How To Get Rid of Black Spot on Toenail Fungus and Its Treatment

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Who likes their toenail to turn black? Literally none of us. In fact, many of us take care of our feet & nails by doing pedicures once or twice a week. But, what if, despite so much caring for your feet, you notice your toenails turn black day by day? It’s really heartbreaking, right? It makes us feel low that our feet are no longer beautiful like before.

Some of us try to change this thought of our mind by accepting that beauty is not eternal & everyone’s beauty will fade one day or the other. 

Yes, we can’t deny this fact. But, does it mean that we should sit silently & accept our black toenails without taking any initiative? No! Never! Remember, it’s not all about beauty… it’s also about your health.

The conversion of your white nails into black ones is not normal & it may indicate any underlying medical condition of yours. So, you may not bother about your beauty but think about your health. Black nails may deem simple, but they may not be that simple & gradually take the turn of a serious ailment. 

But, how can it be so? Is black spot on toenail really serious? What causes black toenails? And, isn’t there any solution to cure it? What are its preventive measures? Yes, we understand; so many questions are brooming in your mind right now. And we are here to answer them. Come! Let us discuss the black spot under toenail in detail:

White And Black Nails

We all know that our normal nail colors are white, be it the nails of our hands or toenails & other nails of feet. Like our skin & hairs, our normal nails are formed of keratin, a kind of protein. And, our toenails, though hard, flat & protective of other nails, are resilient to day-to-day wear & tear.

Whenever there is something wrong, our body or its parts subtly indicates that by some means, it is very much true. And, a black spot may be such an indication. A small black dot under your toenail may spread within no time. And, if such a case occurs, never make the mistake of ignoring it. 

Only a doctor can tell you if your black toenail is something serious or not. If your doctor says that it is nothing serious, that’s really good news. But, anyhow, he thinks that it may be something serious; it is always wise to follow the doctor’s advice. He may suggest you do some tests & prescribe you medicines accordingly. 

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Why Is My Toenail Black?

Why Is My Toenail Black
Why Is My Toenail Black

Black toenails happen because of many reasons. They are:

1. Some underlying medical issues such as anemia, heart disease, Kidney problem, black toenail diabetes, etc. 

2. Black toenail fungus that is mainly white or yellow in color are called dermatophytes. Dermatophytes thrive on keratin & infect your skin, hair & toenails. This fungus results in debris buildup & causes fungal infection. Our toenails are more prone to fungal infections as they flourish in environments that are warm & moist. 

About 10 percent of people in this world (in general) get infected from dermatophytes. The black toenail fungus may themselves develop in your toes for causing fungal infection, or it may also get transferred to your toes from another person’s body due to any physical contact between you & that person. It is risky to walk barefoot without any shoes in public places. 

This is because someone else could have walked barefoot at that place before you & the fungus may get attached to your foot from that place. And, this will only result in your black nails. Also, the fungus can come to your body from swimming pools or other places with a humid atmosphere. Be aware of that. 

With this disease, you will initially notice some white or yellow patches on your toenails. These patches then deepen gradually to form an abnormal discoloration or black color on your toenails.

This blackness or discoloration spreads slowly to the surrounding skin of your toenails. If your foot remains wet for a long time & you wear ill-fitted/sweaty footwear, chances are there that you develop this infection on your toenails.  

3. Injury or Trauma is another reason for transforming your white toenail into a darker one. With any injury/trauma to your toenail, the blood vessels that remain behind your nails get broken, resulting in bleeding. This bleeding that happens underneath your nails makes your nail look black. 

Other 3 Important Points on Black Toenail

  1. Melanoma can also cause dark brown or blackish type misshapen spots in your nails or underneath your nail beds. It is a severe type of cancer that occurs in one’s skin. 
  2. Sometimes, some skin ailments such as psoriasis and lichen planus also cause a black spot under the toenail.
  3. The intake of some kinds of immuno-suppressant drugs also becomes the reason for one’s black toenails. 

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What Are The Indications Of Black Toenails?

There are many indications of the black toenail. They are:

  • Hyperpigmentation, that is, the development of white, black, yellow, or any other color on your toenail
  • Coming of foul smell from your toenails
  • Swelling & redness of your nails
  • Your toenails get thickened
  • You will suffer pains in your toenails
  • Discharge of some liquids or pus from your toenail because of fungal infections

So, the abnormalities in your black toenails like redness, protruding, pus discharge, black & white lines, etc. will tell you that it is your time to visit a doctor. 

