How to get rid of the hanging belly after C Section and Pregnancy?

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Among the primary concerns that a new mom often faces is how to lose belly fat after the c section? Some prefer consulting a doctor, and others would choose gymming instead. But is it fair for your body to regularly bear hardcore exercises after undergoing a c-section? We meant that you enjoy the new phase of your life and reduce belly fat by only following some home remedies or recommended techniques. So start exploring the best possible ways on how to get rid of the hanging belly after the C section from here. 

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Why are new mommies concerned about hanging belly? 

The concern of hanging belly after pregnancy is natural for all mothers. Your belly may have an impression of being still pregnant post-delivery due to the deposition of fats, fluid accumulation, and larger uterus size.

And the release of this extra fat and fluid would take at least a month. Your uterus would shrink gradually but again wait for some weeks. 

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How to get rid of mommy belly? 

How to get rid of mommy belly
How to get rid of the hanging belly after C Section

Though the process of shrinking the uterus may normalize slowly, you should have a part in maintaining the shape of your paunch. Light exercises, an expert diet, and the intake of medicated supplements would develop a healthy lower body shape.

Most importantly, the postnatal lymph nodal fluid breakage messages are necessary through massaging. And not only massaging but fiber or iron-rich nutritional meals should be included in your regular diet.

So, please don’t lose hope; bear with us to know how to have a flat belly after the c section! 

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What does the doctor say about postnatal exercises? 

Nowadays, cesarean deliveries are not a big deal, but undoubtedly they prove exhaustive to the patients.

Pre and postnatal operations result in a major transformation of your body, and there’s a common concern about how to get rid of a hanging belly after c section?

So, should you start exercising immediately, or should you pause for some time! 

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When should new moms work out? 

 The surgical situation for every cesarean case is unique. Those who are fitness freaks would become restless to wait for a longer time and may think of starting their workout routine immediately. 

However, that may seem harmful and may complicate the situation. Heavy exercises would amount to muscle cramps, injuries in your joint, or, the worst postpartum bleeding may begin. 

To avoid opening the surgical incisions, you should take a rest for one to two months. Unlike those who experience normal deliveries, the c section surgeries take more time to heal. The new moms with cesarean deliveries should wait for a bit more to return to everyday life.

Recommended exercises and what to avoid! 

Any hardcore physical exercises in a mission to lose weight are strictly prohibited. You should not add extra pressure to your abdomen region, which would open up to the surgical incision. Some of the particular workouts that should stay put on your list are: 

  • For the first five to six weeks, don’t torture your belly with heavy cardio or situps, crunches, leg elevation exercises, or cycling. 
  • Taking frequent squats, skipping, or other forms of jumping workouts. 
  • Additionally, don’t run, sprint, or participate in any relay race competitions. 

The point here is to avoid any form of exercise that would badly impact your c section scars. 

Exercises to think about. 

But are you over-conscious about how to get rid of mommy belly if not through heavy exercises? Don’t worry; here are some for you:

Doctors usually recommend gentle and soft body movements after any surgery. So, those gentle exercises would also help you release your add-on stresses and relax outdoors from your daily schedule. 

  • Start with waking for half to one hour daily. 
  • Plank exercises if you are confident about lifting your body. The exercise requires lifting your body with the support of forearms, toes, and elbows from the pushup body posture. Repeat twice to thrice a day. 
  • Sit straight with your spinal cord and shoulder upright. This exercise maintains your body posture. 
  • Lower abdominal slides or kegel exercises also help ensure a healthy bladder and uterus. 

Also, it’s fine not to exercise for one to two hours straight. Relax and perform workouts as much as your body permits; consult the gyno if you have doubts about any exercise. 

Postnatal massaging as a way out! 

Gynos recommend past natal massaging to recover from the c-section scar and tighten the stomach’s skin after the surgery. You can contact an expert masseuse who can relieve the wound. So, to those who are impatient about starting exercises, you should undergo postnatal massaging. 

How to tighten loose skin on stomach after a c-section? 

How to tighten loose skin on stomach after a c-section
How to get rid of the hanging belly after C Section

By applying oil while massaging, you can treat the loose skin in your stomach area. But doctors don’t prescribe herbal oil for such purposes. Instead, they would ask you to safely massage with sesame oil and coconut oil or mustard oil.

However, pay attention to how your baby reacts to the smell of the oil. In case they dislike or are allergic to any of this oil, then try the alternative ones. Once or twice a day, these massage cures the cesarean scars. 

How to Lose Belly Fat after C Section: prescribed diets. 

Try to break your overall meals into four to five phases for your diet. That is, during the morning, evening, lunch, and dinner. Every new mom requires extra nutrients and vitamins in her body because those nutrients are transported to the baby’s body through breastfeeding.

An hour gap is necessary to lose extra fats deposited in your belly. Taking homemade food instead of packaged or junk also determines the shape of your body. Consider the following food to reduce weight without compromising the nutritional quotient. 

