How To Get Sharpie and Permanent Marker Off Skin

by Adarsh Patel
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Often, young children make drawings with sharpie markers on their faces or skin while playing with them. It sounds a bit funny, but it becomes a bit difficult to remove the marks from these sharpie markers. Do you also want to remove Sharpie markers from your face or skin?

If so, then you are coming to the right place. These marks look very disappointing on the face. But now you don’t need to worry. In that article, we will give you some tips by which you can easily remove these marks from your face.

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How To Remove Permanent Marker?

How To Remove Permanent Marker
How To Remove Permanent Marker

If you have permanent marks anywhere on your hands, face, or skin, you want to remove them. This mark goes away on its own in 3 or 4 days after bathing daily. But if you want to go somewhere quickly, we have some ways to do that. With the help of which, these marks will be removed quickly.


Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish contains alcohol and acetone. It is capable of removing permanent pain from the skin. Take a cotton ball, put some nail polish remover on it, and apply it where the mark is. Rub it for a while.

This is one of the most practiced and effective ways to remove permanent marks. You will easily find it in any chemist or cosmetic shop.

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 Alcohol is also capable of permanently killing or removing any stain. You simply need to put 2 to 3 drops of alcohol on a cotton ball or any cloth. Rub the cotton ball or cloth in the place where there is a mark of hitting. In no time, your mark will come off easily.

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Home Remedies

Banana Peel 

According to a study, it has been found that it is possible to permanently remove scars by hitting the banana peel on the skin. Take a banana and peel it. Rub the inner part of the peel at the place where there is a mark. It will come out easily after mashing for a while.


Toothpaste removes yellowing and stains from your teeth. In the same way, it is also capable of removing permanent marks from your skin. Squeeze toothpaste on the area of your skin where there is a mark. Gently mash that paste with your hands. Mashing for a while will remove your mark.


If you do not have any lotion or oil in your house, you can use butter. Take a little slice of butter and mash it onto the marked area. Now take a cloth and rub that cloth vigorously on the marked area.

Coconut Oil

You will easily find it in your home. This oil has many properties.

It is very beneficial for your skin. Apply just two or three drops of it on the place where there is a mark. After applying, mash it with your hands for a while. After mashing, clean it with any kind of cloth or towel.

How To Get Sharpie Out of Clothes? 

How To Get Sharpie Out of Clothes
How To Get Sharpie Out of Clothes

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can be effective for removing stains from clothes. It contains alcohol, and alcohol is very good at removing stains from clothes. Take sanitizer and put it in the place where there is a mark. And rub that cloth a little with a brush. After this, leave that cloth for 10 to 15 minutes. If the stain still remains, then repeat it. If it comes out, wash the fabric thoroughly with clean water.


Vinegar is also capable of removing all kinds of marks from clothes. Whether that stain is of turmeric or any other color, Put vinegar on the cloth where there is a stain.

When the vinegar is applied properly on that cloth, then leave it for 1 hour. After some time, apply vinegar again to that cloth and then wash that cloth thoroughly with clean water. Now put that cloth in the machine and wash it with any ordinary detergent.

How To Get Pen Ink Off Skin?

The ink from the pen often gets on your hands whenever you write. But when the pen is bad, that ink makes your hands very dirty. Would you like to know how to remove that ink in such a situation. So we have some methods with the help of which you can remove ink marks very easily in no time.


It is a substance that is granular and is often used in laundry. It proves to be very effective for removing stains. Use borax with soapy water to remove ink marks.

Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

This ink will remove traces more easily than soap or water. Put the sanitizer at the point where the ink is applied. Now rub it well with your hands.


Milk is a natural thing. It has many natural properties. This property easily removes ink stains from clothing or skin. Apply some milk to the place where you have got the mark. After that, rub it on that spot with the help of a cloth.


Question: How much long does it take to sharpen the skin?

Answer: The marks of hitting the skin permanently are removed in two to three days by bathing daily. If you quickly want to remove it, then you can try the remedies given by us.

Question: How do you remove permanent markers from a baby’s skin?

Answer: Baby Oil If you use any chemical or home remedy on the skin of a small child, then it can be harmful to their skin. Children’s skin is very delicate, and baby oil is very good for removing these marks from their skin. It is a strong cleanser, and it moisturizes the baby’s skin and removes blemishes easily. Please put it on the place where there is a scar and massage it for a while.

QuestionCan Sharpies harm your skin?

Answer: When you hit something, the pain is harmful to the skin. Because they contain some chemicals that can harm the skin, it can also damage your trachea. But Sharpie pens are absolutely safe for your skin.


While working or studying anywhere on our hands or on our skin, marks are often made by hitting a pen or permanent. Or, children also put pen marks on their faces while playing with each other. This mark looks very bad on the face. If you have to go somewhere, it is difficult to remove it quickly. Do you also want to remove stains from your skin or clothes? So you can use all these remedies. They will erase the marks of the pen from your body quickly. I hope you like this information today.

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