How can I control my mind from unwanted thoughts?

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The mind is where thoughts are created. In other words, the mind is a part of your brain that enables you to be aware of the world and experience the phenomena of thinking and feeling. Therefore, our minds are often out of control as thoughts whizz by in a million different directions at a pace of a million miles per hour. In turn, this leads to anxiety, over-thinking, depression, and a wide range of mental health problems. You can control everything in your life if you just focus on your mind. In return, it will allow you to control your thoughts when the situation and people are not in your favor.


The conscious mind is capable of thinking. It can accept or reject. However, the subconscious mind is truly incredible because it only accepts. It makes no distinction regarding the information we feed. The moment we feed the brain with negative emotions such as fear, worry, and doubt, auto-suggestion is activated and those feelings become real. Like any data bank, the subconscious stores memories. The subconscious mind functions like an automobile and the conscious mind is a driver. Among the two, the subconscious holds more power. It is the automobile that has power, but the driver is in control.

How to Control Mind
How to Control Mind

Depending on how we use our subconscious mind, we can either benefit or harm ourselves. It is not rational. To be successful, we must reprogram our subconscious minds. Our subconscious minds are like gardens, they don’t care what we plant. It has no preferences; it is neutral. Our garden will flourish if we plant good seeds; otherwise, we will have weeds growing wild. Thus, we’ll look at how our subconscious mind can be programmable in a positive way.

  • Positive Auto-suggestion-

In auto-suggestions, you state how you intend to be in the present tense. It’s like writing a commercial about yourself, for yourself. In the end, it influences the subconscious and conscious minds, affecting our attitudes and behaviors. You can program your subconscious mind with auto-suggestions. They can either be positive or negative. There are several examples of negative auto-suggestions: I am tired, angry, not athletic, and so forth. Your subconscious mind begins to interpret negative suggestions as true and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that manifests itself in your behavior. If someone repeats a belief enough, it sinks into their subconscious and becomes real.

Eventually, if a lie is repeated enough, it is accepted as truth. To attain what you are seeking, it is more important to create it in your mind by making positive statements instead of negative ones. Within your mind, you conceive your own reality. Auto suggestions are a reiterative process. When you repeat something enough times, it becomes ingrained in your subconscious mind that translates into reality.

You will start responding to situations in a calm, calm and collected manner if, for example, you tell yourself, “I am relaxed. I am cool, calm, and collected.”

It is best if auto suggestions are positive statements since we tend to think in pictures rather than words. What does the word “mother” evoke in your mind? Probably your mind conjures up the picture of your mother rather than the word mother.

  • Visualization-

By visualizing, we create an image in our mind of what we wish to have, accomplish, or become. With auto-suggestion comes visualization. In the absence of visualization, the autosuggestion is simply mechanical repetition, which is ineffective. For results to become apparent, feelings and emotions- visualize must be accompanied by autosuggestion.  To visualize yourself effectively, it’s imperative that you use as much realistic detail as possible. Think of yourself as succeeding, instead of failing.

Do not dwell on the negatives or see yourself failing. For example, if you imagined yourself giving a speech, you might envision yourself recovering from a stutter or missing a sentence instead of getting the crowd up.

Identify specific goals. To be successful, it’s vital that you get specific about your goals. Identify the circumstances, location, and time surrounding your success. Please be as detailed as possible. Instead of seeing yourself as superhuman, imagine yourself the way you truly are.

In this way, you can program your subconscious mind with auto-suggestion and visualization.



We radiate thoughts and feelings in the form of vibrations. If you create vibrations for yourself, you will change yourself. When created for others, these vibrations have the power to change them.

Let’s examine the thoughts and words we use for people. We always label people based on their flaws. Like- It takes him too long to do things, she has trouble concentrating, he always makes mistakes, he falls ill a lot, and he always drops things. When we think or speak, we feel that we are right because we are creating what they truly are. It reinforces their habits when they receive these vibrations. As our thoughts are energy, they have a vibration. Therefore, people should be influenced by what they think.

Seeing a person’s qualities allows us to bring these positive vibrations into our lives and it reinforces the good quality to them. So by focusing on their qualities, we begin to become one with them and to increase them by radiating positive vibration.

So send them the thought, you want them to feel.


Emotions are the result of our thoughts and actions. We express our thoughts, desires, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes through our emotions. In other words, emotions are a reflection of how we perceive life. Since we can’t control how other people act and the situations we face sometimes. However, you are in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. People sometimes say what they feel, and we become the victim and blame them for hurting us. Our happiness depends on them. Still, you have the choice to respond in the right way even when circumstances don’t go your way.

Your response is within your power. A person’s power does not mean they can control others. When a situation doesn’t work your way, power means choosing the right response. Just as you select your clothes every day, you need to learn how to select thoughts. This is a power you should cultivate to control your emotions in certain situations.

How to control emotions
How to control emotions

You cannot let your outer world destroy your inner world. You can still choose the right thought for those who are not in your way.

Therefore, you must take responsibility for your emotions and understand that no one can “make” you feel anything but only YOU. This is called emotional maturity. You should take the authority of your emotions if you want to control them.


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  1. Identify your negative thoughts first. Some may come to mind right away, but if you are having trouble pinpointing them, consider journaling. Note down your negative thoughts whenever they occur. If you have a negative thought, stop it right away. As soon as you identify your negative thoughts, counteract them with something positive. You might say, “I’m having a rough morning, but I’m confident my day will improve.” Instead of saying “My morning is rough and I’m struggling.”.” Keep an optimistic mindset. Keeps this trick in mind if you have trouble managing your thought: never say something to yourself you wouldn’t be able to say to someone else. If you remind yourself to say positive all the time, you may just develop the habit.
  2. Keep a journal as a way to practice gratitude. Just describe the smell of a good cup of coffee or the sound of music you enjoy. You can begin each day focusing on the positive if you think about these things and say them out loud. Creating an uplifting atmosphere throughout the day helps prevent negativity from growing. Gratitude is right now owing to the Creator for what you have, a comfortable bed, food on a table, and drinkable water. Many people are not fortunate enough to have these things. Life is about the little things. Pay attention to them.
  3. Maintain healthy habits. The effects of negative thinking and stress are mutually reinforcing. Stress can be created by negative thinking as well as by other unhealthy living habits. Make sure to eat fresh, nutritious food as often as you can, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. It’s not uncommon to find that exercise can help distract your mind from negative thoughts. Try not to smoke, excessively drink, or do anything else that puts stress on your body and mind.
  4. Make Meditation a regular part of your life. Pay attention to your breath. Whenever your mind wanders, be attentive and keep concentrating on your breathing again. If you do it consistently, you will be aware even when you are at work or doing housekeeping chores. Say the positive affirmations out loud and visualize them with closed eyes. Research has shown that saying positive things out loud will make you more likely to believe them. If you’re vocalizing positive thoughts, this can make you feel happier and more focused.

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