Gummy Bear Implants Pros and Cons and Cost

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What is Gummy Bear Implants? When I first read this, I was like, where would you get those sweet candies implanted, and why?

Later, when I did some research, I realized how wrong I was and thought, why not write about this.

So folks, today, we will learn everything that one needs to know about gummy bear implants so that you don’t get embarrassed like I had to.

What and why?

Why would a woman like to get implants? Well, it’s totally her choice, and obviously, doctors will get her a set of questions before doing such surgery.

But who are we to question anyone, eh?

And for confused men reading this, yes, these are a type of breast implants that were introduced in the market around the early 2000s.

Gummy bears are a very famous term around the folks, and it is simply a tear-shaped breast implant, and they tend to retain the shape more than the other types of implants.

Gummy bear implants are actually the result of technically improved breast implants, which have been here for more than 100yrs.


Anyway, so women under age can not get implants based on silicone, pregnant or nursing women can’t get it either as it may cause hormonal imbalances.

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Lil bit more information

A normal breast implant is made out of a silicon layer, and it is filled with a filler material. It can be any chemical, anything which gives an authentic feel. 

Most of the breast implants that are available in the market contain silicone material and saline solution.

That is where the game changer comes along, and it has both silicone gel and saline solution.

The very famous advantage that has overtaken the market is that it retains its shape and gives a more natural feel when touched, perfectly similar to natural breasts.

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Safe much?

Well, after decades of researches and inspections, medical experts have come to a conclusion saying, yes! Breast implants are safe, but it also depends on the patient too.

Obviously, your doctor will run some tests and make sure you are fit for the implants, and after the implantation, make sure the gummy bears stay in their place.

Before new advancements came into the modern-day world, there were more chances of the implants getting ruptured, which is nowhere healthy for anyone. 

Due to their new strength and elasticity, gummy bear implants are less likely to rupture and cause health issues at the tissue level. In fact, even if you slice them in half, the gummy bear implant, not the breast. They won’t leak.

Pretty strong, I would say.

Gummy Bear Implants Cons

Gummy Bear Implants Cons
Gummy Bear Implants Cons

But just like everything, a major health drawback is that if the gummy bear leaks, it is more difficult to find the material by any chance.

  • Like any other implant, the purpose is to improve the shape and size of the breasts, but because of the shape of the gummy bear, the doctor might have to make a longer cut, and it will leave a visible scar. And I am pretty sure no one would prefer that.
  • Breast implants won’t cure droopiness, and if you want that, you should probably be reading another article that tells you about breast upliftment surgery.
  • The thing with breast implants and cancer is that recent studies prove that some side effects can often lead to a special type of breast cancer known as lymphoma
  • It is not seen in everyone, though; the symptoms have been linked to textured implants. 
  • Another thing has been observed among patients, and it is normal for breast implants to rotate. In the case of traditional implants, it is not noticeable as it is of the same size from all sides. But with gummy bears, it’s actually really different; the implants are tear-dropped shaped and if they rotate? It will be really uncomfortable and really visible, so yeah
  • To prevent the rotating of the implants. The shell layer of the implant is typically textured so that the breast tissue can grow around and into it. 

Gummy Bear Implants Cost

 So implants are not covered by insurance as we know it. So you will have to pay the expenses from your pocket only. Now, as per data from 2017 of the USA, the national average cost is around 3k USD. You can convert it into your currency through google.

But gummy bear implants cost a Lil bit more, and it is from 6-12k USD. This depends on factors are doctors, the patient’s condition, and office location.

  • The patient must also keep in mind that there will be other costs apart from the actual surgery, which will include anesthesia and other things, and you can also include the back-to-back checkups and the medication and the list goes on. 


And it is time for the most important section, your questions my answers.

Q.1. Are gummy bear implants worth it?

Ans. This really depends on the person getting the implantation, and they are not worth it, in my opinion, as you should be confident in yourself. 

Q.2. How much are gummy bear implants?

Ans. Around 12k $

Q.3. Do gummy bear implants feel more real?

Ans. Yes, because of the teardrop shape and the silicone layer it feels more tissue-like.

Q.4. What are the differences between gummy bear implants and silicone?

Ans. There is a lot of differences between these two types of implants, the shape, cost, health factors, and the rotation, incision issues. For more information, please can read the above article.


There will be pros and cons, there are some dangers, which is universal as I would say. Is everything like that right?

There is bleeding, inflation, pain, rupturing.

But it would be great to take a step back and look again at the decision you are about to take, and you should ask yourself if you are ready to withstand everything that may come along.

If you think you’re ready, then go ahead.

Contact a surgeon as soon as you can. 

Arrange meetings,

Get your finances set up.

Goodluck ahead.

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