Best Expat Health Insurance | Cost and Types

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Are you an inhabitant of the United States of America? Do you intend to move abroad temporarily/permanently to work, study, explore a new destination, or experience different cultures? Remember, you may confront a big financial problem there in case your health fails for some reason or another. 

This is because the healthcare system of other countries’ nursing homes might be costly and retains the power to drag out all the money from your pocket. Now, if you think that you already have medical coverage under a domestic insurance company in the USA, come out of your dream!

For your kind information, domestic insurance never works on the international level (in other countries). Need I have to say anything more? 

Worrying, what will happen then? Nothing to be tensed! Expat health insurance is there to take your burden and remove all of your worries! But what’s that insurance? And, who will get its coverage?

We will let you know everything in great detail. So, just stick to this write-up and enlighten yourself with the knowledge about expat health insurance.

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Who Are Expats?

Expatriates or expats are persons who are residents of a particular country but go to reside in another country either temporarily or permanently. Generally, the persons who shift to another country from their own are various professionals, artists, students, business people, skilled workers, etc.

They either move to another country on their own or are sent there by their employees. Also, retirees or those who have preferred to live in other countries to fulfil their own wish fall on the list of Expatriates. 

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What Is Expat Medical Insurance?

What Is Expat Medical Insurance
What Is Expat Medical Insurance

Expat health insurance/ Expatriate health insurance may also be referred to the international expat health insurance. This medical insurance is available both for individuals as well as their families who live abroad for a long period of at least twelve plus months.

This comprehensive global medical insurance covers all the bills of medical care, vision care, and dental care. However, the people who will get benefit from this plan are none other than the expats – the global citizens having dual residences.

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Who Are Eligible For Applying To The Health Insurance For Expats?

The below-mentioned people are eligible for applying for expat health insurance:

  • Expatriate individuals who have shifted abroad or are living or working there for at least 12 plus months. Contract employees who joined a new company in any foreign country lived and worked there. 
  • Senior persons with ages more than 65 years who have two housing estates (of 6 months or longer) in any of the foreign countries outside the USA. They can apply for expat health insurance so that it could contribute to their health as well as wellbeing. 
  • Those who are either visitors or immigrants and are crossing the boundaries of their home country to travel to any foreign country.  
  • Those who are going for long-term business travel from the US to any other country. 
  • Expats who live in any foreign country outside the US (travel insurance)
  • US citizens who are either living in a foreign country or are staying there for work
  • International students who are staying for 1+ year in a foreign country for studying purposes or interning

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Expat Health Insurance Cost

Expat Health Insurance Cost
Expat Health Insurance Cost

The international expat health insurance cost varies depending on the scheme, plan, and type of insurance. Most companies’ health coverage plan for expats starts from approximately $39/month/person annually. However, the cost may vary depending upon many factors like trip length, medical care coverage rate, traveller’s age, individual deductible amount, etc. 

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Best Expat Medical Insurance

Best Expat Medical Insurance
Best Expat Medical Insurance

The Global Medical Insurance schemes for expatriates may be considered the best health insurance for expats. This is because this scheme provides coverage to the expatriates, irrespective of the country (except the US) where they reside. 

The benefits that this plan offers to the expatriate or a group of expatriates (family of an expatriate) are as follows: 

  • For expats and their families, long-term comprehensive worldwide health insurance (of more than one year).
  • Health insurance for expats (Complete) scheme that can be used worldwide.
  • The expats can freely choose their or their families’ health care providers. 
  • Benefits of Getting Travel Intelligence Services.

Besides, some other expat health insurance services also come under the list of the best medical insurance for expats. They are GeoBlue Xplorer, William Russell, AXA, Cigna Global Insurance Plan, Generall Global Assistance, and Allianz Worldwide. 

What Do Expat Medical Insurance Schemes Contribute?

Expat Health Insurance plans generally comprise: 

  • Flexible plans for expatriates’ travel insurance
  • Options for global medical coverage area
  • Right to choose your medical facility and healthcare provider freely
  • Travel Intelligence Services
  • Maximum limit alternatives from $1000000 – $8000000
  • Assistance services
  • Deductible choices from $100 – $25000.   

Expat Health Insurance Gives Coverage To Which Medical Issues?

Expat Health Insurance Gives Coverage To Which Medical Issues
Expat Health Insurance Gives Coverage To Which Medical Issues

The bills for the following medical issues or emergencies come under the coverage of expat medical insurance:

  • Invoices of any medical treatment done inside or outside the USA
  • Bills of any mental health issues or nervous care issues
  • Bill of Nursing Home’s emergency room illness
  • Bills of ICU
  • Outpatient 
  • Bill of Nursing Home’s emergency room injury
  • Hospitalization/room and board bills 
  • CAT scans
  • Endoscopy 
  • Cystoscopy
  • Assistant surgeon’s fees
  • Radiation therapy cost 
  • Cost of Podiatry care
  • Bills for transplants
  • Healthful travel preventive coverage
  • Emergency local ambulance cost
  • Emergency medical evacuation cost
  • Interfacility ambulance transfer cost
  • International transport insurance cost
  • Bills for complementary medicines
  • Costs for treatment because of sudden pain to sound, biological teeth
  • Non-emergency dental bills
  • Supplemental accident bills
  • Cost for child preventative care 
  • Optional worldwide medical coverage
  • Accidental death or dismemberment coverage
  • Sports coverage
  • Vision benefits
  • MRI and Echocardiography costs
  • Gastroscopy cost
  • Surgery charges
  • Chemotherapy cost
  • Maternity insurance cost
  • Cost for Physical Therapy
  • Coverage for preventive prescription drug
  • Medical evaluation costs
  • Emergency reunion cost
  • Political evacuation cum repatriation cost
  • Bills for recovery of mortal remains
  • Traumatic dental injury costs
  • Bills for non-emergency handling at a dental clinic because of an accident
  • Nursing home indemnity costs 
  • Adult preventive care costs
  • Pre-existing medical condition limitations costs
  • Global term insurance cost
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Dental coverage

