How Long Should You Stay in a Dry Sauna After Workout? 

by Adarsh Patel
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In this article, we give a walkthrough on how long should you stay in a sauna. It is a way of life for most people in the world. Most people can do that after their workout, and most use it to unwind. Sauna has several benefits for human beings.

So let’s discuss how much time you should spend in a sauna and whether it is beneficial. We will discuss what will be necessary for the sauna.

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How Much Time To Stay In The Sauna? 

How Much Time To Stay In The Sauna
How Much Time To Stay In The Sauna

Most of the people never heard about the sauna. A sauna bath is a type of steam bath in which steam is given by the water throwing on the hot stones.

Many people started to take this bath after their workout session because of some heavy sources like expert sauna bathers, the American College of sports medicine, and the American sauna society, who agree that sauna is the most beneficial bath for the human body.

  • Beginner don’t take a sauna for more than 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The maximum you can use the sauna is 15 minutes at a time.
  • After the workout session, you have to wait at least 10 minutes for a sauna.

Sauna may become a social event among experienced and expert sauna users in Finland. But they don’t do this for much time because many people do it for fun; it is dangerous for your body if you overdo it.

When you stay longer in a sauna, it is the reason of dehydration. So you can use it with a general time of 15 to 20 minutes.

‘Sauna’ is used for relaxation, but there is a huge suggestion from experts that you must leave the sauna if your body is heated enough. You have to keep in mind that suggestion for your health.

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Types of Sauna Bath 

Types of Sauna Bath 
Types of Sauna Bath 

There are many types of saunas present in the market, and you have multiple choices of taking saunas. Let’s discuss some common types of saunas.

Electric Sauna:–

Electric saunas are the most commonly used in today’s world. It is a very convenient, easy to use, and safest sauna, which electric heaters do.

Wood Burning Sauna:–

Many people also use Wood-burning saunas. In this sauna, stoves are used to give heat to sauna stones, allowing them to keep a high temperature.

Smoke Sauna:–

A smoke sauna is just like a wood-burning sauna in which we use the stove for burning the rocks. But in this sauna, we don’t have a chimney. After the sauna, all the smoke is vented.

Infrared Sauna:–

The infrared radiates the heat to your body directly in this sauna instead of air. This is not a traditional sauna, but it is a new-age sauna technique. You can get similar benefits at a low temperature.

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How To Use The Sauna? 

How To Use The Sauna
How To Use The Sauna

If you are doing saunas in your gyms, then probably it’s a public sauna place. There are different sauna rules according to the location, so keep such things in mind when you do this.

  • Learn all the rules and regulations used in the sauna in your location by the owners.
  • You have to take a quick shower and cover your body with a towel before taking the sauna.
  • You have to sit accordingly; if you want heavy steam, sit closest to the stones.
  • After taking the sauna, most people recommend taking a cold shower.
  • If you are not ready for the second round of sauna, take a shower, leave, and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water after the session.

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Benefits of Using Sauna 

Benefits of Using Sauna 
Benefits of Using Sauna 

Sauna is the most beneficial and relaxing bath for people around the world. It is a bath that everyone needs after their workout sessions. The sauna is the most beneficial bath for humans. Let’s discuss their benefits.

Decrease The Risk of Dementia:–

The thing to notice is that sauna users had a lower risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Decrease The Risk of Strokes:–

Frequent bathing in the sauna is good for your health. If you take five to seven baths per week, it will help to reduce the risk of strokes.

Improvement in Heart Function:–

Sauna baths are also linked with heart-related disease; they should benefit health. After taking a sauna frequently, you can improve your heart functions.

Is A Sauna Dangerous?

There are many benefits of sauna, but many potential risks are involved when taken for granted. The main risk involves the risk of dehydration and the risk of infertility in men.

Sauna is the safest bath, but you have to know about the sauna completely. How long to stay in the sauna, and what is the duration of enjoying it.


In this article, we just reviewed some information about saunas, like how to use them, how they are beneficial, their types, and how long we can stay in a sauna. I hope that information is worth it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. For how long do you have to sit in a sauna to detox your body?

Ans. You have to sit at least 15-20 minutes every other day. It would be best if you sat in an optimal temperature range to detox your body.

Q.2. Is 30 minutes in the sauna good?

Ans. Yes, 30 minutes in the sauna reduces blood pressure and maintains your heart rate. Typically it is good for health.

Q.3. Can you lose weight in a sauna?

Ans. Yes, we can reduce our weight by taking a sauna because the high temperature will help you to burn more calories from your body. The sauna will help you to lose weight if you want to reduce it.

Q.4. Should I shower after the sauna?

Ans. Most experienced and expert users recommend that you take a quick & cold shower after the sauna session. It will give you fresh, hydrated, and more relaxed after the session.

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