Jeon Somi Weight Loss Diet With Before and After Images

by Tanmay Joshi
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This article will give a walkthrough on the weight loss journey of Jeon Somi. We always make efforts to motivate you to lose weight. We listed many weight loss journeys of famous celebrities.

So after reading the weight loss journeys definitely, you will get inspiration for reducing weight. Today we are coming with one more celebrity weight loss journey. Read this article and get better results.

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Who is Jeon Somi?

The real name of Jeon Somi is Ennik Somi Douma. She was a famous Dutch, Canadian, Korean rapper, singer, and dancer. Jeon Somi was signed under the black label.

Jeon Somi’s weight was 59 kg after losing weight, she looked too slim, and her weight was 46.6 kg. In her show, Jeon Somi tells her fans about her weight loss journey and diet and shows tears when she talks with her fans.

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Jeon Somi Weight Loss Journey 

Jeon Somi Weight Loss Journey
Jeon Somi Weight Loss Journey

Somi was gaining weight by eating a little bit of food because of her western father’s genes. But she lost her weight efficiently. At the beginning of Somi’s career, she was too slim.

She was getting much attention for her Korean and caucasian looks. She appeared in the show “sixteen.” She had a very huge fanbase at that time.

After that, she also joined another show, “produce 101”. She was on the top-ranking charts; she looked slimmer at that time.

According to research, much proof is spread that she eats only one banana for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was too hard for her to get used to it during the starting days.

She lost about 4kg (10 lbs) of weight from her body in just one week. She was doing that thing by following a tough diet plan. Eating only one banana is not safe for all. You cannot try this to lose some inches. It will be harmful to you.

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Jeon Somi Diet Plan

Jeon Somi lost approximately 10 kg weight by changing her diet plan. She was losing weight in a concise period. Jeon Somi achieved her goal very early by changing her diet.

She was eating only a single banana for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. It’s not good for your health. We can say that it’s not an efficient or healthy diet plan for you, but somi follow this diet plan to lose weight.

And this plan is very beneficial for her. She stated that she lost approx 4 kg in the first week. 

Nowadays, she is eating whatever she loves to eat. She loves to eat cakes, milkshakes, icecreams, and coffee. But when she wanted to lose her, she would come to the single banana diet in every meal.

Jeon somi also drinks a lot of water. Drinking-Water is the best way to reduce your weight. So don’t forget to drink water in an adequate amount.

Jeon Somi Workout Plan 

Jeon Somi followed a very strict workout plan. She was doing hard work, so her abs were visible. That’s why she has an incredibly lean, toned body. Her workout is not that hard; everyone can try that workout to reduce their weight.

Jeon Somi is a significant part of the kpop industry, so she has to go to the studio for dance practice. After that, she will work on other things. 

Kpop artists have to do their dance practice regularly. That’s the key rule of every kpop artist in the industry. And also they have to do voice lessons which are very useful for them to improve.

Jeon somi used to do one to two hours of dance practice for improvement. And it is also helpful in burning calories from her body and getting a slim and toned body. She was burning extra fat from her body.

This workout is not the workout that she got on her solo album. Jeon was saying that she lost 10 kg weight before she was shooting her solo album.

And the main thing is she lost her weight in a very short period of time. She was doing so many types of workouts at that time.

Pilates Workout

She also follows a Pilates workout to lose weight. 

She was doing Pilates workouts almost every day.

Almost every kpop artist is doing a Pilates workout to get a fit and well-toned body. Most famous singers follow a Pilates workout to get a lean body and good health. 

Pilate is one of the best workouts that target your whole body muscles. It will focus on your core body parts; it is a very efficient cardio workout that provides flexibility to your body muscles. That’s why Jeon lost so much weight from the Pilates workout.

Jeon was losing so much weight and achieved abs from her workout. She posted many pictures on Instagram that prove she was doing Pilates every day.

You can compare her latest pictures with existing pictures posted on Instagram. She was in a well-toned body, and you could see her abs perfectly.

Jeon Somi Before and After

Jeon somi lost 10 kg weight from her body. You can see her in a picture. She looks slimmer than before.

Jeon Somi Before and After
Jeon Somi Before and After

Final Words

At the end of the article, we hope you get all the information related to the weight loss of jeon somi. As you know, her dieting is extremely hard for her weight loss. Do not follow her extreme diet, and ensure you can do more workouts. If you want to keep yourself healthy, you must do workouts. You can research many kpop diets and follow them to keep yourself healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How does somi lose weight?

Ans. Jeon somi was doing dance and Pilates to burn many calories from her body. Pilates workout helps her to keep her beautiful physique.

Q. How much kg is somi?

Ans. The weight of jeon somi is 46.6 kg, after losing 10 kg from her body and getting a beautiful and toned body.

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