How Ankle Mobility Exercises Helps To Improve Ankle Mobility

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Ankle Mobility Exercises

As we are born, a wide-depth squat in our body happens naturally. Sitting for hours with toys or feeding food goes on as a normal process. However, with the passing of years, our body gradually becomes rigid & stiff.

Our sedentary lifestyle slowly eats away the athletic ability of your body & its different parts. And thus, our ankles, which are one of our body’s weight-bearing joints containing bones, ligaments & tendons, gradually lose away their flexibility with time. 

But, isn’t there any exercise that can benefit our ankle mobility & fix the cases which restrict ankle dorsiflexion? Well! The big announcement is that such exercises or ankle mobility stretches do exist. But, how to improve ankle mobility with such ankle stretches? And, how to increase ankle dorsiflexion?

In this write-up, we will disclose to you the name & benefits of some ankle mobility exercises that work & also confide you with the process of carrying them out. So, keep reading this write-up, try them at your home & get benefits from them. 

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Benefits Of Ankle Flexion Stretches & Other Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Benefits Of Ankle Flexion Stretches
Benefits Of Ankle Flexion Stretches

1. Exercises Associated With Stretching For Ankle Helps Prevent Injuries:

These kinds of exercises strengthen our ankles’ muscles & thus helps reduce the ankle joint pressure, which in turn aids in preventing injuries. 

2. Ankle Mobility Stretches Helps To Improve Our Bone Density:

Increased bone density in our body is associated with several risks like degenerative bone diseases (e.g., osteoarthritis). Ankle flexion stretches to ensure that our bone density gets increased & thus prevent such diseases. 

3. Ankle Stretches Also Improves Our Balance:

If our ankles’ muscles are strong, our feet become well balanced, and good balance is required in any sports or exercises. Ankle mobility exercises also reduce our chance of falling & getting wounds.  

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How To Stretch Ankles? How To Increase Ankle Mobility?

Here are a few ankle mobility exercises for increasing ankle flexion & making your ankles athletic again:

How To Increase Ankle Mobility
How To Increase Ankle Mobility

1. Standing Heel Lifts Workout:

  • For performing this exercise, first stand using your feet. Standing about shoulder-width apart is what you need. In case you want any support, you can place any chair in front of you where you stand.
  • Now, lift the heels of your feet off the floor & stand on your feets’ balls.
  • Put down your heels slowly on the floor. You must regulate control over it so that your muscles get strengthened. 
  • Perform 10 lifts of 2-3 sets each.
  • Hold free weights at the time of lifting your heels & amplify resistance to this workout.  

You can carry on this exercise as a daily routine even if you are busy with any work in the kitchen like washing dishes, no issue! Go for this exercise without any hesitation while doing it. 

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2. Ankle Circles Exercise:

Ankle circles exercise helps your ankle range of motion. Start it off with your ankle stretches. There’s no rule to do this exercise only while you stand. You can also perform this exercise while you sit or lie down. How to do this exercise? 

  • Place a foam roller/rolled towel under your ankle. 
  • Rotate your ankles in the clockwise direction slowly into 10 circles. Do the same slowly in a counterclockwise direction into 10 circles.
  • Change positions of both the feet & ankles of your body by keeping your leg intact. 
  • Alter the stretch. Do it by tracing the alphabet’s letters out with the help of your big toe. 

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3. Toe Raises With Heel Drops Exercise On A Step:

You will find this workout a bit challenging compared to the heel lift exercise on the floor. This is because this activity flexes your ankle more. However, the benefit of this exercise is also immense. Do follow the steps below:  

  • Stand by putting your weight on your feet’s balls at the bottom step such that your heels hang off the step. In case you need any support, use a bannister. 
  • Now, raise up onto the toes of your feet. Slowly lower down your feet. While your feet lower down, ensure that your heels are dropping below the level of the step. 
  • Perform 10 lifts of 2-3 sets each every other day.
  • It’s up to your choice if you want to put in resistance by clenching weights at the time of performing toe raises. 

4. Single Leg Balance Exercise:

To do this exercise: 

  • First, stand on a flat surface with the help of your feet. Standing about shoulder-width apart is what you need. If you want any support, you can place any chair in front of you where you stand.
  • Try standing on one foot. And while doing that, hold your arms out towards your sides. 
  • Practice this every day. Try to improve the time for which you can stand steadily on each leg.  
  • When you turn an expert in balancing yourself on one foot, at least for 60 seconds, go on for these deviations:
  1. Balance closing your eyes.
  2. Balance by placing your arms on both sides.
  3. Maintain Balance by standing over an unstable surface (e.g., a pillow, a balance disc, a folded towel, etc.)
  • Repeat the steps one or two times more.

