How Did Gary Anthony Williams Lose Weight?

by Adarsh Patel
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Gary Anthony Williams knows how to lose weight. He is a fitness freak who lost 23 kilos in a year without any surgery or pills, just by following a straightforward diet and workout.

Who is Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams is an American comedian, actor, director, and writer born on March 14, 1966, in Fayetteville, Georgia, United States. He has played many good roles in shows and movies, such as playing Uncle Ruckus on The Boondocks. He has appeared in the television industry in WeedsBoston Legal, Blue Collar TV and Malcolm in the middle.

Gary is the founder of California’s Funny Shorts Movies. Since 2013, he has stopped working, and he has appeared as a recurring artist in just a few comedy shows.

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Gary Anthony Williams Movies and TV shows

Gary Anthony Williams played the best roles in many movies and TV shows, for which he has been honored with awards twice.

The names and roles of his movies and TV shows are given below.


  • The Trumpet of the Swan as Sweets
  • Firebreather as Principal Dave/Troy’s Dad
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns as Mutant Leader/Anchor Bill
  • Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Scarecrow as Mayor Husk
  • Scooby-Doo! Shaggy’s Showdown as Cook

Films — Live-Action

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows as Bebop (live-action pre-mutation, voice post)

Video Games

  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command III as various voices
  • Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick as various voices
  • Mass Effect as Charles Saracino, Elanos Haliat, Citadel Control, Turian Diplomat

Western Animation

  • Men in Black: The Series as an alien (1 episode)
  • The Boondocks as Uncle Ruckus
  • Doc McStuffins as Doc’s father
  • The Lion Guard as Mufasa
  • Stroker and Hoop as Coroner Rick
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Riff Tamson (Mon Calamari Arc, three episodes)

Gary Anthony Williams Diet plan

Gary Williams is a well-known personality who believes that the food you feed your body will react to it. He also told us about his diet that he called white a lousy plan, which is harmful to your body. White means white things used in food like bread, rice, white potatoes, pasta, sugar, milk, etc. After the removal of these white things, he started losing weight rapidly.

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Gary also told us which workout he followed; he started running most mornings. Just by running, he lost 50 pounds there in a year.

Gary Williams Wife

Gary Williams married Leslie Williams.

Where is Gary Williams now

Garry lives in Fayetteville, Georgia, U.S.

How Did Gary Anthony Williams Lose Weight

Gary Anthony Williams lost about 150 to 160 pounds from 2003 to 2018 by bringing changes to his daily routine.

For example, by eliminating junk food and high-sugar dishes in his diet and getting up daily in the morning for a run, he could get his body in good shape.

Gary Anthony Williams After and Before

Gary Anthony Williams After and Before
Before and After Weight Loss

Gary Williams Then and Now

On one side is his photo, in which his weight is 164 kg, and on the other side, his weight is 88 kg.

Gary Williams Then and Now
Gary Williams Then and Now

Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss Journey

Gary’s weight loss started in the year 2001, and Gary’s weight was 360 pounds at that time. Gary’s weight loss journey begins when he visits a doctor to weigh his current weight before the film Undercover Brother in 2001.

The doctor tells Anthony that he cannot weigh him because he is too overweight with great sadness. Since then, the doctor advised him to lose weight. After hearing this, he is apprehensive about his health, and he decides to reduce, which shows that he is pretty optimistic about his body.

Gary makes some changes in his diet to reduce his weight, gets up early in the morning, runs and exercises, and loses weight slowly, and he loses weight almost a year.

Gary struggled with his weight. As a result, he reduced his waist by 8 inches in a single year.

Seeing him as thin, his Friends who worked with him were shocked to see him like this.


Question: Why did Gary decide to lose his weight?

Answer: Before a movie shoot in 2001, Anthony goes to the doctor to weigh his current weight. But the doctor tells Gary that he cannot weigh him because he is too overweight. Since then, the doctor advised him to lose weight, and after which, he decided to lose weight.

Question: How much weight did Anthony lose?

Answer: This question is crucial for those who want to lose weight. Gary lost 50 kg in a single year.

Question: Did Gary lose weight?

Answer: The simple answer is yes, because of his weight, he was facing a lot of trouble, so he decided to lose weight.

Question: Anthony in CarMax Commercial?

Answer: Anthony is a very respected personality who made a video for the Carmax commercial, which has raised many issues because Carmax was accused of taking advantage of the American public.

Question: What is Gary’s Height and Weight?

Answer: Currently, Gary’s weight is 88 kg, and his height is 5 feet 11 inches.


Gary Anthony is an American actor and writer who has written five novels. Gary’s weight loss journey is a lesson for those struggling with obesity. Being overweight can put a lot of trouble in front of you. Most people want to get rid of it, some people lose weight by working hard, and some go into defeat quickly. If you follow Gary’s diet and workout and stick to your decision, you will lose weight. and live a healthy life

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