How To Get Clear Skin Naturally At Home | Top 12 Tips

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Who doesn’t aspire to smooth & clear skin, bereft of pimples? But, in reality, this dream of most people remains a dream forever. The main reason for this is not that the thing is not possible. Instead, it is because people never try to gather & comprehend the whole knowledge about getting clear and smooth skin. 

The truth is that securing clear skin depends on many factors, including the person’s skin type. If spoken in general, most of us struggle with acne or other blemishes of our skin & these blemishes & acne occurs in people with various skin types. They arise in both dry skin & oily skin & also in a combination type of skin. 

Acnes in different types of skin have different remedies. Also, there are separate skincare tips, depending on the type of skin one has. Apart from that, many general skin care tips for getting clear, smooth & blemish-free skin also exist & most people freely follow them up. However, if anyone is still worried & in doubt about their skincare routine, dermatologists are there to give them advice. 

That’s perfectly okay, but why are we here then? Well! We have come here with 12 natural tips on how to get clear skin naturally and chemically sitting at your home. We mean that you don’t have to visit any beauty parlor or salon to get clear skin anymore! Just scroll on, know how to get clear skin & apply it to yourself. And, you will later thank us for your clear & creamy skin!

Wash Your Face & Body Daily Every Time You Sweat (At Least Twice A Day)

How To Get Clear Skin Naturally At Home
How To Get Clear Skin Naturally At Home

If you keep wondering how to be pretty by maintaining clear skin, avoid sweating. Do you know sweating elicits & even aggravates acne in our body? And, if you let your sweat get dry on your skin, you will see the worst side of acnes. So, immediately after you sweat, just go to the bathroom & take a wash.

You will feel not only fresh but also become capable of creating a barrier for the acnes & other blemishes from popping out of your skin. Bath daily again & again, every time you sweat. Do this at least twice a day. And, for your information, we are not saying it. It’s the recommendation of the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology). 

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Hydrate Or Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizing the skin is a secret for getting healthy & clear skin. What are you thinking? Will it work for oily skin? Yes, it will work! Whatever be your skin type – dry, oily, or intermediate, a moisturizer will definitely benefit your skin. Just remember – apply the moisturizer after washing your face using your daily face wash. But, how will a moisturizer help you? 

Well! A well-moisturized face will monitor the sebum production of your skin & your skin will be saved from the damage done by outside elements. However, the moisturizer varies according to one’s skin type. And, you may take the help of a dermatologist to detect the perfect moisturizer for your skin type. Wanna know more skincare tips? Read the next ones. 

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Choose Gentle Products For Your Skin

Still marveling, how to get smooth skin? Remember, when choosing beauty or cosmetic products for your skin, it is always better to select those gentle products for your skin. Yes, gentle & natural beauty products are expensive, but the price is worth it when you see a clear & natural glow on your face. Moreover, people with sensitive skin find gentle beauty products perfectly suited to their skin. 

These products comprise fewer chemicals and are free from alcohol-based products, toners, exfoliants & astringents. These ingredients in beauty products actually irritate one’s skin, especially if his/her skin is sensitive. Whereas gentle products never give any irritation to your skin.

However, it is essential that you also test the hypoallergenic & gentle versions of these beauty products by applying them first over a little area of your skin. 

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Don’t pop your pimples

Questioning yourself, how to have clear skin? The answer is, ‘stop popping your pimples. What does a pimple indicate? It indicates nothing but trapped oil, sebum & bacteria. Besides, pimples are also an indication that your body’s biological healing mechanism is functioning. Many people have a misconception that popping out pimples will clear up their skin. 

But, No! Popping your pimples will instead make the situation worse. It will not clear away your skin but disrupt your healing process. Besides, the released liquids from the popped-out pimples will expose the surrounding skin to the same bacteria that have formed your pimples. So, your skin will be at a higher risk of developing more pimples.

Always allow the pimples of your skin to heal & get cleaned up naturally or with the help of any medication. But never think of popping them out again. 

