HandGrip Exercises – Let’s See Its Health Benefits

by Sanjana Lall
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Quiz time – what’s that body part of ours that works tirelessly, all day every day, and in the absence of which doing any task would perhaps be impossible? Hurray, your guess hit the bull’s eye – they are our hands! Look closely – don’t these two precious little palms carry the weight of our whole world? Sure they do! From helping us unclench that stiff soda can, to typing chiliads of projects and assignments at lightning-fast speed – our hands really are the true unsung superheroes.

In fact, if you’re a hardcore fitness freak who lives by practising rigorous exercises at the gym, you know how much pain your palms and fingers have to endure so that you can flaunt those abs! But here’s another question – what do we do to make our hands stronger, firmer, better? Nothing, duh! So buckle up and get ready to unveil some of the best exercises for improving handgrip strength, here in this blog. But first, let’s see why it is so vital to have excellent grip strength?

Why is it crucial to have stellar grip strength?

Let me make one thing clear before we move ahead with this – NO, the need of having good handgrip strength is not limited to ninjas aloof! This absurd myth has made enough rounds on the internet, so it’s about time we break away from this certainly delusional notion.

Trust me when I say this – irrespective of the fact whether you are a martial artist or not, having terrific grip strength is super important. In fact, the benefits of grip strength and associated exercises, especially on the health and fitness of a person, are immense. It is proven that handgrip exercises blood pressure and regulates it. Other than that, from an athletic point of view as well, having a strong grip strength is a must! For gymnasts and wrestlers, having terrific handgrip strength is a prerequisite. And come on, we need to have Herculean handgrip strength in the normal course of life too, don’t we? Whether it is picking heavy luggage or opening a jar of marmalade – a handgrip is necessary and no one can deny that.

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Top 5 exercises to level up your handgrip strength :

There are a gazillion work-outs through which you can work on making your hand grip strength better. But, some of the best exercises you can practice at the ease of your home without having to buy a piece of equipment are listed below here. Thank us later! :


pull ups

Certainly, an exercise that you can perform anywhere! For those of you who haven’t stepped into a fitness centre ever – Pull-Up is a form of workout that requires one to “pull” their body up against a parallel rod. Now, if this made you wonder where in hell would you be able to locate a parallel bar strong enough to withstand your body weight, well, look up at Amazon. Temporary pull-up rods can be affixed in between the door and voila – your makeshift gym is ready!


deadlift handgrip exercises

Do you know how they say “Gold lustres better when it is heated”? That’s exactly the case here with Deadlifts. Perhaps the best and the most modest way you can improve your grip vigour is by lifting weight. Pick up anything heavy from the ground, and then keep it back there. Repeating this ritual over and over again is an amazing way of stressing your muscles and increasing grip power. And don’t get sad if you don’t have dumbbells for deadlifting – just go around your house hunting for anything heavy and practice this exercise every day for 5 minutes. That’s all.

Reverse Curl

handgrip exercises- reverse curl

Okay, this one may be a tough workout to practice, but it is just equally rewarding! To perform Reverse Curls, hold a weight in your hands and keep curling it up and down. Repeat this process every day for a good 5-10 minutes and see how tremendously it strengthens your grip muscles.

Dead Hang

dead hang for handgrip

Pumping up those muscles just got easier! This exercise is somewhat similar to Pull-Ups, except for the fact that here, you don’t exactly have to keep pulling your body above. To perform Dead Hang, all you have to do is hang your body from an overhead bar and stay in that position until your muscles refuse to take it anymore.

Farmer’s Walk

Farmer's walk hangrip exercises

This workout may not be as easy as walking on fresh, green fields. But hey, don’t get overwhelmed – it’s not that tough either. Farmer’s walk is an exercise that implies picking heavyweight and walking with it as much as your arms can take. Needless to say, this exercise amplifies the grip strength to a large extent.

These are some of the finest and simplest exercises that work brilliantly in improving grip resilience. However, even if these exercises feel like a lot of hard work, don’t worry, we’ve got a better deal in store for you. As surprising as it may sound, but stretching rubber bands or squeezing a tennis ball also works wonders in enhancing handgrip force. Such a mind-boggling piece of news, isn’t it?

How to use hand grippers to amp up your grip strength?

How to use hand grippers to amp up your grip strength?

Hand grippers are an efficient piece of equipment for targeting those grip muscles and enhancing their sturdiness. But you know what’s the actual cherry on the cake here? These are pretty easy to use too. Check out these different ways in which you can use these wonderful grippers to take your hand grip strength game up a notch :

  • Put your thumb on one hole of the tool, your index finger on the other hole, and then squeeze it.
  • Turn the gripper upside down and squeeze it for a full-hand exercise.
  • Place your thumb and ring finger in the holes and squeeze.
  • Place your thumb and middle finger in the holes and squeeze.

Likewise, there are a few other ways you can put these wonderful grippers to work for making your grip strength strong.

Are handgrip exercises beneficial for health?

By now, we already know how those exercises and hand grippers largely contribute to strengthening the grip muscles. But that’s not all. Handgrip exercises come loaded with a bunch of other health benefits as well. Let’s see what are the benefits of handgrip exercises? :

Are handgrip exercises beneficial for health?
  1. Boosts energy – We all know how important it is to keep exercising in order to stay “as fit as a fiddle”. However, in today’s busy life, taking out time for performing tough workouts is such a task. So, hand grippers make up for it. They let you exercise while you are seated, boost your energy, and lower your chances of falling sick!
  1. Enhances physical strength – Certainly one of the best hand grip exercise benefits! An improved grip strength will more probably increase your whole arm strength. This translates to the fact that eventually, lifting heavy items will become a no-brainer for you. How cool, right?
  1. Good for mental health – Don’t get baffled, but studies show that better grip strength results in an improved mental state. Using hand grippers may feel relaxing, and even therapeutic to some. So, it is said to be good for the mental health of an individual.
  1. Makes everyday life easier – Need I explain that? A mighty hand grip strength makes everyday life a lot easier! It helps in performing daily chores and significantly reduces the amount of effort we would have to put in otherwise. 

Conclusion :

Having a grip strength is crucial in ways more than one. In fact, it won’t be an overstatement to say that if executed correctly, handgrip exercises’ disadvantages are close to none! Therefore, in this article, we cited some of the best exercises for handgrip strength along with their benefits, so that you are left with no excuse to avoid practising handgrip exercises at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Handgrip Exercises:

Q. Why is handgrip strength important?

Ans. Handgrip strength is an important indicator of our overall health and fitness. So, it is always advisable to practice as many handgrip exercises as possible to improve its strength.

Q. Do hand grips make your hands bigger?

Ans. No, hand grips do not increase the size of your palms.

Q. What’s the use of hand grippers?

Ans. Hand grippers are used to strengthen the gripping power of hands.

Q. Can hand grip lower blood pressure?

Ans. Yes, hand grip exercises are proven to lower high blood pressure.

Q. Are hand grips bad for you?

Ans. No, hand grips are not bad for anyone. Rather, this piece of equipment helps in strengthening the handgrip muscles to a huge extent.

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