How To Use A Pumice Stone For Feet, Stretch Marks and Hair Removal

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Are you depleted of trying different methods for getting rid of your dry & dead skin? Do you experience pain at your calluses or corns due to friction? Then, we are here to benefit you. We are going to disclose a big mystery to you, a therapy that will give you relief from your dry & dead skin cells. Try using a pumice stone over your skin & you will never feel the pain again.

It will not only relieve you from the dryness of your skin but also save you from the frictional pain in your calluses & corns. You may rub this stone daily over your dry skin. 

But, using pumice stones is not as easy as it sounds. If not carefully used or over rubbed, you may end removing too much skin, which will either cause bleeding or enhance the risk of infection in that area.

So, proceed only after knowing each & every piece of information about this stone & its uses in detail. Come! Let’s move forward:

What Is A Pumice Stone?

What Is A Pumice Stone
What Is A Pumice Stone

A pumice stone originates from a mixture of lava & water together. It is a stone that is light in weight yet abrasive & used for eliminating dead & dry skin cells. The local stores that supply beauty or grocery products sell pumice stones for their customers.

Also, a few stores provide double-sided pumice stones. The double-sided pumice stones have two sides- an abrasive side & a softer side. The abrasive side is for rougher skin & the softer side is for the sake of more sensitive areas/buffing. 

For safely exfoliating your skin, a big bowl of warm & soapy water is required. The exfoliation of your hands & feet especially requires it. If you use a pumice stone over your elbows, neck & face, use the stone when you are taking a shower. The other additions that are also required are:

  • A soft towel.
  • A moisturizing lotion/oil/cream.
  • A bristled brush for cleaning the pumice stone & moisturizing socks. 

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How To Use A Pumice Stone?

By following the below instructions properly, you can eliminate your rough skin.

  • Collect whatever materials you have in one place. Ascertain the clearness of the stone & water.
  • If you have dry & callused skin, soak it in warm water. Keep it as it is for five to ten minutes. The process will soften your hard skin. Put in soap or a few drops of oil into your water.
  • While rinsing your skin, you must soak the pumice stone inside warm water. The wetness of the pumice stone will make the stone glide on your skin surface easily. It will lessen the risk of your injury. 
  • The target area must be removed from the shower gel/soap bath. Use towel to Pat dry. In case the roughness of your skin still exists, give some more time for soaking the area before you pat your skin dry. 
  • Take the pumice stone out of warm water. Now, apply the pumice stone to your skin. 
  • In the case of your feet, you must focus your attention over your heels, toes’ sides & additional dry areas that you are able to recognize. 
  • Rub on the stone continuously over your skin. Do it until your dead skin cells are removed & the underneath softer skin is revealed. 
  • Lightly rub the area for 2-3 mins & then rinse your skin. Repeat the same process in case you still notice the dead skin patches. Also, in every session, keep the surface sterile by rinsing the pumice stone. 
  • Repeat this process on a daily basis. If not possible daily, you may also do it a few times per week for maintaining the softness & suppleness of your skin. 
  • When the above steps are done, you may apply an oil or a moisturizer to your skin for keeping it soft & maintain its moisture.

How To Clean A Pumice Stone?

How To Clean A Pumice Stone
How To Clean A Pumice Stone
  • After using it every time, the pumice stone needs to be cleaned. For cleaning it, you may put it under running water & scrub off the dead skin cells from the stone with the help of a bristle brush. Also, for making it completely clean & freeing it of dirt, it is better to apply some soap to it. It will help preventing the bacteria from growing on the surface. 
  • Sharing your pumice stone with other people is not at all recommended. You must also have your own stone with you. 
  • The stone is supposed to become dry from its wetness on its own. You may place the stone in a waterless area where moisture is also absent to prevent bacteria’s growth. 
  • Boiling your stone for 5 mins in hot water will deeply cleanse it. After that, let it become dry by placing it away from moist areas. 
  • Over time, there will be a wearing down of your stone & the smoothness of your stone will make it ineffective for use. It is better to replace such stones. Also, replace your stone in case it becomes too soft & small. 