Dairy products, protein, and fiber-based breakfast 

Meal at the start of the day decides how active you can stay all through the day. 

Milk/ Dairy products. Drinking hot milk or other dairy products would fulfill the mandatory potion of vitamin B and D, calcium, and protein in your body.

Often after pregnancies, moms have a fair chance of suffering from osteoporosis, and the chances reduce with the intake of calcium products. Besides that, you won’t face acidity problems while drinking a glass of hot milk at the start of the day. 

Protein. Those protein-rich foods which are easily digestible prevent the accumulation of extra fat in your abdominal region. It also grows new cells and tissues, thus speeding up the healing process.

Take dry fruits, particularly almonds, and a boiled egg or fried egg during breakfast. Besides, supplying protein eggs is also good as it consists of zinc which is healthy for your baby’s development. 

Fibre-rich diet. Mostly the new age cesarean mother faces constipation or the problem of poor bowel movement. As a result, maximum pressure is induced in your c-section area.

It delays the recovery process and sometimes creates severe postnatal bleeding. Therefore, eat oats that contain a fair proportion of fiber at breakfast to prevent constipation. 

Stay Hydrated

Another way to avoid poor bowel movements is by intaking fluids from time to time. Drinking water often also prevents indigestion and keeps you hydrated. Other fluids such as coconut water, citrus juices or butter, and soya milk are highly suggested by doctors.

Also, eating fruits like watermelon, cucumber, or grapes would revive the PH levels otherwise would have been low with dehydration. 

Nutrients to add on during lunch and dinner. 

During lunch and dinner, you should take heavy nutritious dishes. Cereals, wholesome grain products, and protein-rich meat and fish dishes are good for ending fatigue and reviving energy. Your mid-day meal must contain enriched fiber, protein, vitamins, calcium, and iron constituents. 

Meat, fish, and eggs. 

For a new mom, the intake of such dishes, which include a high quotient of protein and iron, is extremely necessary. Meat, a particularly chicken, is prescribed by nutrition specialists to restore energy and revive the lost glow in your skin. 

Some fishes also supply iron and omega-3 fatty acids to your body. And eggs are healthy for lactating mothers. 

Rich fiber-based dishes. 

During lunch, take tortillas or brown rice, which have excellent sources of fiber for new breastfeeding mothers. Consume maximum fiber-rich dishes to have an efficient solution on how to tighten loose skin on the stomach after a c-section! For lunch, take cereals to stimulate lactation. 

Salads and vegetables for adding vitamins to the body. 

A healthy body requires an adequate hold of vitamins to a body. Eat boiled vegetables in the form of salads like carrots, beetroot, sprouts, or cooked curries which source multiple constituents such as vitamin A, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin D3, E, to name a few. 

Other than all these, you can have curd or yogurt to boost up your digestion process. With yogurts, you can have calcium, vitamins, and minerals in your body. 

Some common tips to treat hanging belly after pregnancy. 

Other than easy exercising, controlling junk, and following a strict homemade food diet chart. You can do something more to lose those added fat deposits from your belly. These are simple but much-needed tips-

  • Breastfeed your baby regularly: With breastfeeding, mothers shed kgs of extra body fat. While you breastfeed, there is a natural discharge of oxytocin which shrinks the bloated uterus. It normalizes the belly size to pre-pregnancy days. 
  • Bind the tummy with a band: You can use the postpartum girdles to tie your belly, which would maintain the shape of your abdomen. Wrapping a band around your belly also ensures the speedy recovery of the c section scars and incisions. Muslin cloths can also be used in place of girdles. 
  • Yoga: With yoga, the stomach muscles are naturally strengthened and toning the region. Some useful yoga includes Bhujanga asana, also known as Cobra posture, Pranayama, etc. 
  • Tight sleep: A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep ensures the fitness of both your physical and mental health. 

Have patience! 

The struggle of the new moms to lose belly fat after the c section is understandable. But don’t worry! You should have patience while transforming into your usual shape. Remember that you are not alone who is finding her hanging belly after pregnancy challenging, as that’s a story of every mother. Consult your gynecologist once you think of performing any exercise after your c section surgery. Lastly, don’t feel emotionally lost; accept whatever shape you are currently in! Enjoy this phase of your life while following a healthy lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

Q.1. How do I get rid of my saggy belly after c- section? 

Answer-  After cesarean delivery, mothers can get rid of saggy bellies through healthy dietary meals, light exercises, and supplements. Make sure that you intake ample amount of vitamins, proteins, and fiber-rich components through your daily meal. 

Q.2. Can you get rid of the apron belly after the c section? 

Answer- Getting rid of the apron belly is next to impossible. The possible means of preventing such bellies is by reducing overall weight or surgical methods. Some medicated supplements may also help you in losing the apron belly.

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