Kevin Gates Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

by Adarsh Patel
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This article will provide information regarding the famous rapper Kevin Gates weight loss. 

Kevin Gates really increased his health. He surprised everyone with his weight loss. His weight loss journey can be an inspiration for people. If you are determined that you want to lose weight, then it is not that difficult.

Kevin Gates worked hard for weight loss. Today we will tell you all about Kevin’s weight loss. What diet did he take, and which diet plan did he follow? If you also want to know all this, then read this blog carefully.

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Who is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates full name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard Gates. Kevin birth date and year is 5 February 1986 in America

Gates is a famous American rapper and singer and has sung many songs in his career. Kevin Gates has two children. Kevin’s life went through many difficulties, and he even had to go to jail once.

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Kevin Gates Weight Loss Journey

Kevin Gates Weight Loss Journey
Kevin Gates Weight Loss Journey

Kevin Gates is a happy day person. He has made a considerable increase in his health as before. Kevin Gates was already thinking about losing weight. But an awkward sentence happened to Kevin that led him to decide to lose weight.

What was that reason? Kevin Gates shares that embarrassing moment: “I took off my shirt and was holding a partner’s baby. My partner’s baby tried to suck my place.

If there was a reason when Kevin realized he was overweight that he needed to reduce it. We will tell you further how Kevin lost weight.

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How did Kevin Gates lose weight?

His fans started questioning him after he lost the weight. One of them was when a fan asked how he became so slim. Gates answered this in just one word “commitment”. Kevin Gates worked hard on weight loss and made some changes in his life. 

He emphasized his eating and way of spending the day. Gates spent most hours in the gym and consumed green vegetables.

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Kevin Gates Diet Plan

Kevin Gates’s diet plan is full of healthy and organic food. Initially, Kevin was fond of eating junk food like burgers, pizza, etc. But now, he stays away from fast food. Due to abstaining from these harmful foods, Kevin lost weight today.

Quitting this junk food was a big problem for Kevin Gates because he was used to these things. It was a difficult task, but he was determined to do it.

Because of his struggle, Kevan Gates said, “the biggest problem in life is to control yourself”. “I have found a lot of peace in life since I got hold of myself”.

Kevin Gates used to eat only once a day. He used to eat whenever he was free, and there was no fixed time for it.

Kevin Gates Weight Loss Workout Plan

Kevin Gates was asked during an interview, “You’ve come a long way on how to drag your journey forward”. Gates replied, “I wanted something better and more for myself. Apart from this, he said that I was tired of being fat.”

Kevin was disciplined to lose weight and get a good body and transformed his garage into a gym. There he used to work out for several hours daily. He loved listening to songs while working out. Kevin even prepared a workout playlist.

The workout plan of Kevin Gates mainly included cardio, cycling, swimming, running, walking etc. There was a mountain behind Kevin Gates house. After finishing the workout, Kevin used to climb that mountain. Kevin had fallen in love with exercises and yoga.

Kevin Gates Before and After

Kevin Gates Weight Loss Before and After
Kevin Gates Weight Loss Before and After


Question: Real name of Kevin Gates?

Answer: Kevin Jerome Gilyard Gates.

Question: Kevin Gates height and age?

Answer: Height 6′ 2″ – he is 34 years old.

Question: Where is Kevin Gates from?

Answer: He is from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Question: How much weight did Kevin lose?

Answer: Kevin Gates worked very hard to lose weight. He followed a diet plan. Kevin weighed 310 pounds and now weighs 215 pounds. That is, Kevin worked hard to lose 95 pounds.

Question: Is Kevin Gates a vegetarian? 

Answer: Yes, Kevin Gates is a complete vegetarian. Recently he has turned vegetarian. He was able to get a slim body only because of vegetarianism.

Question: What kind of diet does Kevin Gates follow?

Answer: Kevin Gates follows a healthy and vegetarian diet.

Question: How did Kevin Gates lose weight fast?

Answer: Kevin Gates works hard to lose weight. He follows a strict diet and workout. He used to eat only once a day.


Kevin Gates was an obese man. He felt a lot of shame after that child incident happened to him. Since then, he decided to lose weight. Losing weight is not an instant task. Gates had to stop eating junk food, which was very difficult. It is difficult for the one who gets used to this junk food.

Kevin Gates overcame himself to lose weight and stopped eating it all. Followed a healthy diet plan for his weight loss, he converted his garage into a gym. He used to work out every day, and then used to climb the mountain behind his house.

He made many changes in his life, the result of which is in front of you. We hope Kevin Gates weight loss journey will be inspiring for you. It will help you achieve the shape of your dreams.

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