How Much Does Invisalign Cost- 6 Ways To Afford Treatment

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Invisalign Cost: Are you depressed because the setting of your teeth is not okay & you are not comfortable with wearing braces? Are the braces set over your teeth snatching away your beauty?

Don’t worry. There is a way through which you can confidently smile before everybody without the use of any braces. And, it is none other than the use of Invisalign. But, isn’t the use of Invisalign requires so much money? Yes, we can’t lie to you! 

It does take a lot of money to set an Invisalign on your teeth. But, how much is Invisalign? Well! It wanders anywhere from 3500 dollars to 9500 dollars. And, the exact amount depends on a lot of factors. Also, you will have the option to go for Invisalign Express, ranging anywhere from 1800 dollars to 3000 dollars.

But, you will get a straighter smile with this option only if there is a minor dispute in the setting of your teeth & not a major one. 

Sounds expensive, right? But, how will you afford such a costly solution for your non-straightened teeth? Don’t feel low! We will help you with various options to cover your Invisalign cost. Curious to know the options? Here are they:

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6 Ways To Afford Invisalign Cost?

How Expensive is Invisalign
How Expensive is Invisalign

Search For An Orthodontist Whose Fees Is Less

Different orthodontist charges different fees for setting up Invisalign over your teeth. It all depends upon how experienced an orthodontist is. Generally, experienced orthodontists charge more than the less experienced ones for installing Invisalign upon your teeth. 

And, if your problem of dental setup is minor & there is no need for any highly experienced orthodontist for it, you can readily go searching for any less experienced orthodontist. This will cut your cost in the process of Invisalign.

Also, you can choose a good orthodontist for the Invisalign installation inside your mouth, whose clinic is nearby your home rather than far away from your home. This will cut the driving or vehicle cost from the process. 

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Search A Insurance Company That Will Cover The Expense For Your Invisalign Treatment:

Not all dental insurance company covers the expenditure of an Invisalign treatment. This is because Invisalign treatment is a cosmetic therapy. But, there’s nothing to be hopeless! Though not all, some dental insurance companies cover the cost of dental alignment therapy like Invisalign & realignment therapy.

And, your goal is to find out the name of such companies. Once you search out the name of such a company, you can save the costs of your Invisalign treatment with insurance coverage. 

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Checking If Your Office Is Offering FSA (Flexible Savings Account)/HSA (Health Savings Account):

Sometimes some offices offer FSA (Flexible Savings Account)/HSA (Health Savings Account) to their employees for their health benefits. The employees of those offices are privileged to get these benefits as FSA/HSA will fund for their Invisalign cost or other similar costs. 

With FSA, your money is actually saved through an automated paycheck deduction. In FSA, though your employer regulates the account, the decision regarding the amount of your contribution in the account resides upon you. 

HSA, in contrast to FSA, works well when your insurance plan is a high-deductible one. It is such designed that your medical expenses are saved with it. So, you can easily use HSA for funding your Invisalign costs. Though your employer may not offer you for opening this account, you can open it yourself. But, you have to fulfil IRS’ outlined eligibility requirements for that. 

The pre-tax dollars that you can contribute with the consent of these accounts assists you in improving your savings rate even if your medical expenses are huge.

Yes, it may sometimes happen that you yourself are clearing the cost for your treatment after its completion & then FSA or HSA will give you the treatment cost amount afterwards. However, you will certainly get your expended amount with HSA/FSA. 

Invisalign Payment Plans: 

Different Invisalign providers offer different payment plans for the Invisalign solution they provide. Just talk with your Invisalign provider physically & know about the exact Invisalign price & all the payment plan options for this treatment.

Mostly, the payment plan just remains equivalent to your treatment’s total expense divided as per your treatment duration. However, some providers may charge interest for your chosen payment option in a few cases.

Communicate with your provider & know the payment plans in detail before you decide to move forward. 

Just invest a down payment & get started. In case you choose any payment plan or find it important, visit multiple orthodontists & consult with them. Decide yourself which payment plan option is favourable for you & then proceed. 

Dental Loans:

Taking a personal loan like a dental loan will also help you to pay for your Invisalign. This is because dental loans will cover your dental expenses & you can repay the loan unhurriedly.

Remember! It is good to discuss the payment plans & fix one with your orthodontist rather than taking a personal loan. However, if your orthodontist gives you a discount on your Invisalign payment in full upfront, a personal loan will be a better option for you. However, ensure before it that your loan fees are not exceeding the discount provided.  

You will easily find an affordable personal loan if your credit score is good & your income is high. However, if one’s credit is less-than-stellar, he may find it difficult to get a reasonable personal loan rate.

Anyway, never forget to assess the alternative choices for the personal loan. 

It’s totally depend on your own decision whether you want to run through a pre-approval process to obtain a variety of quotes before committing yourself to a loan. Many lenders offer the pre-approval of the loan with a smooth pull & it won’t affect your credit.

Correlate various lenders’ quotes & fee structures. After that, you decide which lender is providing you with the best terms so that you can sign up for your personal loan. 

