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This article will let you know high knees exercise benefits. You have already read or listened somewhere that having stronger muscles can lead to reducing the stress on our knees. So, knees also play an important role in our body muscle development. Here I provide useful and meaningful information on Explained -high knees exercise benefits.

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What are High Knee Exercises?

High knees are the exercise that is done as a fasted cardio. It is done as intensive cardio like HIIT method. It is so intensive that you bring your heart rate up, which makes you more fatigue in a fraction of time, there is research that in one-minute average human body burns 11 calories/minute. This is high-intensity cardio in which you get more calories to burn and you get more sweaty in no time. Yes, I know you are thinking about what are the benefits of high knees wait!! Read high knees exercise benefits to the end. You will get to know every bit of it.

How to perform high knees excercise?

First I will tell you high knees hit every lower body muscle which includes glutes, calves, quads, hamstring, and by the research from C.S.C.S open fits director of fitness and nutrition content it also hits shoulders and core muscles of the body.


To perform this high knees exercise, Follow the steps below:

  • Stand straight pointing your feet in a straight direction in the width of your shoulders.
  • Now bring your knee up to the level of your hips simultaneously.
  • While doing this now bring your opposite hand from the knee in a running position.
  • Now do this for continuous rep range or continuous timeline. This will give you great INTENSE cardio if you will perform it right.

How Many High knees do you have to do?

The proper amount of this exercise is, you can include this exercise in HIIT training, or you can perform this in a cardio day, as per the research it shows that you burn 11 calories per minute by performing this exercise. So in my point of view, you should include in HIIT training to get maximum benefits from high knees.

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If you do it in a proper way you can lose stubborn fat from your chest, belly, glutes, and arms as well. Perform this exercise for the set time ( for eg. 1 min. Continuous high knees then rest for 30 seconds then again for 1min continuous repeat this for at least five times. I bet you will be draining a hell lot of sweat, and now finally let’s go to the main point.


This exercise improves your strength, stamina, flexibility, and mobility in your body. Nowadays there is so many equipment in the market to lose fat and are so expensive, but high knees are a bodyweight exercise which you can perform anywhere without any equipment. It helps you to lose fat from stubborn areas, performing it with HIIT training you can really push your limits with exercise and burn more calories than many exercises. In my opinion bodyweight exercises are much safer than machines and other so-called expensive equipment. High knees have many benefits in reducing your weight from stubborn areas. It is so intense that it helps you to cut down the body fat percentage in a very short time. We can say that it is a compound exercise because it hits many body muscles at one time.

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That’s it! So if anyone wants to tone up his /her body he / she should put this exercise in their routine. You can also checkout our other articles on this website.

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