All about hula hoop and its exercise benefits

by Dheeraj Prarthi

Many people underestimate, they think hula hoop is just for kids, but they have a big misconception about this exercise, the hula hoop is like another cardio activity but it gives you more fun than other cardio. You can enjoy this as well as it can be your nice workout. When your brain enjoys anything you are more likely to do it. The hula hoop is also like that thing many people enjoy this piece of equipment and add this to their workout. In this article, you will know about the benefits of hula hooping, Just stick to it and read it to the end.

benefits of hula hooping
#benefits of hula hooping

When you do the right amount of cardio and eat in a calorie deficit, but you stop losing fat from your waist and hips then hula hoop plays a major role, hula hoop helps you reduce fats from your waist, hips, and thighs as well. It helps you to get reduce your waist size. According to the study weighted hula hoops can average reduce your waist by 3 to 4 cm by doing them for a month.

Weighted hula hoops vs regular:

Weighted hula hoops are heavier and stronger than the regular hula hoop. By weighted hula hoop, you can do a kind of intense workout whereas a regular hula hoop is for a normal workout. You can include the weighted hula hoop in your fitness program for the overall body whereas a regular hula hoop can also help in the fitness program. The main difference between weighted and regular hula hoop is that the weighted hula hoop is much heavier and regular is not heavier. You can add both regular and weighted hula hoops to your routine so that you can get a fit and healthy lifestyle. So get yourself hula hoops and make your life more active in a fun way.

What muscles does hula hooping workout?

The hula hoop can improve your cardiovascular which involves your heart and lungs, work properly. So it makes your heart healthier and helps you to drop your cholesterol level. By doing this your respiration plays a major role. Even you can improve your respiratory system because this exercise oxidizes your body. A good amount of oxygen you inhale and exhale co2 out of your body and your mind is also involved to balance it. You can feel stress relief after doing better and batter hula hooping every day.

hula hoop aerobic exercise,hula hoop exercises for abs,what muscles does hula hooping workout
#what muscles do hula hooping workout

The person who has done hula hoop knows how much involvement of hips and waste involves in it. It also involves your core muscles, balancing, and maintaining your hula hoop. At a height, you have to keep a good mind-muscle connection. This engages your core muscle in a rotation movement, you have to coordinate with your mind to perform this movement for a long time. In today’s world, there is so much expensive equipment around you, but this piece of equipment is inexpensive and you can perform anywhere. Yes! yes! I know you are keen to know how to perform a hula hoop.

Hula hoop advantages and disadvantages

So, as we all know everything has its own aspects – bad and good. Hula hoop has both advantages and disadvantages. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hula hoop:

Advantages of Hula hoop -: 

  • Hula hoop helps you to reduce some calories. By doing hula hoop for around one hour you can burn up to 400 calories. It is like some substitute for the treadmill as you can burn the same amount of calories by both. This will be good for those who want to lose weight.
  • Hula hoop help in heart-strengthening as you can exercise it daily for 15 to 30 minutes and it will help you to strengthen your heart. It will pump your blood throughout the body and will help your heart beats faster and help you to reduce blood pressure.
  • For those who are going through anxiety or some kind of depression, they can also do the hula hoop and help themselves to reduce some anxiety and depression. As it is a fun activity to do one should give it a try!
  • You can do some abs and core exercises with a hula hoop. It will help you to strengthen your core muscles and will help you to make some abs.
  • The main benefit of a hula hoop is that it is inexpensive and mobile, you can take it anywhere and it is a one-time investment as you can get some good workout with it and fun too.

Disadvantages of hula hoop:

  • So, hula hoop can take some time to learn. You have to learn the right techniques to do the right exercises. But, it is not such a great disadvantage but can consume some time as every activity would do that.
  • The hula hoop can create some irritation to the skin. This doesn’t mean that you should not do hula hoop, it means that you should wear proper clothing then you can exercise. The skin irritation happens as the hoop rubs the same body part again and again.
  • It can give some backache as you push and pull your back around your waist. It will happen in such a case when you hula hoop for longer periods. Mostly it happens to the people who have a tight lower back.

