How To Make Natural Finger Nails Grow Faster Overnight?

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Girls love long, luxe nails. They wait for multiple days patiently until they reach their goal of attaining long nails. But is it so easy to grow long natural nails? Your answer will be ‘No’! It’s not so easy! It’s very tough to grow long nails & the more challenging part is to maintain such nails for a longer period of time. This is because long nails, if brittle & weak, breaks easily, thereby hurting the person. 

But, would you be amazed if we tell you- ‘Yes! It’s not a hard job!’ You just have to follow some tips & we are sure that such magical tips will work for you very well. Actually, such recommendations are not only magical but logical too.

They will also ensure that your nails grow in a natural & healthy way & prevents the breaking of your nails. Though they are not scientifically proven, they can be applied as home remedies.

So, are you excited to know the tips? Well! We, too, are to confide you such tips. So, let’s proceed to know how to make nails grow faster:

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How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster?

How To Grow Your Nails Fast
How To Grow Your Nails Fast

Moisturize Your Finger & Nail Tips

Just as your skin starts cracking & hair starts falling away when it becomes too dry, your nail also starts breaking due to its drying up. Like your body skin & hair, the skin of your fingers & nail tips also needs moisturization.

Moisturizing your fingers & nail tips hydrates them & keeps them from being brittle. So your nails will not break away. 

Besides, frayed & dehydrated cuticles of your nails can result in damaged nail beds or infection if treatment is not done correctly. So, the cuticle care of your nails through moisturizer & cuticle oil is very important.

Moisturizing & hydrating your nail tips will protect your nails from breakage & hence your nails will grow faster. In case you are suffering from eczema, go for an eczema-friendly cream for moisturization. 

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Dry Up Your Nails After Bathing Or Swimming For A Long Time

Do you know water weakens your nails if your nails remain underwater for a long time? And, how can weak nails grow fast & healthy! Weak nails are prone to break easily! But, what can be done?

What helps nails grow? Soak the water thoroughly & dry up your nails immediately as you come out of the swimming pool or shower.

Also, avoid water soaking your nails by wearing gloves while you wash dishes, dresses, and other things. By doing this, water or detergents will not sit on your nails’ top.

File & Groom Your Nails Properly

Manage some time for filing your nails in a little rounded or squared mold. It will save your nails from snagging or breaking. Also, if you have a habit of biting or picking your nails, good nail grooming will discourage you from doing so.

In this way, snagging, chewing, or breaking will not happen & so they couldn’t affect your nail growth.  

Promote Blood Circulation Surrounding Your Nails By Doing A Gentle Massage

How To Make Your FingerNails Grow Faster
How To Make Your FingerNails Grow Faster

Some medical issues such as Diabetes reduce blood circulation towards the nails. As a result, your nail becomes weak & brittle. It prevents proper growth of your nails, especially toenails, than that of the fingernails.

So, if you maintain a routine of massaging your nails or their surrounding area regularly, you can beat the consequences of Diabetes or other circulatory problems. 

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Avoid Cutting Too Short Your Nails’ cuticles

The cuticles of your nails are the ones that protect your nail matrix. So, if you cut it too short, your nails’ matrix/nail bed gets exposed. And the outcome is nail damage or infection.

So, rather than cutting your nails too short, moisturize your nails’ cuticles regularly. 

Go To A Parlour/ Salon For Manicure Or Pedicure Only After Evaluating It Properly

Who doesn’t want their nails to look fresh & attractive? And, this is the reason why people visits various Parlours/Salons for manicure & pedicure. But, do you know those bad nail salons are the prime cause of nail infections?

Many salons do pedicures/manicures aggressively. For example, they cut down the nails’ cuticles too short & thus entitles bacteria to enter your nail bed, thereby weakening the nails. 

But, how can you avoid this? You can’t stop visiting salons for this. What you can do is carry some personal tools to your nail salon. And, if you don’t do this, check very well if the salons you visit are using properly sanitized equipment.

Also, ensure if the salon is reputed or not by reading customer reviews on it. Manicures never pain. So, if you feel any pain during a manicure in the salon, stop the technician from doing it. 

