How To Lose and Get Rid of Lower Back Fat Fast With Workout

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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How To Lose Back Fat Fast Intro

Our body stores fat in different places, and where it stores the fats are all determined by our lifestyle factors, diet, and genetics. Some fats are stored in our arms’ front and chest and can be shredded through walking or carrying heavy weights, etc. But, there are some fats, the burning of which are not so easy, and they are back fat. 

Some people possess to believe that spot treatment of the different back areas of body fat through specific exercises will help shred those kinds of fats. However, it’s just a myth, and there’s nothing real in it. The truth is that you will have to lose your overall fat for forfeiting your back fat.  

But, how to get rid of back fat by forfeiting the body’s overall fat? Well! The combination of a calorie deficit cum healthy diet and a regular-based workout routine helps in this case. And, the back fat exercises you will go through must be intentionally directed towards your lower and upper back to make you feel healthier and more fit. 

How To Lose Back Fat?

In case you are marveling at ‘how to get rid of back fat fast,’ we can propose that you begin a calorie deficit diet from today. This sort of diet assists you by simmering more calories (pounds) from your body than you absorb.

Apart from this, you can also tone the muscles of your back by concentrating on a workout routine. Target your upper and lower back muscles while doing these exercises for back fat.

If you do HIIT exercises (High-Intensity Interval Exercises) regularly along with figuring out these different muscles, you will notice the effect soon. 

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How Your Diet Can Be Calorie Deficit?

For a calorie deficit diet, attempt to devour low-calorie eats and lessen the infusion of at least 300 – 500 calories/day. You will soon see that you are forfeiting 1-2 pounds weekly.

And the modest way to accomplish it is by limiting the foods that, although big in calories, have low (or zero) nutritional value. Also, quit eating and drinking bleached or processed grains, goods containing artificial preservatives, and sugary drinks.

To get a bigger weight loss result, burn nearly 300 – 500 calories by practicing the back fat workouts at the gym and continuing a calorie deficit diet. 

If you devour a nutriment that is rich in fiber but low in sodium, your excess fat, and water weight (stored in the back area of one’s body) will get trimmed. Here is a list of some weightloss friendly food items:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Broccoli 
  • Cauliflower
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Avocados
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Lean chicken breast

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How To Relinquish Your Lower Back Fat?

Lower Back Fat Exercises
Lower Back Fat Exercises

If you are taking tension, ‘how to get rid of lower back fat?’, then you can do it by accomplishing a few toning activities formulated for your lower back. These exercises point toward your lower back part’s muscles (like obliques, extensors, etc.)

You can execute these workouts both at your residence or gymnasium. The least pieces of equipment are expected for these practices. 

Lower Back Fat Exercises

Some of the best exercises for back fat for your lower back are as follows:

Reverse Hip Raise Using Exercise Ball:

It’s a low-impact workout and will go effortless on your hips. It straightforwardly tones your back. For doing this exercise, 

Lie on your belly over the exercise ball and stare at the ground with your eyes. Keep your palms on the floor with your legs leaning at your knees. 

Squeezing the glute muscles together, balance over the ball by pressing together with your legs in the upward direction. Keep the ball stable while this movement is done.

For several seconds, hold this posture. After that, lower down your legs. Reiterate the same steps several times and try to increase the time of keeping your hips raised.  

Side Jackknife:

The Side Jackknife workout targets one’s obliques (part of the abdomen) and helps reduce the fats in those areas. The exercise will tone the ‘love handles as well as the lower back areas of your body. 

Lie down on the right side of your body such that your legs stacks over each other. 

Place the left hand of your body behind your head. Allow your right hand to take rest wherever it feels comfortable. 

Now, squeeze your obliques and draw your left-sided leg up in the direction of your left arm. Keep the left arm stable over your head. Bring your left-sided bent arm in the direction of your left knee. Switch to the opposite side after repeating the above steps several times. 


The exercise, ‘Superman,’ is named after a superhero, and it will benefit your glutes and lower back. 

Bring a yoga mat and lie down over your stomach.

Outstretch your body to lengthen your legs as well as arms.

Lift your hands as well as feet from the ground simultaneously. They must be 6 inches apart from the ground. 

Try to lift your belly button from the floor. Also, stay in the same position for a considerable amount of time as you can control your legs and arms back down and repeat the exercise. 

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How To Get Completely Rid Of Upper Back Fat?

To get completely rid of your upper back fat, you can do these toning exercises designed for your upper back whenever you feel comfortable. The workouts target your upper back part’s muscles.

