5 Scorpion Yoga Pose or Vrischikasana Health Benefits

by Tanmay Joshi
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Scorpion yoga pose or vrischikasana, can be an intimidating pose to do in class, but with the right instruction and preparation, it can be easier than you think. Let this guide show you how to properly perform the vrischikasana or scorpion yoga pose so that you can get the most benefits when you practice it in class or at home!

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What is Scorpion Yoga Pose?

Scorpion yoga pose (Vrischikasana) is a complex arm balance that requires flexibility and control in your hands, wrists, shoulders, and upper back. Scorpion posture aims to gain control over your body so you can relax your grip.

For those with limited shoulder mobility, it may be helpful to practice stretching their pectoral muscles before attempting the Scorpion pose in yoga.

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How to Do The Scorpion Yoga Pose

How to Do The Scorpion Yoga Pose
How to Do The Scorpion Yoga Pose
  • Get into a handstand position using whichever way you prefer, but with your legs together.
  • Begin bending one knee while charging the other leg overhead.
  • As you move your leg straight up over your head, keep your chest low and look up by lifting your head for creating a backbend.
  • To do this move, bend the toe of your straight leg towards your head as you keep lifting up your head.
  • Bring your toes towards each other, and both reach towards your head.

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Benefits Of Doing The Scorpion Yoga Pose

Scorpion pose (Vrschikasana) is said to tone and strengthen our lower back, arms, shoulders and abdomen. It also improves focus, stimulates our immune system and gives us more energy.

Scorpion yoga posture strengthens your spine, which helps prevent or relieve back pain.

Doing this advanced asana on a regular basis will build strength in your wrists and hands and you will achieve greater flexibility in your neck, shoulders and chest.

If you do scorpion posture correctly, it will provide relief from stress and depression by relieving pent-up feelings of anger. This also helps in the stimulation of hair follicles that prevent an individual from hair loss.

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Vrischikasana Benefits

Vrischikasana Benefits
Vrischikasana Benefits

Vrischikasana, also known as scorpion pose, isn’t just an extremely challenging asana that requires advanced flexibility and balance—it’s also one of the most rewarding yoga poses you can do.

If you’re not experienced with Vrischikasana, practice it under an experienced teacher’s guidance to ensure you’re doing it correctly and avoid injury. Once you’ve mastered it, you can enjoy these five main benefits of Vrischikasana.

Increased Flexibility in Spine

Flexibility in the spine will help a lot in allowing us to have good mobility, and many postures can be easy for us. vrischikasana is one of them, which will increase your flexibility.

Many yoga asanas help you gain flexibility in certain body parts; it varies from person to person, and we should look out for our specific requirements.

If you’d like to have more flexibility in your spine and other body parts, try vrischikasana regularly and with proper guidance, you’ll feel more flexible than ever before.

Better Balance

Vrischikasana not only improves your balance and coordination, but it’s also a great way to change up your current routine.

When you incorporate this advanced yoga pose into your weekly practice, you’ll have the opportunity to build strength in body parts that might not be so well-used during more standard routines.

One crucial part of this posture is how it challenges flexibility, making it an excellent option for yogis looking for ways to improve their range of motion!

You can do vrischikasana as a part of an intense sequence or as an easy cool down at the end of your practice – either way, it will offer new benefits for improving strength and flexibility alike!

Reduced Tension in Shoulders and Back

While you might not be able to hold Vrischikasana for very long, practising it regularly can help reduce any muscle tension in your shoulders and back.

Sitting at a desk all day or being on your feet all day can have an adverse effect on your posture. When that happens, our shoulders slouch forward while our backs curve inward.

Many other yoga poses will help with these issues. Still, Vrischikasana is especially effective for improving shoulder and back health since it reduces shoulder tension by stretching out your chest and arms.

So if you’re sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day, start working Vrischikasana into your routine!

Increase Alertness and Concentration

Vrischikasana is often a part of yoga practices that target increased concentration and alertness. That’s because, in addition to stretching and strengthening your back, arms, shoulders, legs, and core muscles, vrishchikasana requires excellent balance—no small feat for an exercise that looks as though you’re doing a handstand.

To get into it—and hold it—you need to concentrate hard on every aspect of your form. The full-body focus will translate into enhanced concentration when you’re not practising yoga.

Improves Stamina

Vrischikasana is an advanced yoga pose that is performed in many variations. It has a reputation for building flexibility and strength but also for being extremely challenging.

Since it stretches many key muscle groups, it improves your stamina and circulation and makes you more flexible. As you adapt to holding longer poses, it may even help strengthen weaker areas of your body, improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Safety Precautions When Doing The Scorpion Yoga Pose

There are numerous ways to do Vrischikasana and Scorpion posture, but just as many precautions. The most crucial factor of all is balance, and one should be careful not to push themselves too far when attempting to achieve greater flexibility.

Those who have had surgery on the wrists and forearms in the recent past should avoid exerting too much pressure on their hands.

Similarly, individuals with extreme back pain issues should keep themself away from this pose until the pain has gone.

Key Points To Consider While Practicing Vrishchikasana

This is one of those advanced yoga asanas that should be attempted only by those who have mastered all basic asanas. Even if you are an experienced or expert practitioner, it would be ideal to seek help from an expert before attempting Vrishchikasana.

Beginners can practice vrishchikasana while holding on to something stable, such as a chair back support or a wall. Experienced practitioners can attempt it without holding on to anything for support.

Practice scorpion pose in yoga regularly and gradually build up until you can hold it comfortably for 15 seconds!


Q.1. What is scorpion pose good for?

Ans. From preventing muscle stiffness to improving balance, there are many benefits associated with scorpion pose, also known as vrishchikasana. In addition, it strengthens your torso and tones your abdominal muscles, making it a great exercise for your core. This pose improves individual memory because blood flows to the brain while practising it.

Q.2. What muscles are used in the scorpion pose?

Ans. Scorpion pose, also known as vrischikasana, is an advanced arm balance where you balance on your tailbone, elbows and toes. Although it may look simple at first glance, the scorpion pose requires a lot of strength and flexibility in order to achieve a balanced position. The most important muscles to perform this pose is located in the biceps, triceps, and shoulder.

Q.3. What is the important safety point to keep in mind while doing vrischikasana?

Ans. Scorpion pose will help open your shoulders, arms and core; you mustn’t lower yourself too far to prevent any damage to the spine.

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