Jerod Mixon Weight Loss of 300 Pounds Truth Revealed

by Adarsh Patel
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Every celebrity has their own story, but the weight loss journey of any celebrity is given the most love for ages. Every star has different weight loss stories in which we get to learn different things. But among them, Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Journey is a little different and very popular.

He lost 300 pounds in just under a year, which was a huge difference. But how Jerod Mixon got such a big difference, let’s know the secret behind it. 

Jerod faced a lot of problems during his school days. Since then, he has made a move like acting and started his acting career. His weight in the acting industry caused him a lot of problems. 

He was also body-shamed many times; everyone used to make fun of him because of his weight. Jerod realized his career was in danger, so he lost weight. But what did he actually do to lose weight? Let’s consider this and know about Jerod Mixon.

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Who is Jerod Mixon?

Jerod Mixon is an American actor, comedian, and director, writer. He was born on 24 May 1981 in America. He played the role of Weensie in Old School, and apart from this, he has also worked in many films. He gained much popularity for his work.

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Jerod Mixon Before and After Weight Loss

Here below are some pictures in which you can easily see the weight loss transformation of Jerod Mixon. 

Jerod Mixon Before and After
Jerod Mixon Before and After

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How did Jerod Mixon lose weight?

How did Jerod Mixon lose weight
How did Jerod Mixon lose weight

Jerod Mixon weight loss journey is an absolute must-have. For those who are struggling with their heavy weight, the weight loss journey of Jerod Mixon is an inspiration. 

Jerod Mixon followed a strict diet plan which enabled him to lose weight. He started going gym every day so that he would be able to control his weight. 

If you also want to reduce your weight, then you can include all these things in your weight loss journey. You will have to work hard for this, and it will help to achieve your goal. After all this hard work, he lost 300 pounds in a single year.

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Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Diet Plan

The right diet plan helps to a great extent in reducing weight. Jerod Mixon loved to eat food, and he was a food lover. Due to his eating habit, his weight was increasing in this way.

Whenever he used to go to a restaurant to eat food, he used to consume pizza and burger; apart from this, he also had a habit of consuming alcohol. All this habit was the main reason for his weight gain. He stopped all these harmful habits and adopted a new diet to reduce his weight.

It was very difficult for Jerod to give up all these things because he loved them very much. But even after this, he controlled himself and gave up on his fast food habit.

He replaced his fast food with new and healthy food. He used to eat green vegetables and salad instead of pizza for lunch. He included foods rich in protein in his diet plan.

He also prohibited harmful drinks like alcohol. And he used to drink fresh fruit juice instead of liquor. After consuming all these, he used to follow his workout plan.

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Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Workout Plan

A good workout plan helps a lot in losing weight. Jerod Mixon didn’t think his diet plan was enough to lose weight. He also strictly followed a strict workout plan.

A lot of fat is also reduced by moving the body. For this reason, he joined a gym where he used to go and exercise every day. When Jerod went to the gym after a long time, he had no idea what to do and how.

But as time passed, he could understand the gym very well. He mostly used to do weight lifting, boxing, and cycling.

Apart from this, he also used to walk for a while. By doing all these diligent activities, he reduced 300 pounds of his body in just one year.


1: Question: Where was Jerod Mixon born?

Answer: He was born in Port Hueneme, California, United States.

2: Question: When was Jerod Mixon born?

Answer: He was born on 24 May 1981.

3: Question: How much is Jerod Mixon Net worth?

Answer: He had a $200,000 USD net worth.

4: Question: Jerod Mixon’s height and weight?

Answer: Jerod Mixon height is 5 feet 9 inches and in centimeters – 176cm)

Jerod Mixon weight – is 330 lbs and in kilograms 150 kg.

Final Words

Jerod Mixon weight loss journey is an inspiration to many. His weight loss journey is a successful one. He got warnings many times in school, too, so he moved towards acting, where he was also trolled for his weight. Since then, he has decided to lose weight.

He made this decision for the sake of his health. He worked hard day and night and also removed useless things from his diet. He is indeed a hardworking person who never learned to give up.

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