How To Do Sukhasana Yoga Pose Steps or Easy Pose in Yoga

by Tanmay Joshi
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Sukhasana pose or easy pose in yoga, also known as the cross legged yoga pose, provides plenty of health benefits to the person practicing it.

The crossed leg yoga pose also leads to the development of more concentration and better health when practised regularly. So what exactly are the benefits of sukhasana posture or easy pose in yoga? And how do you practice it properly?

Scroll this article to find out everything about the sukhasana easy pose, including its health benefits and useful practice tips.

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What is Sukhasana Yoga Pose?

The Sukhasana is generally a crossed leg yoga pose that is practised by coming into the seated position. It is also considered an easy pose in yoga and is a great way to start your meditation journey.

Moreover, it helps individuals align their spine straight and gives their back muscles immense strength. Apart from that, other benefits include opening the hips and groin muscles and keeping the ankles and knees stronger than before.

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How To Do Sukhasana Yoga Steps or Easy Pose?

How To Do Sukhasana Yoga Steps
How To Do Sukhasana Yoga Steps

Sukhasana Easy Pose is one of many sitting poses used in yoga. It’s a reclining pose that’s both relaxing and therapeutic. As its name suggests, Sukhasana is a very easy pose to do, but there are some essential tips to keep in mind when practising it for the best results.

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to get into Sukhasana and information on how doing so can help you meditate better.

Sukhasana is a cross-legged sitting pose. It’s known as an easy pose because it’s easier than many other yoga poses, although it does require balance.

  • To do Sukhasana, sit with your legs outstretched in front of you on a mat.
  • Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.
  • Now, come in a cross leg yoga pose by placing the shin of one leg behind the other leg’s calf muscle.
  • Then come in a relaxed posture by placing both hands on the knees and palms down.
  • Stretch your back straight and try to press the floor by your buttocks.
  • Hold the position for one minute and focus on inhaling and exhaling.

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Sukhasana Procedure Benefits and Contraindications

Below you will know about the procedure of sukhasana and its benefits and contraindications.

What are the benefits of Sukhasana Or Easy Pose in Yoga?

Sukhasana is a cross-legged sitting posture. It is one of several standard postures used for meditation and other practices, such as pranayama (breath control) and dhyana (concentration).

Sukhasana is considered an essential part of yoga practice because it allows you to meditate without physical discomfort, which can lead to distraction.

However, even if you’ve never meditated before, Sukhasana will help your practice by relieving stress and tension in your muscles while also providing a stable base that lets you sit comfortably for long periods.

The most important thing about Sukhasana is that it should feel natural and comfortable.

If you are experiencing pain, try changing your position until you find something that feels right. If possible, make sure to sit on a cushion or pillow to raise your hips than your knees.

It will ensure proper blood circulation in your legs and prevent them from falling asleep during meditation sessions.

Contraindications of Sukhasana

It is not good to do sukhasana during menstruation and sickness. Persons suffering from high blood pressure, ulcers, hernia, piles, injuries, etc., should not practice sukhasana.

Everybody can practise it with caution. Sukhasana should be avoided when there is no yoga teacher available and you are finding yourself in trouble with the crossed leg yoga pose.

It is advisable to learn it under the expert guidance of a yoga teacher. The teacher will determine whether there are any contraindications before giving you your initial instructions on how to do it correctly.

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Precautions While Doing Sukhasana Or the Easy Pose

Sukhasana is an effortless but effective cross-legged yoga pose. It requires no flexibility, strength or postures to practice. As an easy pose, it has many health benefits apart from doing good for your body posture as well. Here are some points to remember while practising Sukhasana.

This pose can be practised by anyone who can sit comfortably on the floor with legs crossed. If you suffers from back pain, knee pain or any other medical condition that prevents you from sitting comfortably on the floor, then do not perform Sukhasana without consulting a doctor first.

Although it is referred to as ‘easy’ pose yoga, Sukhasana is not recommended for beginner level students until they get used to other postures like Tadasana, Padmasanasan etc., without any discomfort.

How To Deal With Issues While Doing This Asanas

Sukhasana poses, also referred to as easy pose or no effort pose, require a minimum amount of exertion on your part. The whole point of Sukhasana is to take a break from your regular routine. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly; let go of any tension you may be feeling. The biggest benefit of Sukhasana is that it gives you a chance to let go physically.

You can choose to spend five minutes doing Sukhasana, twenty minutes (ideal for meditation), or just one minute—it’s up to you. However, those people who feel pain during crossed leg yoga pose or have any recent knee surgery should avoid sukhasana posture.

Sukhasana Images

The Sukhasana Images provided below will help you to know whether you are performing the Sukhasana posture correctly or not.


Q.1. What pose is Sukhasana?

Ans. The Sukhasana posture is also considered an easy pose in yoga in which an individual has to come in a seated position by crossed leg pose. It will help straighten your spine and open the muscles of the hips.

Q.2. How is Sukhasana done?

Ans. Sukhasana is done simply by sitting in a crossed leg yoga pose on a mat. The individual needs to place one leg over the other in the seated position. In this pose, the spine will remain straight.

Q.3. Does Sukhasana open the hips?

Ans. Yes, apart from aligning your spine and strengthing your back muscles, Sukhasana also opens up the muscles of your hips and groin area.

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