How much do you know about Essential hypertension?

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Essential hypertension is high blood pressure that doesn’t have a known auxiliary reason. It’s additionally alluded to as essential hypertension. Pulse is the power of the blood against your corridor dividers as your heart siphons blood through your body. Hypertension happens when the power of blood is more grounded than it ought to be typical.

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There are mainly two types of hypertension (high blood pressure):

1. Primary hypertension– This is the most common type of high blood pressure. This primary hypertension most people get tends to develop as you get older.   

2. Secondary hypertension– This high blood pressure caused due to daily intake of certain medications. This starts to get better when you start treating the condition or stop taking the medications which are causing it.  

Risk factors of essential hypertension:

Essential hypertension comes from genetic factors also. Below, the following factors may increase your risk of essential hypertension:

Obesity– When you’ve more weight, more blood is needed to provide oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. So, this is why your heart has to pump harder to supply the blood. This attempt puts tension on your arteries. This higher flow of blood causes your blood pressure to rise. 

Tobacco– Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarette can affect your blood pressure as it has nicotine in it which causes hypertension. It can damage the lining of the artery walls and can lead to severe health problems and increase the possibility of heart attacks, or strokes. 

Stress– This is the biggest risk factor because as you stress, it directly makes your blood pressure levels high. You also start stress-related habits like smoking, drinking alcohol which can worsen the conditions and cause hypertension.  

Alcohol consumption– If you’re an over drinker or drink too much it is harmful to your heart. Having more than two drinks for a man and more than one drink for women can affect your blood pressure. So, if you’re a daily time drinker just drink within the limit. In limit means for healthy adults, one for women is enough and two for men are enough. 

Age– This plays a major role in essential hypertension. The risk of high blood pressure increase as you starts getting older. After the age of 64, hypertension is common in men; women are more likely to have hypertension after the age of 65. 

Racial Differences– Essential Hypertension is more common among people of African inheritance at an earlier age than whites. Heart attacks, strokes and other serious complications are also common in African people.

Low amount of potassium– Proper amount of potassium is important for heart health. Potassium helps balance the measure of sodium in your cells. If you don’t take proper potassium intake, or your body loses due to dehydration, then it can lead to essential hypertension.

Causes of essential hypertension:

Essential Hypertension can damage your blood vessels as well as your body. The higher your blood strain and the more it goes uncontrolled, the more prominent the harm.

Heart attacks or strokes– Essential hypertension also leads to thickening your artery walls which have a risk of a heart attack. At the point when joined with cholesterol stores in the blood vessels, the danger of coronary episode and stroke increases.

Heart failure– Heart failure is a state where your heart is inadequate to supply blood to the body, can require a long time to create inside your body. The hardening and thickening of your blood vessels can have some problems in pumping enough blood according to your body needs, which can later lead to the risk of heart failure.

Diabetes– Having diabetes is also a cause of hypertension as it damages your arteries which harden your blood vessels, called atherosclerosis. If diabetes is not treated by time, it can cause essential hypertension, which has a risk of artery damage, kidney failure and other heart-related problems. 

Kidney problems– Hypertension can cause problems in the kidney filters, which can make the removal of waste difficult for your body. It can also cause kidney failure. Then after kidney disease, the person should get diagnosed and get dialysis, kidney transplantation to recover the illness.

Trouble in understanding– Having hypertension can also affect your brain which can also affect your capability to think, learn and remember things properly. People with high blood pressure are more common in trouble with memory and understanding concepts.

Metabolic syndrome– This is a syndrome which is a group of disorders like it include an increase in waist size, high triglyceride level, reduces high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol), high insulin and high blood pressure levels. These conditions can lead to a risk of hypertension, heart strokes or attack. 


If you think you have essential hypertension, you should look for symptoms as follows:

  • Nosebleed
  • Severe headaches
  • Chest aches
  • Uneven heartbeat
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Blood in the urine
  • Vision problem

If you find severe symptoms from any of these, you should consult a doctor immediately and If you’re not sure and want to check hypertensions then check on regular blood pressure readings. 

You can take regular weekly medical check-up then you’ll get to know blood pressure readings. 

How can someone know if they have essential hypertension?

Checking blood pressure reading on regular basis can be the best way to check the condition. It is essential to understand how to check the blood pressure readings and how to take the reading. 

Blood pressure reading has two digits, usually, they’re written as 120/80. The first one is systolic pressure, it measures the pressure in your arteries when your heartbeats. 

The second one is diastolic pressure, which measures the pressure when your heart takes rest in between the heartbeats.

Your blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day. It can go up and down while you rest, during a workout, exercise, when you’re in pain, when you’re angry, stressed, etc. Occasional high blood pressure doesn’t mean that you’ve essential hypertension. You will not get a determination of hypertension except if you have hypertension readings at any rate on a few unique occasions. We also recommend you to read Exfoliating tips from us and Sanitas skincare!

How you can treat essential hypertension?

There is no cure for essential hypertension, but there are treatments. 

If you’ve high blood pressure and hypertension your doctor will recommend you to make some lifestyle changes that will help you to lower your hypertension. Some lifestyle changes to lower down your blood pressure as follows:

  • You should exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. 
  • If you are overweight, try to lose some weight.
  • Say no to smoking!
  • Stop taking so much stress. Relax your mind. 
  • Eat foods that are rich in potassium and fibers, they are heart-healthy.
  • If you are an alcoholic, try to limit it. For men, two drinks are more than enough in a day, for women one drink in a day.

You may have to try many medications until you get the one that will give your hypertension some relaxation. You also have to make lifestyle changes to lower down the high blood pressure as there is no lifetime cure.

Some people stick to the medications for their rest of the life to lower hypertension and make lifestyle changes which lead to a healthier life. Stay healthy! Be healthy!

We hope you find our essential hypertension article useful. We’ve tried to cover all the major issues related to it. Thank you!

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