You can carry on this exercise as a daily routine even if you are busy brushing your teeth or waiting in line, no issue! Go for this exercise without any hesitation while doing them. 

5. Ankle Flexion Exercise (Plantar)

Use a resistance band with this exercise & strengthen your ankle by pointing your toes downwards towards your heel. It is known as plantar flexion. To do this exercise, 

  • Sit down on your floor by bending your one leg at the knee & placing your heel over the floor. Your other leg must be relaxed on the floor.  
  • Create a loop with the help of a band such that the band is looped around your feet’s front. Hold the ends of the loop with your hands.  
  • Shift your toes slowly in the forward direction & then in the backward direction, releasing the tension. 
  • Perform 10 flexes of three sets on each foot. Do it for 3 days a week. 

6. Ankle Flexion Exercise (Dorsiflexion):

Use a stretch band with this exercise & flex your ankle by pulling your toes deliberately towards you. It is known as dorsiflexion. To do this exercise, 

  • Sit down on the floor by stretching out your legs on your front side.   
  • Create a loop with the help of a band such that the band is looped around one of your feet & secured around the leg of a chair or table. 
  • Shift your toes slowly in the upward direction towards you. Then return them to the position from where you started.  
  • Perform 10 flexes of three sets on each foot. Do it for 3 days a week. 

7. Static Lunges Exercise:

Strengthen your ankles with your Lunges & boost your balance. Though there are different kinds of lunges, Static Lunges Exercise is an easy-to-start exercise that also comes with more challenging versions. 

  • Begin by placing one of the feet of your body in front of another one. Remember, you must face your toes in the forward direction while doing it. 
  • Straighten your backside.
  • Now, bend down your backside knee & keep it in such a position that it virtually touches the ground.  
  • Push yourself up one more time.
  • Repeat the same steps ten times with two sets of each. 

Try to alter the static lunge & the leading leg. Carry on the three steps between lunges. After that, alternate your front-sided leg. 

8. Walking Lunge Exercise:

Need to do a more challenging lunge exercise? Then, go on for walking lunge exercise. The exercise works your core. Also, at the same time, it can lower your body. While trying this move for the 1st time, always appoint an exercise trainer or professional person. 

  • Step forward your one leg by bending your knee at an angle of 90 degrees. 
  • Now, lower your back knee towards the floor so that your thigh becomes parallel to the floor. 
  • Stay in such a position for some time (a few seconds). 
  • Proceed one step forward using your back leg. Repeat the lunge using this leg. 
  • Perform ten lunges for each leg.

9. Single-Leg Hops Exercise:

  • For performing this exercise, stand straight by placing the arms of your body on both sides. 
  • Now, jump up straight using one leg. Raise your arms while lifting. 
  • Repeat the same steps ten times. 

You can also opt for doing double leg & single leg hops exercises. Do them by moving your legs backward & forward or side to side.

10. Ankle Jumps Exercise:

  • Stand straight on the ground & place your hands over your hips. 
  • Now, jump straight in the upwards direction. While doing it, don’t bend your knees. 
  • Then, flexing your ankles, jump up (by pulling up your toes). 
  • Touch the floor by extending the back of your ankles 
  • Push your feet’s balls towards the floor explosively. Jump one more time. Hold your feet onto the floor for a very little time. 
  • Initially, do 2-3 sets & go for a few repetitions for each set. Afterward, work up to twenty-five repetitions for each set. 

Wrapping Up:

The above-mentioned ankle mobility exercises will not merely help strengthen your ankles but also improve your movement awareness, bolster your leg muscles & gives your high-heel solace at the same time. So, make these workouts a part of your daily routine & make your ankles strong & flexible. Whether you are an athlete or not, flexible ankles always help you run smoothly & your life too.


Q.1. How can I improve my ankle mobility?

Answer: You can improve your ankle mobility by performing any of the above ankle mobility exercises regularly.

Q.2. What causes poor ankle mobility?

Answer: Poor ankle mobility occurs because of: 
1. The lack of calf muscles’ flexibility 
2. The absence of the flexibility of the muscles situated on the backside of one’s lower leg
3. Stiffness of the ankles or ankle joint issues resulting from any prior injury/surgery
4. Frequent usage of high heels

Q.3. How do you loosen a stiff ankle?

Answer: A stiff ankle can be loosened by doing various ankle mobility exercises. 

Q.4. How long does it take to improve ankle mobility?

Answer: Nearly two to four weeks are needed to improve one’s ankle mobility through various ankle mobility exercises.

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