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How To Get Rid Of Black Toenails?

How To Get Rid Of Black Toenails
How To Get Rid Of Black Toenails

Not all cases of black toenails are serious. So, if you see your toenails turning black suddenly or slowly, first give it some time & watch. There’s nothing to panic about. In most cases, the black nails gradually grow out & when cut, you will get your white nails back. 

However, if you see no improvement even after some days or see the nails still turning black even after cutting the grown-up black nails, it’s time to visit your doctor’s chamber. Don’t delay it as the doctor will only tell you the cause of the blackness of your toenails. 

He will also check your nails out & may suggest you fit some tests to ensure that you have not developed any fungal infection or melanoma on your body. You know! On-time treatment is very much necessary, especially in the case of melanoma & fungal infections. 

For black toenail fungus treatment, your doctor will specify you topical anti-fungal medications considering the fungal disease you have developed on your toenails. 

Important Thing To Do Before Applying Anti-Fungal Medication on Black Toenail

Before applying the topical anti-fungal medication on your toenail & surrounding areas, soak your black-nailed toe in a bucket filled with cold water. Soak it for twenty minutes. After that, take out your feet from the bucket & sponge them with a towel. Dry it up & then apply the ointment to the blackened area.

After applying the ointment, it is better to cover the area with a bandage that is clean & dirt-free. Also, in case you see your toenail detaching, file the nail & prevent any further tearing. 

The entire process of treatment requires sterile conditions & hence it is better to avoid undergoing the treatment at your home. If possible, go through the entire process in a doctor’s chamber. He/she will help you out in case you require his/her assistance or opinion in this process. 

In the case of melanoma, your doctor may ask you for a biopsy or microscopic examination & will transfer the case to the department of oncology if needed. There, they will treat your skin cancer with immense care. 

Besides, if your black toenail is caused because of any trauma or injury, the doctor will poke a needle into that area of your toenail & drain the blood accumulated there. Furthermore, if your nail discoloration or blackness is due to diabetes or any other health condition, your doctor will prescribe you medicine or other tests & treatments accordingly. 

Home Remedies For Black Toenail Treatment

Other than these medical treatments, certain home remedies will help you to treat the problem of black toenails. Apply any of the following on your black toenails & see the improvement:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Vinegar
  • Ozonized oils
  • Oregano oil
  • Garlic

Besides, curtailing excess sugar or carbohydrate from your daily diet, adding probiotics, ginger & garlic into your diet & avoiding alcohol will also reduce your toenail blackness & infection. 

How To Prevent Black Spot On Toenail?

  • Trim your nails on a regular basis 
  • Buy shoes that will fit correctly on your feet
  • Don’t walk without any shoes in public places
  • Avoid walking in wet & damp places
  • Handle heavy things only by wearing protective footwear
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Wear clean socks or shoes  
  • Wear socks or shoes that are created of natural materials
  • Walk without any shoes at your home & allow your feet some time to breathe 
  • Visit a doctor immediately after facing any nail issue and treat it at an initial stage. 

Wrapping Up

The black toenail may or may not be a serious issue. But, how quickly it will get cured is something that partially depends on you & your initiative. So, take it seriously even if it’s not so serious & your black toenail will go away within no time. 


Q.1. Why are my toenails dark?

Answer: Toenails becomes dark because of any of the following:
1. Some underlying medical issues such as anemia, heart disease, Kidney problem, black toenail diabetes, etc. 
2. black toenail fungus 
3. Injury or Trauma 
4. Melanoma 

Q.2. What does a toenail turning black mean?

Answer: A toenail suddenly turning black may mean a bruise under your nail (subungual hematoma). It may happen from an injury or a trauma on your toenail.

Q.3. How do you cure a black toenail?

Answer: In the majority of cases, the black nails gradually grow out & when cut, you will get your white nails back. However, if you see no improvement even after some days, visit your doctor’s chamber. 

For black toenail fungus treatment, your doctor will specify topical anti-fungal medications. 

Q.4. Will black toenail go back to normal?

Answer: Yes, black toenails, if treated timely & properly after diagnosing the cause, may go back to normal.

Q.5. Black toenail no pain or pain?

Answer: Usually, black toenails don’t hurt much. However, if your black toenails are the result of any trauma or injury & your toe suffers from hematoma, it may pain & have blood beneath your toenails.

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