How To Cure Ringing In The Ears Through Exercises for Tinnitus

by Adarsh Patel
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In this article, we are here to discuss the exercises to cure the problem of tinnitus. Tinnitus means ringing in the ears. There are many medical therapies and natural remedies that cure tinnitus. And we are listing out some exercises that help cure the problem of tinnitus. So let’s give a walkthrough of the exercises for tinnitus.

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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the problem of ringing in the ears which is very common in people. Approx 25 percent of people suffer from tinnitus. Many people take care of that by various methods like changing their dosages, treating neurological illnesses, getting surgeries, counseling for anxiety, stress, depression, and many more medications. But the, exercises and therapies are the natural way to get rid of tinnitus.

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Exercises for Tinnitus

Many exercises are helpful for tinnitus. All the meditations and therapies give relaxation from stress and anxiety. So the exercises contributed too much to curing the tinnitus. We discuss exercises that will help you to maintain your weight and increase your heart rate and blood circulation in the body. And reduce the ringing sound in your ears. 

If you want relief from tinnitus, then try all the exercises with discipline and in a professional manner. You have to do this with guidance; definitely, you can get better results. And these exercises are also beneficial for your mental health.

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How to Stop Tinnitus

How to Stop Tinnitus With Exercises
How to Stop Tinnitus With Exercises

First Exercise

You have to open your jaw as much as possible for this exercise. And then you have to touch the top of your mouth with your tongue. After that, you have to get your tongue backward towards your tonsils and hold yourself in this position. And at the final stage, move out your tongue as far as possible. You have to repeat this complete exercise at least 4-5 times.

Second Exercise

For this exercise, you have to sit straight and open your jaw as much as possible. But you have to keep it relaxed by opening your mouth gently. And tilt the position of your back until you see the ceiling. Take an inhale quickly and exhale gently before you are in this position.

Third Exercise

For this exercise, you have to sit straight and keep your chin to the chest. And after that, keep the fingers of your hands on the back of your head. Then pull your head back with the help of your fingers gently. Do this exercise daily at least four to five times. It will reduce the ringing sound in your ears and relax your spinal cord.

Fourth Exercise

This is a very simple exercise; you just need to sit straight and move your chin up and down in a nodding motion. You have to do this at least 20 times. After that, move your chin side by side at least 20 times. Keep repeating this exercise daily 3 to 4 times but keep in mind that you don’t hurt your neck during this exercise.

Fifth Exercise

For this exercise, you have to sit I. In front of the mirror, you have to hold your chin with both hands. After that, open your mouth widely and touch your tongue to the top of your mouth. And move your 

jaw up and down gently. You just need to add resistance to your jaw with your hands. Do this exercise daily at least three times.

Neck exercises for tinnitus

Neck exercises for tinnitus
Neck exercises for tinnitus

The Neck exercises are the most beneficial exercises for curing tinnitus. Because the neck and muscular problems also contribute to the cause of tinnitus. You just need to follow some simple neck exercises to cure tinnitus.

  • Laid down on the ground with the back part of your body and keep your head on the ground also.
  • You have to be in a nodding motion to your head but not put down your head to the chest. Do this exercise many times.
  • After that, repeat that exercise, but move your head side by side many times this time.
  • But keep in mind before doing these exercises, you have to stretch your neck first. It will prevent you from being injured.

Home Remedies For Ringing Ears

  • Basil – basils are used to make a paste and apply it to your ear. It cures the infection of the ear.
  • Garlic – garlic is the best solution for tinnitus; you just mix the sesame oil and garlic to make the paste and apply to the ear.
  • Mustard oil – mustard oil is used to cure fungal infections of the ear. It is also beneficial for your immune system.
  • Onion – onion is an antibacterial and natural solution for tinnitus. You have to put the juice of onion in your diet ear to clear out all the bacteria from your ear.
  • Pumpkin – pumpkin contains vitamin A, which is more beneficial for tinnitus.


This article discusses some useful exercises and a few home remedies to cure tinnitus at home. These exercises are more beneficial if you are suffering from tinnitus. You have to try it once. So overall, we are giving complete information about the exercises that are beneficial to cure tinnitus permanently naturally. I hope you like our efforts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the main cause of tinnitus?

Ans. The main causes of tinnitus is any internal ear injury, hearing loss problems, or any problem that occurs in a circulatory system.

Q. What are the first signs of tinnitus?

Ans. There are many signs if you are suffering from tinnitus:
1. Changes in hearing
2. You can hear music when none will play
3. Constant heavy ringing in your ears
4. Feel thumping sounds in your ears

Q. Is tinnitus serious?

Ans. Yes, tinnitus should be serious for your mental health. Because of tinnitus, you have to suffer from many problems like anxiety, depression, changes in memory concentration, and fatigue.

QHow can you get rid of tinnitus?

Ans. You can get rid of tinnitus by using noise-canceling headphones, exercises, therapy, and home remedies to cure tinnitus.

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