Weighted hula hoop exercise for beginners

Read carefully, first, you have to buy the right size of a hula hoop, my key advice would be if you are a beginner then buy a bigger hula hoop with the right amount of weight, then you make sure to stand straight and open your legs little shorter than your shoulder width, make your back straight to stay away from any back sprain, then make your core tight. Then hold the hula hoop in your hands and come in the center of the hula hoop. Make sure your hula hoop is just above your waist, then swing your hula hoop and coordinate your waist by rotating it in the same way your hula hoop is swinging.

#source: Youtube

For better you can watch many videos online there are so many tutorials to perform this exercise. Remember you have to be patient and do practice every day, you will be better day by day. No one is perfect in the beginning They all start by failing, so you also keep trying.

Hula hoop aerobic exercise:

When it did in a correct way, can lead to good aerobic activity. Hula hoop aerobic exercise can help in good heart strengthening, blood pumping. Heartbeat and breathing also increase through aerobic exercises. You can do hula hoop and get you some fun and fitness also. 

Hula hoop exercises for abs and arms

Let’s discuss some hula hoop exercises for abs and arms:

  • SIDE HOOP STRETCH: It will be kind of a warm-up exercise as it will give you some stretch for the workout. So, you have you hold the hoop over your head and stand straight, shoulder feet apart and start stretching by leaning one side than another side and repeat it accordingly. 
  • HOOP BACKSTRETCH: In this exercise, you have stretch your back so that it will help in strengthening your back and help in the spine’s flexibility.
  • BASIC HULAHOOP: You just have to get the hula hoop around your waist and get started with spinning it with the push of your arms and don’t stop the hips going. This will surely help you get those abs you wanted!
  • HOOP WALK: You can understand by the exercise also. You have to do the continuous twisting and spinning the hula hoop around your hips forward and backward, but you have to do all this with walking. Yes, you have to walk and hula hoop!
  • HOOP ARM CIRCLES: This exercise will help in strengthening your arms and shoulders. Keep the hula hoop in your forearms and palm in the circle and put it up in the air. Bent your elbows slightly to give some strength to your arms and shoulder and give some heat.
  • DON’T GIVE UP: This is some exercises which will help you get the abs you ever wanted. The thing you should keep in your mind is that you just need to not GIVE UP! Keep the good work up and you will surely get a good result.

hula hoop benefits belly fat

A hula hoop is a fun exercise to do and any age group can perform it. It is a fun activity and also has some health benefits. So, today we will talk about hula hoop benefits belly fat. It will help you to reduce some belly fat and now must be thinking why on earth a ring-like thing helps to reduce some belly fat. But it will surely do help in reducing belly fat. It is such a great physical workout that keeps the abs engaged the entire time. By which you can shack some fat over your tummy and get a flat stomach. By practicing and doing a good hula hoop you can be also good at some spinning and twisting your body. So, go and get yourself a hula hoop and play some music and just rock-n-roll (lol!).

Hula hoop dangers 

The hula hoop can be a fun activity but sometimes it doesn’t exercise it carefully you can get yourself harmed. 

  • The main danger is you can get muscle discomfort which means that by doing hula hoop in the same direction for a long time your muscles can get soreness. By which you have to take 1-2 days to break. So, try to not do the hoop in the same direction. Do it in a different direction like around your waist, legs, and arms.
  • Bruises can be a cause. when you hoop on the same place of the body that means when the hoop rubs the same part of the body for some period. Bruises can also happen when it hit you in the head, arm, leg, etc. You can stop these bruises, by doing some smaller hoop sessions. Also increase in the time limit when you’re much experienced in it.
  • You can also get some skin infections also as some hula hoops are not that good quality and have a rough surface. So, when you perform the exercise with it causes some sort of infections or irritation sometimes. The way to save yourself from these infections is that you can wear some good clothing that covers the area where the hoop touches your skin. In this way, you can do some good hoop workout.

So what’s your thought about the hula hoop exercise. lemme know in the comments. And, you must need to read Health benefits of yoga and exercise: a review of comparison studies

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