How Much Do You Know about step-ups exercise benefits?

by Dheeraj Prarthi
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Let us know all about step-up exercise benefits in this article…Have you ever the name of what is a step up exercise? If don’t, then lemme explain it to you. Step-ups are the exercise that almost hits all your lower body muscles and burns more calories than usual strength training sessions. This is the exercise that targets specifically your legs, (for eg, quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves), and it also helps you to get better control of your body. Step-ups increase your heartbeat, give burn in your lower body especially in the legs. It helps you to tone up your lower body, it also helps to reduce excessive fat on your hips or waist area. Steps ups include more coordination with legs and mind which involves your core muscles and helps you to improve your core strength.

What are the step-up exercise benefits

The benefits of doing steps ups are in a large number. They help you to give explosive strength in your legs and which gives you the strength to improve your squats. Steps ups need good control of your body to perform, so the person doing steps can improve his balance and control in his body, this is a unilateral exercise which means you have to perform this exercise with each one leg at a time. So it helps you to build strength and coordination individually in each leg, this type of workout improves your compound lift like deadlift and squats.

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Steps ups are a lightweight exercise, which means if anyone had an injury doing squats he or she can perform step-ups. Train their quads, hamstring, glutes muscles, and also core muscles, this type of unilateral movement make muscle imbalances balanced. Yes, I know that you are waiting for me to tell you how to perform this exercise to have maximum benefit.

how to do a step up exercise?

To do a step-up exercise you have to start by putting a box or any table which is in a stable form in front of you. In the beginning, do this with a bodyweight-only to correct your form, you just have to select a bench or a box with the height of your knee level. Then place your right knee on the bench and lift your left leg to match with the right leg. Come down slowly and repeat this with your right leg( 8 to 10 times ). Then do this with your left leg, I am sure you will get fatigued and will enjoy this workout.

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Balance your body when you match your leg with the other leg. That’s how you will build coordination in your body and strength in each leg individually. After doing this you can also add weight by holding weights in your hand. Also by putting a rod on your traps. Upper back like doing squats with one leg on the bench and match your other leg. Then come down slowly and repeat this again.

How to add step-ups in your workout routine?

Steps ups are basically lower body exercise. So you can add this to your leg workout or in your cardio session. This will help you in burning more calories and will help you to tone your legs.

step ups vs squats

Mainly by word Step-up you do steps on a box or stairs like up then down and repeat vs Squats are much more like up and down exercise in one place. Step-ups are kind of an exercise that works for mainly hip muscles vs Squats mainly focus on the knee muscles. Step-up is a good exercise for constraining your lower body whereas Squats are good for your leg muscles and core muscles.

Step-ups are on the grounds that the progression up tallness can be adjusted relying upon the individual to address their issues, regardless of whether that be a strength, recovery from a physical issue or to expand muscle actuation to work the full scope of movement. Alongside this, as you are stepping on a fixed item, it permits you to not need to stress over equilibrium. In view of this, there is the possibility to stack the progression up significantly heavier than the squats. This could be through holding weights(dumbbells) or having a barbell on your back. There is likewise the possibility to make the progression up even more a forced practice for athletes as you can do this activity at speed and under burden contrasted with the squat and rush due to stepping on a fixed surface.

Squats are a similar exercise as Step-ups. Through Squats you’ll learn legitimate lower leg, knee, and hip joint mechanics under burden while in a fixed position. To do this exercise effectively you have to maintain proper balance and proper coordination. It ought to likewise be noticed, that there is more muscle enactment in the hamstrings and glutes than the quads, contingent upon the measure of knee flexion. For more details, you can also give a look at Squats! The God Of Exercise.

step up muscles worked

There are mainly three muscles in which step up muscles worked. Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings. Step up exercise focuses on the quads as they all include knee augmentation. Be that as it may, contingent upon the measure of knee flexion, the quads can be focused on pretty much. Whereas the glutes are engaged with expanding knee stability and broadening the hips. When the point of hip flexion is expanded, ordinarily, with a more extensive split position for the split squat or a higher box for the progression up, the measure of glute actuation can be expanded. Lastly, hamstrings are there to help the quads and glutes in keeping knee stability and expanding the hips.

box step-ups exercise

As I already told you by doing step up and down exercise on a box can increase the strength of Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, hips, and thigh muscles. Below are some tips which will be helpful while doing box step-ups exercise.

  • Adjust the box height– If you’re a beginner or doing it for the first time then make sure you use the box of smaller height. I mean that is easy for jumping because if you use a taller one then it will difficult for you to jump or it leads to injury.
  • Make your posture good– Before doing step up and down exercise work on your posture. Practice for good posture. It will help you increase stability and maintaining balance.
  • Work on anklesTry to put pressure on your ankles. This will double the work of muscles. Ankles play important role in this whole exercise.
  • Use dumbbells– You can hold some weight on your arms to increase the difficulty level of your exercise. The more we make this step-up exercise challenging the more fun it will be.
  • Sets for step-up– Do at least 3 sets of 10 reps. After every set takes some 4-5 minute break.

step up exercise equipment

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Features of step up exercise equipment-
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