Jericho Share Health Insurance Reviews | Scam Or Legit?

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Intro For Jericho Share Health Insurance Reviews

Looking for an affordable health insurance plan and decided to go for Jericho Share Health Insurance after seeing it on the internet? Wait, are you sure you will not fall into a scam? Recently, it has been rumoured that Jericho Share Insurance, in the name of providing health insurance plans is defrauding its customers. However, some people also stand in favour of Jericho Share. 

Such people support Jericho Share Health Insurance and assert that all the allegations against this company are false. But, it’s never wise to jump into a plan just because it’s a cheap one, without properly knowing the details about it. But, from where will you get the authentic information about this company? How can you examine its genuineness? 

Well! You need to do nothing because we have put up with this burden on ourselves and have scrutinized various information on Jericho Insurance.

And after going through each of them, we have arrived at some conclusions. Want to learn about them? Then, you have to go over this article. We will tell you the details of the Jericho share health insurance reviews.

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What Is Jericho Share Health Insurance?

Jericho Share Health Insurance is nothing but a titular health care sharing (dealing) ministry program that helps in medical needs following the Member Information Guide and is not a substitute for any insurance policy.

Though it can’t be legally called a scam, we can call it misleading because various people are falling for it and making payments without knowing the actual fact that Jericho Share Insurance is, in reality, not providing any insurance. 

The website of Jericho Share states that it is a non-profit-based ministry for health care sharing. Its members believe in voluntarily sharing each other’s qualified medical needs based on the Member Information Guide’s acceptance.

Each of its members acknowledges his/her responsibility for their own medical necessities. It is because Jericho Share, not being an insurance company, is not rectified as insurance. 

Their site clearly states that none of their program or offerings is an alternative for any insurance policy. They clearly declare that Jericho Share or none of its members assume any valid obligation of sharing in the qualified medical necessity incurred by another Jericho Share member.  

The site of Jericho Share is currently going through a low authoritative rank (20.60). So, it can be understood that their business is suspicious, doubtful, and unsafe. Jericho Share’s 20.60 ratings have been based on customer service, technology, negative feedback, IP address, social media, and SSL certificate. It’s not based on the reviews of people. 

Is Jericho Share Insurance A Scam?

Is Jericho Share Insurance A Scam
Is Jericho Share Insurance A Scam

Though the above-mentioned piece of script in Jericho is quite vague and doesn’t reveal the organization’s actual object of activity, they are not con.

This is because they have clearly asserted on their website that they are not, by any way, an insurance company. The improper reading or incomplete understanding of the site visitors results in their unnecessary expense of money. 

It happened to most folks that they wrongly thought that Jericho Share was an insurance firm and spent thousands of dollars on it. But, when the period came for them to demand medical insurance coverage from the organization, they got practically nothing from it to cover their medical bills.

The ministry based in Houston for health care (sharing) contended that those folks have not expended for any insurance. They actually paid for the membership of Jericho Share without their knowledge. It was just a misunderstanding on the part of those folks. 

Want to know more about Jericho Share, like Jericho Share Health Insurance Reviews, Jericho Share cancellation policy, and its phone number? Keep reading.

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Jericho Health Insurance Reviews And Rating

Jericho Health Insurance Reviews

Better Business Bureau has given Jericho Share the rating “F” (lowest rating) because its website exhibits more than a hundred complaints that were documented within a time of one year. Besides, the Texas Department of Insurance documents cites two complaints on Jericho Share, filed in February and March. 

The department responded to both of these complaints by stating that it oversees insurance, which ministries aren’t, sending them to the state attorney general’s office. The office of attorney general didn’t answer back to the questions on the complaints’ status. Due to the selling of Jericho membership in misleading ways, many brokers are getting fired. 

However, consumers are always open to the option of cancelling their plans of Jericho Share and receiving refunds. Nevertheless, the process is a bit frustrating, according to the reports of the consumers.

And it has been surveyed that most individuals ended up with this organization immediately after they began their search for health insurance on google. 

A lot of websites have recently published customer reviews about Jericho Share. has declared that this organization is a hundred per cent scam. They declared that the cancellation policy of Jericho Share insurance plans and their organization’s refunding process is quite complex and hard. 

Views of Reviews Websites

According to, the people associated with Jericho Share make false vows to innocent people. Scam detector, another scam detecting and reviewing site, said that they don’t recommend because the website has a poor trust rating and is presently suspicious. 

Member Agreement, another review site, declared that Jericho Share is not an insurance firm; the responsibility of bearing the medical needs falls solely upon the members themselves. 

The Jericho Share insurance provider portal mentions that Jericho Speciality Imaging offers most of the major insurance plans, and in case any person needs it, they even state the Jericho share insurance phone number. Their phone number is 5162165341. The portal also mentions the payment plans, rates of cash payments, etc. 

It has been affirmed already by most of the people and the Jericho Share health insurance reviews that Jericho Shares wields deceptive practices and unethical sakes methods by belying their product as real insurance.

Some consumers have claimed that they are made to purchase this organization’s plans. They are told that it is an Aetna health policy plan from the company of Jericho. 

How To Cancel Jericho Share Insurance?

Cancelling the Jericho Share Insurance plan is a bit difficult and complicated method. It takes a lot of time as well. You can cancel the membership plan by writing them about your wish to cancel the plan of Jericho Share.

The writing must be mailed electronically to [email protected] Besides, you can also cancel the membership plan by calling their member service center at 8664144939. 

Wrapping Up: 

So, from the Jericho Share health insurance reviews, we can conclude that this organization, though it has not been proven to be a scam up til now, it can’t be denied that the site is misleading. It is better to avoid this site and its tricky insurance plans. 


Q.1. Is Jericho health Share legitimate?

Answer: According to the Jericho Share Health insurance reviews, the low authoritative ranking of 20.60 itself indicates that Jericho Health Share is not legitimate. Many people complained that they had been tricked into spending money for taking membership in the name of insurance plans. 

They spent their money thinking that they were purchasing an insurance plan but were later shocked to know that their payment has only made them members of the organization, that’s it. Any insurance of Jericho Share does not cover them. The company of Jericho Share is actually a misleading and deceptive one. 

Q.2. Are health sharing plans legit?

Answer: No, health sharing plans cannot be considered as legit alternatives to health insurance plans. So, it is wise to about these plans if you require purchasing a health insurance plan that could cover your medical bills and expenses.

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