Types Of American Expats Health Insurance:

People who are US citizens but moving abroad may have the option of three types of Expats Health Insurance. They are: 

National Public Insurance:

There are a few countries whose public health insurance policies are run by the state. Suppose you have to work in a country outside the USA with a good public insurance proposal.

In that case, you will automatically enrol under their scheme with a monthly contribution analogous to taxes. In return, you will get is access to free/inexpensive treatment in public hospitals/clinics. 

International Insurance (Private Insurance):

There are some countries whose healthcare systems can’t be trusted. They have to be improved. And, when travelling to such countries, Americans have to depend on private insurance, which private companies propose.

The reason behind it is that private hospitals or clinics are better equipped and are very costly in those countries, and they have to seek these hospitals for their medical treatment.  

Combined Public And Private Medical Insurance:

It sometimes happens that the public healthcare service of a country is of decent quality, but the patient has to wait for a long time before their treatment. Also, the patient may find it challenging to face the overcrowded nature of the clinic.

So, in that case, they may choose to go for some extra private insurance plan. Combined public and private medical insurance plans come to their help then. It allows them to access the treatments of both public and private hospitals. 

How To Enroll Yourself Under An Expat Health Insurance Plan?

You can either purchase a global expat health insurance plan through online marketplaces such as Insubuy, International Citizens Insurance, etc. Or, you can visit the health insurance provider’s office and apply for one.

From wherever you buy an expat medical insurance plan, compare different policies and ensure if you are getting the best deal for the coverage you want to get. 

Does US Citizen’s Expat Health Insurance For Abroad Cover Maternity?

Yes, certain international health insurance schemes give maternity and baby care coverage. However, they usually declare a waiting interval of at least ten months. Pregnancy, checkups, baby delivery, post-natal care, etc., come under maternity health coverage.

All expat health insurance companies don’t provide maternal coverage. Though some policies approve this coverage, such policies also come under certain conditions. So, before purchasing such insurance, you must read every term and condition of the insurance in detail.  

Do The Foreign Countries Provide Free Healthcare To The Us Citizens Living Abroad?

A few countries allow American expatriates to access their state’s healthcare service for free. So, you will be checked up by the doctors or healthcare providers of such countries for free, though not totally free.

This is because certain monthly donations must be paid to the country’s national healthcare fund for access to these checkups and treatments. The amount is either taken directly or deducted from your salary.   

But, if you remembered that free healthcare service in these countries doesn’t mean everything regarding medical procedures is free. Sometimes, specific procedures, medications, and hospital stays demand the payment of a small amount of fees.

Moreover, the country’s national health insurance never covers these treatments’ amount for US expats in their private hospitals. The expats have to make the payments themselves. 

Wrapping Up: 

If you are going to be an expat of the US shifting to any other country for work, study, or any other reason, never forget to enrol yourself under an expat health insurance. Otherwise, any illness in a foreign country can make you financially helpless. So, just get an international expat medical insurance policy today and travel abroad with your peace of mind. No worry, even if you undergo any medical issue there, the expat health insurance will take its burden. And, you can concentrate on the thing for which you gave shifted abroad. 


Q.1. How much does expatriate health insurance cost?

Answer: The US expat health insurance price varies hingeing on the policy, agenda, and type of insurance. The medical expenses cover the expatriates’ plan for various firms onsets from roughly $39/month/person yearly.

Nevertheless, the rate may fluctuate depending upon many facets like voyage length, voyage expense, medical care coverage amount, drifter’s age, individual deductible amount, etc.

Q.2. What do expats do for health insurance?

Answer: Expats can visit the US office of the expat health insurance provider and purchase health insurance that is applicable for foreign countries as well. Or they can also buy insurance policies by visiting the online marketplace online.

The international expat health insurance they will purchase can save them from financial losses in foreign countries if any health issue occurs to them. 

Q.3. How do expats get healthcare?

Answer: US Expats can get healthcare in other foreign countries from public as well as private hospitals. Some countries offer public health care services for free (at a minimal cost).

However, it’s up to the US expat if they want to avail of the free public healthcare service or not. If the healthcare service is good enough in such countries, expats usually choose to avail themselves by paying the minimal cost. 

However, if the public healthcare service is not good or appropriate for use in any foreign country, the expats may choose to take the healthcare service of the private hospitals. In such cases, expat life insurance comes to help. It covers their medical expenses and secures them financially.  

Q.4. Can I get US health insurance if I live abroad?

Answer: No, US health insurance doesn’t work for the healthcare services of other foreign countries.

To get financial coverage for foreign hospitals’ medical bills, US expats must purchase an expat health insurance policy. And among all the schemes of medical insurance for expats, global health life insurance for expat is the best for covering the overall medical bills of foreign hospitals.

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