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Greekgodx,’ whose true name is Dimitri Antonatos is One of the players who earned his name in the streaming business by the process of stream sniping. In this article, we will know complete information about Greekgodx weight loss.

The players began in the gaming community by stream sniping and gradually started to gain followers on Twitch. But Greekgodx is not only recognized for his gaming exploits and developing stream sniping. The player is also remembered for his body size. Greekgodx is a large man, and he was even bigger about two years ago. The gamer previously shared a photo where the weight range showed him somewhat above 370 pounds, but now he is under 300 pounds.

greekgodx weight loss
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Greekgodx Weight Loss – The Gamer Dropped above 70 pounds( 31.75 kg ) in Nearly a Year

The gaming fraternity and gaming fans were stunned to know about Greekgodx weight loss. Within a year, greekgoodx dropped more than 70 pounds (31.75 kg) with the help of a ketogenic diet and physical activities.

Greekgodx weight loss journey began in 2018 and by April of 2019, he dropped more than 70 pounds( 31.75 kg ) of weight.

In 2018 Greekgodx informed his subscribers on Twitch and followers on other social media programs, he was going to drop some weight in the upcoming year. He began to stream his exercise routine on Twitch, which once covered the amazing Hakuna Matata treadmill-running live stream fail.

By the edge of spring in 2019, the Twitch streamer shared a picture on Twitter, revealing how he was below 300 pounds after a year of tough work.

He drove with a bodyweight of 369.4 pounds( 167.5 kg ), and through 28 April 2019; he was 299.2 pounds( 135.7 kg ). It was a huge process for someone so huge, dropping 70 pounds is no small achievement, but Greekgodx was not happy with just hardly being in the under 300 pounds mark.

Dimitri stated, I’m not happy till I strike 250 pounds, because I’ve still got fat throughout. I’m still 300 pounds, anyway. It’s not like I’m a lean guy now.

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Greekgodx Weight Loss Secrets

Greekgodx began at almost 400 pounds, and now it seems like he’s nearly split his starting weight.

He lost his weight under these circumstances-

Keto diet: The First Step In Greekgodx Weight Loss

This indicates greek gods began getting rid of carbohydrate intake in their meals and substituting fats instead. In that way, it will appear in a Ketonesis state in the metabolism, producing the fat content the 90% supplier of calories in the body. This way of dieting can aid you to lose weight.

Since the body generates energy for you to move throughout and effectively loses fats. So, rather than relying on sugar that appears from carbohydrates such as legumes, rice, grains, etc. The liver creates ketone bodies for feeding up the body.

For his diet, he restrains himself by only eating a good quantity of meat (chicken, pork, fish, beef). And substitutes his rice or carbohydrate intake with vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables like cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Keeps himself active: A part of Greekgodx Losing Weight Strategy

By keeping yourself working, it implies keeping yourself moving physically to drop weight and squeeze up your muscles. Greekgodx did his way of working out by a treadmill exercise. That would be a great clarification if you do not love going out-of-doors or in gym sessions. But if you are an outgoing sort of person, discover something that you enjoy physically.

Greekgodx losing weight strategy involves activities like going biking with mates, hiking in the mountains, trekking by the river, registering in dance or yoga sessions, lifting weights in your home, or you can just easily walk around your community for daily exercise. In that way, you could efficiently enjoy your weight loss journey.

Greekgodx has been so vocal regarding his weight loss and has been uploading and streaming videos and photos of himself while performing his exercises. And has also been conversing with his fans and followers about how he changed his diet, lifestyle, and recipes.

Greekgodx Weight Loss Secrets

He is careful of what he eats:

Greekgodx recommends for everyone who is going through the very struggle as him to know what you eat. It is necessary to look at what you eat, how much you eat, and the way you are eating it. Limitation of everything you eat or drink is the key to dropping weight.

If you do not want to modify your diet, at least decrease the serving of your food intake. For example, if you adore 2 pieces of a double cheeseburger and a big cup of soda, execute it into 1 piece of a double cheeseburger and a medium cup of soda preferably. It works!

As Greekgodx had a low sugar level, it was not a conflict for him to evade the sugared drinks. Nevertheless, he suggested that if you fight in this area, train your mind to regularly drink your water. For him, if you are overweight, it is more adequate to drink water than any flavored drink.

The Keto diet was the foremost ingredient to the weight loss ventures of Greekgodx, exercise played an essential role as well.

When it comes to dropping or burning fat, there are two principal paths you can choose, either get surgery to cast out the fat or go on a diet and wait on it by hook or by crook. Greekgodx did not take the surgery program and preferably opted to detach himself off of sugar, carbs, and caffeine.

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Greekgodx Fat Loss Journey

The journey of Greekgodx fat loss journey was not that easy because starting weight loss from almost 400 pounds is as complicated as rocket science. However, Greekgodx’s perseverance towards weight loss helped him get rid of 31.75 kilograms of weight within one year.

If we talk about Greekgodx fat loss, he was conscious towards his diet, which is why he opted keto diet. The secret of Greekgodx losing weight strategy was to intake fewer carbs. GGX weight loss main food items were good quality meat and green leafy vegetables.

In addition to his Keto Diet, Greekgoodx indulges himself in outdoor and indoor activities which involve mountaineering, trekking by the river, weight lifting training at home, and yoga sessions.

This way, Greekgodx fat, and weight had started to drop as he manages to reduce 31.75 kgs of weight within a year.

Greekgodx Before and After

greekgodx weight loss before and after

As you already read about the GGX weight loss journey above, now you will know about Greekgodx before and after fat and weight loss transformation.

Greekgodx earlier bodyweight was 167.5 kilograms (369.4 pounds) which was marked in the year 2018.

However, with the help of his keto diet, he had registered his lowest weight on 28 April 2019, which was 135.7 kilograms (299.2 pounds).

In short, Greekgodx Before and After weight loss was registered 369.4 pounds and 299.2 pounds respectively.

Greekgodx Height

Greekgodx Height is 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm).


Greekgodx used the keto diet route where the carbs remained cut off from his diet, and he was off performing treadmill runs, powerwalking, and several physical efforts his body was not used to.

The outcome is there for all to observe, the keto diet does not operate with everyone. And the brute carb compression may affect people to gain weight rather than drop it, so make certain to clarify with your expert before going on a diet.


Q. How much weight has Greekgodx lost?

Ans. He lost 70 pounds ( 31.75 kg ) of his body weight.

Q. How long did Greekgodx take to lose weight?

Ans. He’s 70 lbs or 31.75 kg only after one year.

Q. Did Greekgodx get weight loss surgery?

Ans. No, rather than getting a weight loss surgery he chose to go on the keto diet and started working out for his weight loss journey.

Q. How much does Greekgodx weigh now?

Ans. As per various sources, Greegodx now weighs 299 pounds.

Q. What is Greekgodx Height?

Ans. The Greekgodx height is 5 ft 8 inches or 172 cms.

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