Don’t Touch Your Face Too Often

Do you know touching your face too often out of insecurity will only harm your skin? Many people touch their face now & then because they remain insecure that some pimples might emerge suddenly on their face, or they want to touch their skin to feel that their skin is not looking rough.

But, by doing this, they are only making the matter worse. They are just depositing dirt, oils, or bacteria over their skin or breaking out their pimples (though unintentionally). So, have you got it, how to get clear skin teenage girl & boy? It’s straightforward – stop touching your face unnecessarily. 

Practice Wearing Sunscreen On Your Face Or Body Parts That Are Exposed To The Sun 

If you are a person who has to go out of your house now & then or have to spend most of the time outside your house, always ensure that you are wearing sunscreen on your face & exposed body parts.

The sun’s harmful UV rays may damage your skin or make it unclear, tanned & rough. Besides, the sweat you get from the sun’s exposure to your body may also result in pimples over your skin. So, the solution is either to stay away from the sun or use a good sunscreen. 

Exfoliate Your Skin

Now, you might be thinking all the above tips may work for getting clear skin, but they all take some time. How to get clear skin overnight? What if you want the result instantly? Well! If your requirement is that, try exfoliating your skin by scrubbing it with a gentle exfoliator. And, soon, the dead skin cells of your face or other body parts will get removed. You will enjoy the smoothness of your skin. Your skin will be clean & clear. 

Use Some Natural Home Remedies On Your Skin

In case you dislike using shop-based products for getting clear & natural skin & thinking about how to get clear skin naturally at home, follow all our natural home-based tips jotted down in this write-up.

Also, go for some natural home-based products or remedies. Such remedies are applying apple cider vinegar, honey plus cinnamon mask, tea tree oil, green tea, witch hazel & aloe vera gel on your skin.

Besides, the clear skin diet includes eating foods rich in zinc & fish oil & avoiding a high glycemic load diet & dairy products.

Follow A Daily Skin Care Routine At Your Home

Daily Skin Care Routine At Your Home
Daily Skin Care Routine At Your Home

For maintaining clean & glowing skin, one needs to follow the same daily skin care routine at home. Such routine must include cleansing, scrubbing, toning & moisturizing. Also, it includes applying sunscreen when you are going out of your home.

Every morning & evening, as you wake out of bed, cleanse your face on a regular basis. However, you may avoid doing exfoliation regularly to maintain your skin’s softness. 

Keep doing the scrubbing after every 2 to 3 days. You must use toners daily after you wash out your makeup. And, keep the moisturization of your skin for nighttime just before you go to bed for sleep. Also, ensure you do moisturization of your skin regularly. 

Try To Remain Stress-free By Doing Exercise, Yoga, Or Meditation

How to smooth skin texture on the face? It’s easy – do exercise, yoga, or meditation & stay happy. You might be thinking, how is leading a stress-free life related to getting clear & pimple-free skin! Right? Well! They certainly have a connection that is needed to know!

Our body is so created that whenever we feel stress for something, it becomes visible on our face in the form of paleness, dark circles & pimples.

So, now, have you understood why we encourage you for exercise, yoga, or meditation? Because doing them on a regular basis will act as a healing therapy for your stress & vanish away your stress forever. 

Don’t Bath In Too Hot Water

Sometimes, some people prefer bathing or washing their face & hands in hot water. This is especially common among people in cold regions.

However, you must know that lukewarm water is fine for bathing or washing your body, but hot water is not. If the water you boil is too hot, it will dry out your body parts and hence your skin.

Too hot water actually damages your skin & makes it rough & dry instead of clear & smooth. So, it is always best to avoid too hot water. 

Drink Plenty Of Water

All organisms on this earth need water & so do their cells. Since our skin cells remain very close to the environment, the risk of moisture loss from the skin cells is high.

In such a case, the moisture loss of the cells can be replenished by drinking plenty of water & staying hydrated. It will keep your skin cells healthy & purify the blood to keep your skin clear and pimple-free. 

Wrapping Up

So, now as you have realized how to get clear skin, start acting according to our advice. We can assure you that you never have to look back. Start from today & see the result! Good luck with your endeavor.

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