How to Remove Thick Dead Skin From Feet With Remedy?

by Adarsh Patel
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How to Remove Thick Dead Skin From Feet With Remedy

Most people have dry, rough, and thick dead skin on their feet. This is the common and emerging skin problem in the world. Feet have fewer oily glands as compared to other body parts. 

But there are many ways to to remove thick dead skin from feet. Mainly dry skin appears on the heels, side of the feet, and between the toes. It will have an itchy area, and it is most painful.

It is simply an irritating job for people. If we moisturize, soak, and take care of that, then we easily remove thick dead skin from our feet. And easily prevent our feet from dead skin.

In this article, we give a walkthrough on How to Remove Thick Dead Skin From Feet With Remedy

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Causes of Dead Skin on Feet

Many factors affect your feet with dead and dry skin. Let’s discuss some causes of dead skin on the feet. 

  • Soaps and body wash: Most of the soaps and body washes contain harmful and irritating chemicals that are harsh on the feet’ skin. If you use an excessive amount of soap on your skin, then it causes dead skin on your feet. 
  • Lack of moisturization: Dry and dead skin collected on the feet is the most common problem for people because most people cannot moisturize their feet. 
  • Aging: The ability of the skin is too low with age. They cannot retain the water; it becomes thinner with age. You can notice that most dead skin problems are found in older people. 
  • Humidity: We are wearing closed and tight shoes like sneakers and other tights shoes that provide heat and a humid atmosphere on the feet. This is the main reason for dead skin on the feet. 
  • Medications: People consume many drugs and medications for the diseases, but the drugs will be more harmful to your skin. So medications are also the cause of dead skin on the feet. 
  • Irritation on feet: Sometimes we are standing for too long, wearing tight and bulky footwear, which puts a certain pressure on the foot area, irritating the feet. Because of irritation, friction is produced on the skin of the feet. As a result, our skin should be cracked sometimes. 

How to get rid of dead skin on feet

How to get rid of dead skin on feet
How to get rid of dead skin on feet

Dead skin cells are removed naturally from feet and replaced with new skin cells. If it’s not replaced, it turns into thick and flaky dead skin cells on the feet. Most of the thick and dry dead skin is stored on the heel area of the feet.

It makes you irritated and uncomfortable when you are walking or running. So let’s discuss how to remove thick dead skin cells from your feet. 

1. Foot soaking: Soaking the foot in the warm water relieves your feet. It also improves body blood circulation. It also prevents dry skin on the feet. You have to add an adequate amount of vinegar to warm water and soak your feet in the container. 

Because vinegar contains antimicrobial properties, that is also helpful in disinfection and removing the odor from the feet. Many ingredients like honey, lemon juice, peppermint oil, Epsom salt, and oatmeal are also used in soaking the feet. 

2. Exfoliate: Exfoliation is used to remove the dead and dry skin from the feet by chemical or physical exfoliation. Most people buy foot scrubs, and most people can make them at their homes by adding ingredients like honey, sugar, and warm water. 

3. Moisturization: If you moisturize your feet daily, you can easily remove the dead skin from your feet. You can moisturize your feet naturally with natural ingredients. You cannot use the lotions and creams that contain harmful chemicals like artificial colors, alcohol, and many more chemicals.

It will be harsh on the skin of the feet. You cannot use the product for moisturizing; containing lanolin, coconut oil, plant-based oil and butter, aloe, and urea. 

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Prevention of Dead Skin on Feet

Prevention of Dead Skin on Feet
Prevention of Dead Skin on Feet

There are many ways to protect your feet. We have listed some essential preventive ways for that. 

  • You have to wear those footwears that fit correctly to your feet. 
  • Always use warm water for bathing and soaking your feet, don’t use hot water for that. 
  • You do proper foot hygiene, constantly cleaning your feet. Always moisturize your feet. 
  • Keep your skin hydrated. 
  • Avoid soaps and lotions that contain harmful chemical ingredients that are harsh on your skin. 
  • Avoid the rubbing on the skin of your foot, and clean it gently with a clean towel. 

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If you cannot take care of your skin, you have to face some serious skin issues on foot. If you use soap and harmful lotions on them, it turns into dead and dry skin. Standing for too long can turn irritation in your feet. 

You have to prevent yourself from certain diseases like diabetes, eczema, and hypothyroidism because they can cause the thick dead skin on your feet.

If you have dehydrated skin, you have to consult your doctor first. Because all skin types are different when you start medication, you should take advice from your physician. And apply the preventions that we discuss in that article. I hope you like it. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Q.1. How do I get totally rid of dead skin on my feet? 

Ans. We can get rid of thick dead skin from the foot by a foot scrub, vinegar soaking, paraffin wax, oatmeal scrub, Epsom salt soaking, and pumice stone. 

Q.2. How can I get rid of thick skin on my feet without pumice stone? 

Ans. We can use a loofah in the place of pumice stone. It is a natural exfoliating product that is used to remove thick dead skin from feet. 

Q.3. Why does the hard skin on my feet keep coming back?

Ans. Dead skin can repeatedly build on your feet if you don’t moisturize them and always use closed shoes; its humidity produces friction on the feet. 

Q.4. How does baking soda remove dead skin from feet? 

Ans. You have to add baking soda to your soaking container. It is helpful in exfoliation, cleansing, and itching of the foot. 

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