How To Get Super Glue Off From Your Skin and Hands?

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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We often like to join broken pieces of items together to make them look perfect & which better glue can do this task without failure other than Super Glue! But, what if that very Super Glue glues your eyelids, fingers, or other parts of your body together? It’s troublesome, isn’t it? How To Get Super Glue Off From Your Skin?

Think you are trying to paste or join something with the help of this glue & by mistake, it somehow comes between your fingers & makes your fingers united. What will you do? Well! Let me guess! At the first chance, you will get worried & start thinking about how to remove your fingers from one another by removing the glue between them. 

Super Glue comprises a powerful adhesive cyanoacrylate, for which the superglue is so powerful as a gum. But, don’t panic. Super glue is not as dangerous as it seems. There are definitely some techniques to remove it easily from the attached areas. Read on to know how to get super glue off skin easily: 

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How To Remove Super Glue From Skin- Different Processes

How To Get Super Glue Off From Hands
How To Get Super Glue Off From Hands

If your hands, eyelids, nails, fingers, or other portions of your body are glued tightly with superglue, don’t become depressed and standstill. Come on! Every problem has an antidote & this problem too can’t exist without a remedy! In fact, there’s not one but many cures to this problem. Just keep your head cool & follow any of the below steps, whichever works for you:

Wash It Up: 

Wash the glue-sticked region of your body with warm water. Also, use a soap (bathing soap or dishwasher) to soften the glue stuck in that area or break the bond. You have to do this immediately after getting your hands or other body parts stuck with the glue. This is because, once the glue becomes hard, there will be no scope for the glue’s removal. In case this process doesn’t work for you, follow the next step.

Use Pumice Stone:

Who doesn’t know that pumice stone is very favorable for removing calluses & dead skin cells? Some people think that it can also eliminate bits of dried-up super glue from our skin. It may work for you or may not, but what’s wrong in trying it once, isn’t it? But, remember, people with sensitive skin should never take the risk of using it over their face or other sensitive parts of their body. 

Now, suppose the superglue has stuck your fingers together or has got stuck in your nails, then how to get super glue off your fingers using a pumice stone? Or, how to get nail glue off the skin using such a stone? Know from us! First, take a pumice stone & rub off the glue-stricken area on your skin or nails with it. Now, moisten that region by putting it in warm & soapy water. After that, dip the pumice stone in a container containing warm water & apply it to your glue-stricken region by rubbing it in a circular direction. 

Continue doing this activity until the glue gets entirely removed from that area. If you are not comfortable with this method and experiencing pain, leave it. You may follow any other process. You may get pumice stone from any natural health mart, online dealer, or drugstore.  

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Use Butter:

Butter is an excellent remedy for singling out glue-sticked fingers. Soak the glue-sticked area in warm water & then rub butter over it. You will soon see the bond of superglue getting dissolved. Keep applying butter onto the area & rubbing it until the adhesive is entirely gone. 

Spread Lemon Juice In The Area:

Do you know citric acid helps remove superglue from any object or human skin? And one can very trustfully choose lemon juice for this purpose as it has citric acid present in it. So, the next time you worry about how to remove super glue from any object or even from human skin, remember the name of lemon juice & give it a try. 

For using lemon juice for your glued-up skin or any other object, first:

  1. Pour the juice of lemon into a bowl.
  2. Soak your skin or the object where the glue is stuck for five or ten minutes.
  3. Take a soft toothbrush/cotton swab & with the help of it, apply the lemon juice promptly over that area. 

Now, you should take a dry washcloth & make the glue on your skin or the object lose by rubbing the glue-sticked areas with the washcloth. Now, wash the areas of your skin/nails or the object with water. Hydrate your skin with a moisturizer. 

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Use Glue Remover: 

Many craft or hobby shops trade superglue removers. Though efficient in removing superglue instantly without creating any damage to your skin, these kinds of glue removers may make you experience irritation on your skin. Besides, these glue-removers are very strong in odor & are also flammable. 

Thus, handling these products with proper caution is a must for every user. These glues, just like Acetone, can react with hydrogen peroxide but are better than Acetone in case of removing glue from plastic. This is because, Acetone tends to damage some plastics, which these glue removers have not. 

So, if ever you mistakenly apply superglue to any plastic object & then want to remove it, don’t just sit and question yourself – how to remove super glue from plastic. Instead, go to the shop & get a glue remover for separating glue from the plastic. 