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Major Tips On How To Use A Pumice Stone:

Pumice Stone For Feet

For cleaning your feet with a pumice stone, soak the calloused skin of your feet in warm water. You may soak your feet by putting them inside a bowl filled with warm water.

Now, please wait until the softening of your dry skin of the feet because it’s easier to remove soft & supple skin. If the toughness of your skin persists, soak your feet for some more time.

Once the skin of your feet becomes soft, your feet skin will become ready for cleansing through the pumice stone. Wetten the stone by putting it in warm water until it becomes thoroughly wet. 

Rub the stone with care over your calloused skin area of the feet in a circular motion. Applying too much pressure must be avoided. And, in case you are working for your feet, it will be good to focus on your heels, your toes’ sides & the other dry skin build-up areas.

Rinse the areas & then repeat the process. At last, dry & moisturize the area of your feet where you have applied the pumice stone.

Pumice Stone For Stretch Marks

If you are marvelling when it will be suitable to use a Pumice stone for your stretch marks, the answer is, while you shower. It’s the best time for it. You will also require a soft towel & a moisturizer for the process.

The soft towel will dry your stretch marks dry after exfoliation & the moisturizer will protect the layers of your skin after exfoliation. Pumice stone must be applied on one’s stretch marks 1 or 2 times/week.

You can use it 2 times/week in case you are gifted with normal & dry skin. Overdoing this routine will result in tearing your skin, which will expose you to various infections. 

Pumice Stone For Hair Removal

Pumice stone may also be used for removing unwanted hairs from your body. For that, you have to first soften your skin for five to ten minutes by soaking it in warm water. Then, your pumice stone must be wetted & soap must be applied to the skin. 

Now, you should apply the stone over your skin gently. It must be rubbed in a circular movement. Gentle pressure must be put for removing the hairs. Rinse the place & the steps must be repeated.

Do it until all the hairs are gone. Now, rinse with warm water to remove any leftover hair or skin. After patting the place with a towel, apply moisturizer or oil. Repeat this process after every few days. 

Pumice Stone For Face & Neck

Being more sensitive as compared to many other places of one’s body, your face & neck expects some less pressure & more care while you apply pumice stone to those areas.

The double-sided stones are the best & appropriate for cleansing one’s face & neck. Use the softer side of the stone, instead of the abrasive one, for cleaning your face & neck. 

It must be applied to the areas for roughly 15 minutes in a circular bustle. Stop immediately if you glimpse any redness or can sense a burning feeling in that area.

After exfoliation, rinse the areas using warm water & rub a moisturizer on that areas. Pumice stone over face must be used once/week. 

What Type Of Rock Is Pumice?

It is a pyroclastic igneous rock. It remains liquid during effusion & gets cooled so quickly that it gets no time for crystallization. When it gets solidified, the vapors liquefied in it were unexpectedly released. The entire mass swells up into spittle, which instantly becomes compact. 

Where To Buy Pumice Stone?

You will find a Pumice stones at a local beauty products store or other grocery stores. Also, you will get it online on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, TataCLiQ, Bigbasket, etc. 


Q1. What is a pumice stone used for?

Answer: A pumice stone is used for cleaning up your dry body areas by exfoliating the dead & dry skin cells of that areas. It is used in the face, neck, feet & over stretch marks.

Also, it is used for softening your calluses & corns & thus reducing your pain from friction. Besides, the unwanted hair of any part of your body can be removed through this stone. 

Q2. Do pumice stones go bad?

Answer: No, pumice stones never go bad, even after the date of expiry. But, for safety, it should be thrown away after 1 month.  

Q3. What does a pumice stone do to your face?

Answer: A pumice stone will clean up your face by exfoliating the dead & dry skin cells of your face.

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