Credit Cards:

If you are at present unable to gather the total amount of money needed for your Invisalign treatment, pay the bill using your credit card. However, one downside of this approach is that you must pay high-interest rates with this strategy.

As per the information of, July 2021 saw a 16 per cent increase in the average interest rate for loans. 

In case the timely payment of bill is not done, your interest charges become higher & higher & you will find it hard to pay it off. Some credit cards have a zero per cent APR introductory offer & it comes to help when you are thinking of paying for your Invisalign treatment.

However, the zero-interest period ends eventually. So, you are required to make sure that paying the entire amount will not be burdensome for you.  

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Steps Through Which You Have To Pass While Getting Invisalign:

  1. Find out an orthodontist who is capable of installing Invisalign over your teeth, as all orthodontists can’t do it. 
  2. Go for an initial consultation with the orthodontist. How much does Invisalign cost for the consultation fee? Okay! An orthodontist takes a consultation fee ranging from 100 dollars to 200 dollars. However, you can cut your cost for Invisalign, thereby choosing an orthodontist with a lower initial discussion fee. Also, the doctor may prescribe you an X-Ray that ranges from 25 dollars to 250 dollars. If you have already done an X-Ray of your teeth within the recent few days, you may show it to your orthodontist to save the cost of the X-Ray for Invisalign. 
  3. Perform a 3D digital scan for your teeth as prescribed by the orthodontist
  4. Wear your unique aligners made by the orthodontist that you can wear up to 20-22 hours a day. Remember, change your aligners after every 1-2 weeks. 
  5. The expenditures on its aftercare treatment should be followed. Otherwise, you will lose your lovely new smile to shifting teeth. 
  6. In case a minor adjustment is the thing that your teeth are asking for, follow Invisalign Express. The Invisalign Express cost ranges from 1800 dollars to 3000 dollars. Talk with your orthodontist & know your smile’s exact price.  

What Are The Alternatives For Invisalign?

What Are The Alternatives For Invisalign
What Are The Alternatives For Invisalign

The Invisalign alternative is:

1. Traditional Metal Braces:

These are cheaper than Invisalign & their costs range from 1800 dollars to 8500 dollars. Also, they give you significant adjustments to your smile.

However, if you consider comfort, Invisalign is more comfortable than conventional metal braces as these braces require metal brackets. Also, some people sometimes face uncomfortable abrasions inside their mouths because of these traditional metal braces.  

People try to avoid the traditional metal braces because of their noticeable features. But, Invisalign though not so noticeable, can over time be adhesive on your teeth & its adhesiveness may stain your teeth.

And, it will not be so easy to remove the coffee-coloured stain of your teeth elicited by the Invisalign. Again, the Invisalign trays are very hard to remove, clean, or put in. 

2. Clear Retainers:

A clear retainer is also an option for correcting your smile. And, if you want to go ahead with this option, Smile Direct Club or Clear Correct will be affordable for you.

They will save you hundreds of dollars. Smile Direct Club charges approximately 1950 dollars for this process & it is very much cheaper than traditional Invisalign.

However, Invisalign Express is no less affordable at the same time. So, you should go through the pros & cons of both & after comparing both in detail, decide which one is more suitable for you.

Some people consider the at-home route facility while comparing them. But, they should also be conscious of the at-home orthodontia risks. 

A clear Retainer is a viable option for minor misaligned teeth. However, people who need extensive work may go for Invisalign with the assistance of a professional. 

Wrapping Up:

So, now that you have realized how expensive Invisalign is, try to understand the importance of proper cost cut-out plannings. Follow those plannings or strategies & you will see that you can save quite a good amount of money from that. 


Q.1. Is Invisalign worth the money?

Answer: It totally depends upon the satisfaction & thinking of the person using this treatment. This is because Invisalign is your smile’s cosmetic adjustment. If you think that your smile is important for you, then Invisalign will give you a more confident smile without the visibility of any braces. 

Also, it will medically assist the alignment issues of your teeth. So, it’s everything up to you. If health is your first priority, then Invisalign, though expensive, is definitely worth the money. However, if your doctor prescribes you to go for any other option instead of Invisalign after checking up on your dental condition, it is good to follow the advice of your doctor. 

Q.2. Why is Invisalign so expensive?

Answer: Invisalign being the 1st & biggest manufacturer of the world’s Clear Aligners, is more expensive than other different orthodontic procedures. Besides, it is a famous USA-based international brand & the lab costs needed for the manufacture of its aligners are much higher. The aligners are expensive because they are made of premium quality materials with plus technology & patented SmartTrack plastic. 

Q.3. How painful is Invisalign?

Answer: Invisalign is less painful if the pain is compared to that of the traditional metal braces. Though some people experience discomfort initially for a few days wearing the trays, the discomfort is much less than the agony of traditional metal braces. Also, the braces give you pain while you eat that Invisalign doesn’t.  

Q.4. Is Invisalign cheaper than braces?

Answer: No, Invisalign is costlier than traditional metal braces.

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