Don’t worry that the process of removing the superglue will get delayed if you go to the shop. Remember, it is okay to delay for some time & apply the proper process than following the wrong process hurriedly. 

Put Some Vinegar In That Area:

White vinegar is good for softening the superglue before it gets removed. Use the vinegar only after adding it to warm & soapy water. Then, soak the glued part of your skin with that warm vinegar solution. So, now you understand how to get gorilla glue off hands or other parts of your skin?

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Use Oil Or Any Greasy Product:

How To Get Gorilla Glue Off Hands
How To Get Gorilla Glue Off Hands

Go get some skin-safe oil or any greasy substance from your nearest shop. If the oil is available at your home, that’s better. This is because time is an important factor in removing the adhesive Super Glue from your body parts. You may also give body lotion or cream mineral oil, vegetable oil, or vaseline petroleum jelly a try as well. 

But, how to get gorilla glue off hands with oil? Well! Oil or lotion is an adhesive remover for skin & hence, you can rub it over the surface of your skin where the glue got attached to your skin. By doing so, the cyanoacrylate bond of the Super Glue gets broken down. 

Once you are complete with the oil massage over the skin area, slowly & slowly tug the attached area so that the glue can get detached from that area. Follow this step without any hurry. Also, don’t force the glue to come off from the region. It will only make the situation worse. And, still, if this step fails to work, don’t bother! We still have the last process with us. 

Take The Help Of Acetone:

Do you know, Acetone is an excellent superglue remover? But then why did we previously suggest you remove the glue with soap & oil instead of Acetone? You might be wondering about this, right? 

Well! There’s a valid reason for this. Acetone, which you will easily find in any good nail polish remover, though a sure-shot remover of superglue, is not good for our skin. It damages our skin by making it dry, cracked, or irritated. Now, have you understood why we didn’t tell you to use Acetone at the very first chance? 

So, even if you have to use Acetone to remove the glue, take it in a minimal amount & apply it directly without mixing with any other chemicals. Once the super glue vanishes from your skin, go to the washroom & wash the area very well by using soap & water. After that, to ensure that the area doesn’t get dry, cracked, or irritated, apply a thick & fragrance-free moisturizer in that area. 

How long does super glue take to dry?

How long does super glue take to dry
How long does super glue take to dry

If spoken about a super quality glue like Loctite Liquid Professional (20 g) Super Glue, it will dry up & set down on the object or your skin within seconds. But, the requirement for setting the glue is that nothing should disturb the glue for at least ten minutes. Within 24 hours, the glue gets fully cured. This is the reason why the bottles of super glue dry up promptly once they are opened. 

Does super glue work on glass?

Yes, since super glue is a non-hot melt type of adhesive with a strong, waterproof & clear bond, it works well on glass substrates.

The Takeaway:

Hey! have you got it? How to get super glue off your skin? So, the next time doesn’t be scared if the glue sticks on your skin, nails, or any other object. Just follow any of the above steps & you will never fail to remove the adhesive from the glued out part of your body or any other object.    


Q.1. How do you take super glue off your hands?

Answer: You can take off super glue from your hands by following any of the below steps, whichever works for you: 

1. Washing it up
2. Using pumice stone
3. Using butter
4. Spread lemon juice in the area
5. Use glue remover
6. Putting some vinegar in that area
7. Spreading lemon juice in that area
8. Using oil or any greasy product
9. Taking the help of Acetone

Q.2. Does super glue ever come off skin?

Answer: Yes, superglue will automatically come off your skin within only a few days of the adhesion of the glue. If the adhesion is not very strong & not stuck over a large area. However, the process of coming off of the glue from your skin can be speeded up by rinsing the affected region with water.
Nail polish remover also works great in this case. But, by anyhow, if you feel that the glue is not removing even after doing these things & on the contrary, you are getting rashes or burns from it, don’t delay visiting the doctor’s chamber.  

Q.3. Does hand sanitizer remove super glue?

Answer: Alcohol is good for removing super glue & hence, removes it from any of the hard surfaces like glass, tiles, countertops, or others. The alcohol must be applied over the glue spot & kept like that for five to ten minutes. By doing this, the glue’s grip over the surface loosens & you can scrape it off. 

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