Gala apple nutrition: Benefits of consuming it

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One apple a day keeps a doctor away is what we have been learning since childhood. Apples provide a rich amount of vitamins to your body. You can consume apples anytime during the day. Gala apple is a type of sweet red apple containing a high amount of polyphenols. It also contains dietary fibre and other nutrients. This blog describes gala apple nutrition and its benefits for the body.

gala apple nutrition
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What nutrition does a gala apple contain?

All kinds of apples have a rich amount of nutrients. But gala apple has more nutrition than other apples. There are many other nutrients in gala apples. Let us have a look at the nutrients of gala apples.

Vitamin C

One gala apple contains approximately 10 to 12 mg of vitamin C approximately. This vitamin is necessary for improving the immune system. Besides, it also heals wounds and generates a high amount of collagen in the skin. Antioxidant properties of gala apple help in reducing radical damage to the body. Consuming a gala apple is beneficial for both males and females. The high amount of nutrition in Royal gala apple might stop the growth of cancer cells.


Apple has a rich amount of fibre. If you consume one gala apple, your body will receive between 5 g and 7 g of fibre. It is advisable to consume apples without removing their skin. Eating apples will control appetite and frequent hunger. You may get a full feeling by eating a gala apple. These apples also improve digestive disorders and control blood sugar levels in the body. They help in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Calories and fats

It is necessary to consume foods with a low amount of fats and calories for a healthy body. One of the best things about gala apple is that it contains only 116 calories and fats lower than 1 g. These apples reduce several health problems such as the risk of heart attack and brain stroke.

Sugar content

Gala apples have fructose, a naturally occurring sugar. This fruit supplies a high level of energy to your body. So now, you can consume gala apples instead of consuming candies, doughnuts and other snacks, and sugary beverages. Your body can get about 23 g of sugar by consuming a gala apple.


The human body must consume between 45 and 65 % of carbs every day in meals. This apple supplies more energy to your body and makes you feel active during the day. Your body will receive about 32 g of carbs by eating a gala apple.


Gala apples provide more than 85% of water to the body. Consuming a high amount of water is necessary for the good health and development of your brain. It also removes toxins from the body and builds a strong immune system.

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Interesting facts about Gala Apple Nutrition

Many people do not know about gala apple nutrition info and facts. We will further discuss the facts of gala apples in this blog.


This fruit is grown in the northern as well as southern hemispheres. It can be grown in any type of weather. They are found in every season.

Different varieties

Gala apples are grown in abundance all over the world. There are several varieties of gala apples in the world such as Royal Gala, Pacific Rose, Cox Orange Pippin, and Jazz.

Different uses

Do you know the various uses of gala apples? Their rich flavour is used in many delicacies. You can consume gala apples as fruit or add them to fresh salads. Apart from that, you can also add gala apples in preparing fruit salsas. You can add slices of gala apples into paninis, burgers, and crostinis. Baked items with gala apples taste better than simple baked items.

Invention of gala apples

J.H. Kidd was the first man to develop Gala apples in the year 1934 in New Zealand. Later in the year 1980, the commercial distribution of gala apples started in several parts of the United States and Europe. Today, you can find gala apples in every part of the world because of their ability to survive in any weather.

Good fruit for kids  

Gala apple nutrition is necessary for growing kids. This fruit is rich in potassium, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. These apples develop the brains of the growing kids. They also build a strong immune system for kids. Growing children need a lot of energy while playing on the ground. Gala apples supply a high level of energy to the body. Kids will feel active at the playground or school.

Frequently Asked Questions about gala apple nutrition(FAQs):

Q. What is the nutrition information for one medium gala apple?

Ans. The benefits of medium gala apple nutrition to the body are multiple. You will get about 2% of vitamin A by consuming a medium gala apple. Besides, these apples also provide about 8% of vitamin C to the body. One medium-size apple gives about 8% of Vitamin C to your body. Rich in potassium, gala apples gives about 5% of the potassium that improves your health.

Q. What are the nutritional facts of the gala apple?

Ans. Consuming one medium gala apple is better than all other fried snacks or sugary beverages. There are numerous benefits of small gala apple nutrition for the body. The facts of gala apple nutrition are as under:

  • Water-86%
  • Fats- 0.2 g
  • Calories- 52
  • Carbs- 14 grams
  • Proteins- 0.3 grams
  • Sugar- 10.4 grams
  • Q. What is the nutritional content of a large gala apple?

    Ans. A large gala apple has more nutrients than a medium and small gala apple. You will get about 5 g of fibre by consuming a large gala apple. It provides about 23 g of sugar to the body. Eating one large gala apple will provide 10 g of vitamin C to the body and build healthy immunity.
    Additionally, one large Gala apple provides about 30 g of carbs to the body. Gala apple has a low amount of fats. It provides around 116 calories and contains only 1 g of fats.

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