How dangerous is stable ischemic heart disease?

by Dheeraj Prarthi
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Taking care of your heart is a necessary thing to do as it is what keeps our bodies functioning. But still, many people get diagnosed with heart diseases. Some of them are severe and some of these diseases are stable. These heart diseases may occur due to eating diets with either inadequate amounts of minerals or extreme amounts of something. Keeping your diet healthy is a must. Stable Ischemic heart disease basically develops due to the inability of the heart to pump the blood in a proper and efficient way. This has many symptoms, which we will be talking about now. 

What is Stable Ischemic heart disease?

Stable Ischemic heart disease happens due to blockage of arteries that are responsible for transporting blood. When these arteries get blocked, the blood is unable to flow effectively throughout the body and hence, it retards the functioning of the heart. This condition can lead to heart attack or stroke sometimes. To keep this in check, you need to keep check your blood pressure. Because of high blood pressure, stable ischemic heart diseases are caused. And the problem with high blood pressure is that there are not always many symptoms for this. It may even be asymptomatic sometimes. This is why high blood pressure is called a ‘silent killer’. To keep your blood pressure in check, you need to get it checked often. 

What is Stable Ischemic heart disease?
#What is Stable Ischemic heart disease?

When the blood pressure is high, the arteries get narrowed which doesn’t let the blood get pumped properly. Due to this, the heart has to work even more than usual. When the heart works harder, the heart muscles grow and become thick. This mainly affects the left ventricle of the heart, which is the main chamber used for pumping. 

Is Ischemic heart disease curable?

Stable ischemic heart disease is a condition when there has not been any change in the symptoms or conditions of a patient for around a year. These patients need not worry more but need to keep up with the schedule they have been following for the last year. The patients need to keep check of their weights. This is because obesity is one of the main causes of heart diseases. This can be insured by exercising regularly. Regular exercise keeps you fit and doesn’t let you deal with any heart disease. Read also, Heart Disease Icd 10! Never Underestimate!

Also, the patients need to keep check of their cholesterol intake. If the levels of cholesterol in the body are high, this may lead to blocked arteries which again, will push you down the lane with ischemic heart disease

stable ischemic heart disease treatment

Patients with stable ischemic heart disease are diagnosed based on their daily routines. For example, whether or not they need deep breaths after walking two blocks on the plain ground. Also, whether or not their lipid profile test shows the lipids in range. This lipid profile test is done at regular intervals, and if for more than one year, the person has not shown any signs of an increase in heart disease, they are said to be in the category of stable ischemic heart disease patients.

It’s very important to take care of your heart. You must never take your heart disease lightly. You must never think that if you have a stable heart condition, you can take it lightly. Because by doing this, you might increase the risk of increment. I recommend you to read SOME PREVENTIVE MEASURES TO KEEP OUR HEART HEALTHY.

Let’s promise ourselves to take care of ourselves, to exercise daily, to keep our weight in check, and to keep our calorie intake in check!

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