Maintaining Proper Diet & Your Nail Health

If you are still wondering how to grow your nails fast, first ensure a balanced diet. A balanced diet is vital for nail health and the rest of our bodies. Any diet should have a complete quantity of protein, vitamins & minerals in it & also various fruits, vegetables & water.

For example, less iron in one’s body will lead to brittle/dented nails. Also, it is believed that your nail will thrive & get strengthened just by changing the present diet. 

Your nail health will be improved if you add Calcium, Protein & Biotin to your diet. It is believed that calcium strengthens your nails the same way as it strengthens your bones.

Many supplements, such as OTC supplements, have calcium in them. Also, many calcium supplements have ‘Vitamin D’ in them.

Also, increase protein intake in your diet such as eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, pork & beef and increase vegan protein intake. Some examples of vegan protein are – 

lentils, nuts, cheese, peanuts, dairy products & milk. 

Besides, add Biotin to your diet for getting vitamin b complex. It will promote your healthy hair & nail growth. With Biotin, your weak & brittle nails get strengthened, if not grow faster. They don’t break easily. Limit your nail damage & you will see your nail growing automatically.

Keep on consuming a well-balanced diet & you will notice your skin & nails becoming strong. Besides that, collagen supplements also help you make your nails grow faster. 

Avoid Applying Gels, Dips, Or Acrylics On Your Nails

Applying gels, dips, or acrylics on your nails looks appealing temporarily. But, by using these things on your nails, you are actually suppressing the healthy growth of your nails & limiting their chance of natural enlargement.

This is because nail gels, dips, & acrylics are made of potentially nail-harming ingredients. The ingredients of these substances may damage your nailbeds or even result in nail infection. 

Also, don’t peel & pick off the already applied nail gels/dips/acrylics from your nails. Because by doing that, you may rip off pieces of your nail plate from your nails. 

Apply Any Natural Nail Strengthener Over Your Nails

If you are finding ways to grow your nails time & again, but your nails are continuously breaking off before they become lengthy, then apply any natural nail strengthener over your nails. Formerly, people used to make use of Formaldehyde as a nail strengthener.

But, today, people use other clean & new options that comprise various nail-enhancing components such as Vitamin E, amino acids & Vitamin Bs.

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Wrapping Up

So, have you understood how to make nails grow faster? We hope you, you did. Now, without wasting time, follow the above tips & you will get to see your long growing healthy nails within no time. 


Q.1. How can your nails grow faster?

Answer:  How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster:

1. Moisturize your finger & nail tips
2. Dry up your nails after bathing or swimming for a long time
3. File & groom your nails properly.
4. Promote blood circulation surrounding your nails by doing a gentle massage
5. Avoid cutting too short your nails’ cuticles.
6. Go to a parlor/salon for a manicure or pedicure only after evaluating it properly.

Q.2. Does toothpaste help your nails grow?

Answer: No, research suggests it’s doesn’t. 

Q.3. What does toothpaste do for your nails?

Answer: Whitening toothpaste containing baking soda makes one’s nails runway-ready & that too in just 10 mins. Also, your nails will look brighter & whiter than before. 

Q.4. How do nails grow?

Answer: A nail begins from the nail root, covered under the cuticle. At times, when the cells at your nail root grow, fresh nail cells arrive that push out your nails’ old cells.

Keratin of the new cells hardens & flattens the old cells. After that, your new nails slide along your nail bed, which is the flat surface that resides under your nails. 

Q.5. How fast do fingernails grow?

Answer: Our fingernails thrive at a typical rate of 3.47 mm/month (average rate). A completely lost fingernail takes up to 6 months for its complete growth. 

Q.6. How to make your nails grow overnight?

1. Shape your nails to give them a good edge
2. Apply protein creams over your nails at night 
3. Don’t bite your nails. maintain doing hydration of your nails
4. Apply olive oil or lavender oil
5. Apply coconut oil
6. Soak your nails in orange or lemon juice & keep like that for some time. Then rinse them. 

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