Jacob Kowalski star from Fantastic Beast slimmed down

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Daniel Kevin Fogler must have caught your eye in Fantastic Beasts as the amiable character of Jacob Kowalski (No-Mags). He has been portrayed by him on a big celluloid screen. Dan Fogler has also been featured as Randy Daytona in Balls of fury for focus features. And had played distinctive roles in Good Luck Chuck, Take me Home Tonight, Europa Report. Other roles like Love Happens, Fanboys, Scenic Route and Flynn. 

jacob kowalski weight loss
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Just like his distinctive character flabbergasted the audience, so did his impeccable transformation from being Fat to Fab. This American actor bowled over his followers in his character of Uncle Marvin. It was on the occasion of the Thanksgiving episode in The Goldbergs.

Dan Fogler ‘The Walking Dead’ weight loss surprise

The very first time, fans noticed his 360-degree transformation of the body when Dan appeared in ‘The Walking Dead’.

This surprise mesmerized his admirers on both the small screen and the big screen. 

Dan Fogler’s impeccable transformation

Fans were amazed to see Dan Fogler weight loss journey. As he slashed away 100 pounds and now the question arises, how did he do it?

The one thing which motivated him to slash away those extra pounds was his beloved family. He was scared of losing his life. And the fear of not being able to witness his daughters. Who was growing up persuaded him to go on this transformation journey?

Dan Fogler’s (Jacob Kowalski) before and after weight loss 

fantastic beast's star jacob kowalski weight loss
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After he touched down 40, his metabolism began to diminish or deteriorate. And as a consequence of this, he felt vigorous changes in indigestion. He was unable to digest sugars and cheese so to prevent these health problems, he had to shed his weight. If he couldn’t have done that he would have faced some severe issues related to health like hypertension. Or in simple words high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. So, the only option he was left with was to change his lifestyle to be free from these health issues.

Dan unleashed some details on his transformation journey like he stopped the intake of processed food and chose intermittent fasting. Apart from this, he also opted for martial arts.

After seeing his complete new version and turn around to his physique. His fans urged him to know more about Dan Fogler’s weight loss diet. But let me tell you here, he opted for abandoning proceed food because he was consuming processed food. So he had to balance that out with actual healthy food. He needed to eliminate all the junk food he used to eat soda, bread, pizza. Giving up on Pizza was the hardest thing as he was living on Pizza.

But along with his controlled balanced diet, he also chose intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is the certain period in which you can eat, as a result, you will see. So, it is very helpful for those midnight snackers to give up on untimely eating routines. This can aid them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taking up Karate or Martial-Arts has been a beneficiary for Dan Fogler to tone up those chubby cheeks.

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Fans reaction to Jacob Kowalski weight loss

His fans were concerned regarding his health when suddenly lost all those extra pounds. But he told them that he was now feeling better and more lively than before. Some of his admirers even asked him if he was dying. Dan replied to them that –

“I know it’s hard to believe that the fat guy got his act together in a healthy way, but come on people show a little respect, huh? What if I was dying? Do you think I’d tell you about it in the comments section on Instagram? Wake Up.”

Now, his aficionados are eagerly waiting to see the non-magical character of Fantastic Beasts. It was the third movie of the Fantastic Beasts series. As the curiosity to know the extent of the impact of pandemics on his physique is at its peak. However, he would still be looking sharp as compared to Jacob Kowalski in the first Fantastic Beasts film. Because he took care of his health in the quarantine period as discussed by him in one of his interviews. 

Frequently asked questions about Dan Fogler (FAQs) 

Q. How did Dan Fogler lose so much weight? 

Ans. Dan Fogler was not only eliminated processed foods but also took up martial arts or karate. And also opted for intermittent fasting as well. He lost around 100 pounds in the span of his first two Fantastic Beasts movies. 

Q. Can you lose weight by eating a hamburger? 

Ans. Hamburger buns consisted of refined carbohydrates. It needs to be cut down to reduce calories by removing the bun from hamburgers. But ultimately, this alone will not help you to lose weight significantly. 

Q. How old is Dan Fogler? 

Ans. American actor/comedian/writer was born on 20 October 1976, at present his age is 44 years. 

Q. What is Dan Fogler net worth? 

Ans. The net worth of Dan Fogler is USD 4 million. 

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