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Exercises To Quickly Get Rid Of Back Fat For Your Upper Back:

If you are worried about how to lose back fat for your upper back, then here are some upper back fat removal exercises that will definitely work for you. They are:

Lateral Raises Using Dumbbells:

This exercise for back fat is very easy and serves the shoulder muscles by benefitting your shoulders and back. For help, add weight training to your regimen. It will boost your metabolism throughout the day.  

Stand taking dumbbells in each of your hands and face forward. You will also be able to modify this movement, which can be done from any sitting position. Carrying a ton of weight doesn’t always help. What helps, in this case, is performing lots of lighter-weighted reps for better toning of your back. 

Now, gradually lift the weights towards the sides far from your body. Keep doing it until you see your arms have become parallel with the ground. Ensure that your shoulders/shrug does not get squeezed while performing this. 

Return your arms towards your body with proper control and take a breath. Repeat the steps ten to twelve times for each set of exercises. 


This exercise is done using a piece of equipment called a seated cable row. It is known for working on one’s back muscles, mainly the latissimus dorsi. If one wants to mimic this row machine’s motion, he can simply sit over a bench and utilize light dumbbells/resistance bands. 

To begin this exercise, straightly sit with your back and your hands by clasping the resistance band, row machine handle, and dumbbells on either side. 

Bring your arms in and bend your elbows. Now, pull with your entire weight while you lean back. 

Retreat to the position from where you started and repeat the steps. Instead of recurrence, try repeating this workout quickly for several minutes. You will get your heart rate back.  


Want to tone your arms as well as your upper body? Well! Speedbag exercise is great for that. Though it is best to use a bag clambered to your place’s wall or ceiling, there’s no dire need for it while performing this exercise. 

Stand and hold your fists high, just like you are in a batting stance. Your feet must be high-width apart and one of the legs narrowly in the back of the other. Your hands must be in fists, near your jaw.  

Now, you have to set a timer (time span- anywhere between thirty seconds to two minutes). 

Target your bag and hit it as many times as possible with your knuckles confronting outwards. Rotate your arms while you do so. 

Do this exercise for up to 3 sets.

How To Lose Back Fat Women?

Women can lose their back fat by following the procedures above. They have to start taking a calorie deficit diet. In addition to that, they can tone their back muscles by focusing on their exercise routine. They have to do the exercises mentioned above because they specifically target their upper back muscles and lower back muscles. 

How To Quickly Get Rid Of Back Fat Fast With Some Small Lifestyle Changes?

How To Get Rid Of Back Fat Fast
How To Get Rid Of Back Fat Fast

Besides following the above diet and exercise routine, you can make your back fat vanish fast by making small lifestyle changes. They are:

  1. Beginning to walk more than you usually walk
  2. Quitting of smoking 
  3. Practice good posture while sitting, standing, and lying on the bed. 

Wrapping Up:

Back fat takes time before it disappears permanently, making it hard to make the back fast disappear. However, though difficult, it’s not impossible. So, with a little control of your diet and regular back fat shredding exercises, you can get rid of it. So, no more tension on how to lose back fat. Start adopting a proper diet with regular exercise, and you will soon see a positive result.


Q.1. What is the cause of back fat?

Answer: Back fat is mainly caused due to an inadequacy of cardio exercises and a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, a high sodium/sugar diet may also contribute to the formation of back fat. Apart from that, poor posture or ill-fitted clothes may also give rise to it. 

However, it can’t be denied that, sometimes, genetics plays an essential factor in its occurrence. 

Q.2. What exercises lose back fat?

Answer: Some of the exercises that lose back fat are:
1. Reverse hip raise using an exercise ball
2. Side Jackknife
3. Superman
4. Lateral raises using dumbbells
5. Rowing
6. Speedbag

Q.3. Is back fat hard to lose?

Answer: Back fat is somewhat harder to lose than other body fats. But, it’s not impossible. With a calorie deficit diet and regular back fat defeating exercises, you can win over your back fats.

Q.4. How can I lose my back fat in 7 days?

Answer: You can lose your back fat in seven days by adopting a calorie deficit diet and working out the following exercises regularly:

1. Reverse hip raise using an exercise ball
2. Side Jackknife
3. Superman
4. Lateral raises using dumbbells
5. Rowing
6. Speedbag

Besides following the above diet and exercise routine, you can make your back fat vanish fast by making small lifestyle changes. They are:

1. Beginning to walk more than you usually walk
2. Quitting of smoking 
3. Practice good posture while sitting, standing, and lying on the bed. 

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