How To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss || Is It Good To Drink?

by Tanmay Joshi
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In this post, Healthcoachjp will cover the topic of how to drink kombucha for weight loss. Is kombucha good for weight loss and all the queries will be answered through this post.

Kombucha is proven to deliver potential health benefits to those who consume it on a temporary basis.

This also helps our body to fight against harmful bacteria and gives us protection against several kinds of harmful diseases.

Most people seem to be curious about their weight loss with the help of Kombucha. We will answer all the common queries regarding weight loss with the help of Kombucha below.

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What does Kombucha mean?

What does Kombucha mean
What does Kombucha mean?

Kombucha is a fermented drink often found in supermarts. People have been consuming this drink for more than 1000 years. This can be both sweet and sour in nature and is prepared from tea.

Many people consume kombucha to cure hair loss and other ailments. The elements found in kombucha are good enough to provide potential health benefits.


The preparation process of kombucha consists of ingredients like black tea, yeast, apple cider vinegar, and sugar. This mixture must be stored for around 3 weeks in a warm place.

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How to drink kombucha for weight loss?

People often think about how to drink kombucha for weight loss. Well, both men and women can drink kombucha in the following way for weight loss.

  • Consume kombucha 5 to 10 minutes before your meal.
  • You can drink kombucha as an alternative of sugary drinks and cold drinks.
  • An individual can also drink Kombucha as a post workout drink.
  • The minimum quantity to drink kombucha for weight loss is 8 ounces.

Is kombucha good for weight loss

Is kombucha good for weight loss
Is kombucha good for weight loss?

Of course, kombucha is best for weight loss because the sugary content goes away during the fermentation period. Kombucha is good for weight loss as well because it can be used as an alternative to cold drinks, sugary soda drinks, and beverages.

Whenever an individual has a craving of drinking any sugary drink then kombucha is definitely the best replacement. This is why kombucha is good for weight loss.

Best time to drink kombucha for weight loss

The best time to drink kombucha for weight loss is to consume it 5 or 10 minutes before your meal.

Best time to drink kombucha for weight loss
Best time to drink kombucha for weight loss

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q.1. Does kombucha make you lose belly fat?

Ans. Kombucha which is made up of green tea will surely make you lose belly fat because it will contain similar properties as green tea. This will reduce overall body fat along with belly fat and control blood sugar levels as well.

Q.2. Does kombucha make you put on weight?

Ans. It’s completely fine if you intake kombucha on a temporary basis. Consumption of Kombucha on a temporary basis won’t increase your weight. However, we all know that Kombucha contains sugar which is almost gone during the fermentation process. Still, there are calories left in it which can increase your weight if you consume it at regular intervals.

Q.3. Can kombucha drinks help you lose weight?

Ans. Kombucha drinks are not a miracle that will help you to lose weight. However, one can smartly consume kombucha instead of sugary drinks to control or reduce body weight. Whenever you have an excessive craving for drinking a sugary beverage, immediately replace the same with kombucha drinks.

Q.4. Is it OK to drink kombucha every day?

Ans. Excess consumption of anything in this world can be bad whether it is protein, calcium, food, beverages, and drinks. A similar theory applies to the consumption of Kombucha. This is not the type of drink that you can consume every day. Studies have shown that individuals who drink kombucha regularly can have the risk of lactic acidosis.

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