.

Kevin James Weight Loss Diet, Secrets & Transformation


Given below is the short biography of Kevin James.

NameKevin James
Real NameKevin George Knipfing
Date of Birth26 April 1965
Age in 202156 years
Place of BirthMineola, New York, United States
Active Years1989-Present
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseSteffiana de la Cruz
ProfessionActor, Screen Writer, Producer, and Comedian
Best Known ForThe King Of Queens
His Popular FilmsHere Comes The Boom
Grown Ups
*table based on the biography of Kevin James

Kevin James Weight Loss Before and After

kevin james weight loss before and after

If we talk about Kevin James’ weight loss before and after, there were many ups and downs in his weight loss journey. Earlier in high school, Kevin James was only 150 pounds, and over a few years, he manages to cross over 300 pounds after his successful break in “The King of Queens”.

His weight loss journey has never been so easy as sometimes he manages to lose weight, and at the other moment, he increased his weight.

It happened only because of his concern towards his wife and three children, which motivates him to lose weight.

Kevin James Weight Loss Heart Attack

There was a time when some people misunderstood that Kevin Smith, not Kevin James, got a heart attack after fat loss.

Even Kevin Smith received get well soon wishes and gifts in the name of Kevin James.

Transformation Kevin James Weight Loss

The transformation of Kevin James has never been so easy. There were phases when he lost his weight, and then he again gained weight.

During his successful TV series “The king of queens,” he was near 300 pounds, then he decided to do running and eat low carb diet for weight loss.

However, this helps him reduce around 50 pounds, but his poor diet wasted all his efforts, and Kevin again gained a few more pounds to his weight.

Transformation Kevin James Weight Loss
How Much Does Kevin Durant Weight

After realizing that he put on excess weight, he then decided to transform himself. With his, weight loss efforts, he had lost 40 pounds within a few months.

Then his next film, “Here comes the boom,” works great for him, but James again seems to have gained weight after one year.

However, he again started to work hard to get back in shape, which results in a loss of 30 to 40 pounds. Now, you can understand his transformation was not that easy.

Kevin James Weight Loss Diet

kevin james weight loss diet

Here are the main key points of Kevin James’ weight loss diet.

  • He started to eat low-calorie diet.
  • James totally avoids fast food along with sugary drinks, sweets, etc.
  • Kevin makes sure to include vegetables with his meal.
  • James also had green smoothies to get all the necessary nutrients during the weight-loss period.

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Kevin James Weight Loss Secrets

His weight loss secrets were disclosed by himself. The following are the key points that were his secrets for weight loss.

  • His actual weight loss journey started with the movie name “Here comes the boom.”
  • In order to play his role in this movie he needs to lose a good amount of pounds.
  • Ryan Parsons, a Professional MMA trainer, helps James to get back in shape.
  • James does running or cycling for an hour on a daily basis.
  • He was also doing a workout like professional athletes.
  • The trainer includes medicine ball workouts in James’s exercise schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q.1. How did Kevin James lose weight?

Ans. Kevin Jones decided to lose weight for the sake of his children and wife. The beginning of his weight loss journey was started with his diet control habits. He had replaced the fast food items with healthy meals. In order to reduce his weight quickly, he opted to do exercise to burn extra calories from the body.

Q.2. What does Kevin James weigh now?

Ans. Kevin James weighs at the age of 56 is 235 pounds.

Q.3. Did Kevin James lose a bunch of weight?

Ans. Kevin James loses a bunch of weight by taking a low-carb diet along with miles of running. To lose bunches of weight, he used to do 6 miles of running every day.

However, Kevin James’s willingness to lose a bunch of weight also started for the sake of his three children and a wife. With having so many ups and downs in his remarkable weight loss journey, Kevin James now weighs 107 kgs.

Q.4. How tall is Kevin James?

Ans. Kevin James is 1.73m tall in height.

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