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Your skin is the most sensitive part of your body. Keeping good care of it is not only your responsibility but also a need. A skin once damaged takes an enormous amount of time in healing and getting back to normal. And this is one of the reasons why people fear using face scrubs often. It is a belief that using face scrubs might damage your skin and make it dry. But this is not true in all cases. All you need to do is, choose a perfect scrub for your skin. Don’t worry! We and Sanitas skincare are here to help you with that. 

Sanitas skincare reviews
Sanitas skincare reviews

Developing dead skin is a common thing among people. These dead skin cells may clog your pores and lead to pimples. That’s why it becomes very necessary to remove this dead skin from your face. Here comes the need for a scrub. Using chemical scrubs or very harsh scrubs on your face may result in skin damage. So, what you can do is: use the wide range of exfoliators by Sanitas skincare or use homemade scrubs, make them all by yourself. 

What to do?

  • Take a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of honey along with half a cup of olive oil, and two spoons of lemon juice
  • Mix all these ingredients together and apply this mixture to your face. 
  • Gently massage it in a circular motion and wash it off after few minutes. 

This homemade scrub will work wonders for your skin. The granules of sugar will remove the dead skin and honey moisturizes your skin simultaneously. Hence, leaving your skin clean and smooth. 

Also, the expert products by Sanita skincare can be very helpful for the purpose. The lemon clean scrubby Sanitas skincare is one of their best products. With the properties of lemon, which is an antioxidant that helps skin lightening and also skin aging, this product shows you immediate effects. 

Exfoliation is needed by the complete skin of your body and not just the face. So, talking about body scrubs, it’s not much different than face scrubs. One of the best homemade body scrubs is coconut oil, sugar, and oatmeal scrub. 

What to do?

  • Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and melt it. Mix some granulated sugar to this oil. (Note: the oil should not be so hot that it dissolves the sugar in itself.)
  • Now, mix some oatmeal in this mixture and use it on your body. 

This is a completely homemade scrub that you can use on your complete body. It gets rid of the dead skin cells and activates the fresh skin cells. 

Exfoliating your skin is very important and should neither be ignored nor be feared. If you choose a perfect exfoliant for your skin, you will see the results of it in no time and will feel your skin more fresh and healthy than usual. We are here to help you with your skincare. Stay tuned!

Sanitas skincare reviews

This article provides a detailed description of the Sanitas skincare brand and reviews a wide range of its products

According to their official website, Sanitas Skincare– a Colorado-based brand – was founded keeping in mind the meaning of the Latin word ‘Sanitas’, which implies wellbeing and good health of the skin. The brand aims to engage in a strategy of advanced science, study, and edification to constantly strengthen the skin through relevant, nutritive, and holistic strategies. Sanitas skincare ingredients and technology are the most advanced and of the highest standards. Sanitas products are cruelty-free and contain no Parabens, dyes, or any cruel preservatives. Most of these ingredients are imported from eco-cert companies and utilize low water in manufacturing and packaging.

Here are in-depth information about some of Sanitas products and their reviews:

~Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser, Pore Refining Cleanser

Sanitas Skincare Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser, Pore Refining Cleanser
#Sanitas Skincare Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser

Sanitas Skincare enzymatic foaming cleanser focuses on cleansing the pores present on the surface of our skin, without unbalancing the pH constituency that may lead to dryness and irritation. The ingredients of this cleanser are a blended fruit enzyme complex that retains moisture of the skin, polysaccharides that balances the hydration of the skin, and fruit acid concentrate that exfoliates the skin to give it a smoother and even tone.


Use one or two pumps to create a lathering of foam, then wash with clean water. Mostly suitable for oily and combination skin textures.


This face wash has had a great response from customers. It is light, has a citrus smell, and cleans the face really well. 

~ Brightening Peel Pads

Sanitas Skin Care Brightening Peel Pads 50 pads
#Sanitas Skin Care Brightening Peel Pads 50 pads

Sanitas Skincare Brightening Peel Pads are formed for the purpose of toning and brightening and giving a radiant complexion to the skin. It has a triple acidic formula: glycolic acid which exfoliates and brightens the skin, lactic acid to improve the skin texture, and salicylic acid that unclogs pores and renews the radiance of the skin.


Allow the peel pad to dry on your skin after applying it to the face and neck area. Without rinsing it off, follow with treatment and moisturizer.  For best results, use twice or thrice a week.


The peel pads work magic for any dark spots or unevenness of the skin. However, people with sensitive skin may experience an inflammation sensation for a bit after applying. The price may not be affordable for everyone.

~ Vita C serum

Sanitas Skincare Vita C Serum 30 ml.
#Sanitas Skincare Vita C Serum 30 ml

Sanitas Skincare Vita C serum is a formula specialized for hydrating and brightening the facial skin and diminishes any visible aging signs. It consists of a nutrient-rich and highly potent blend of Vitamin C and essential fatty acids which acts as an antioxidant that retains the glow, firmness, and moisture of the skin while smoothening its texture.


After applying a generous amount of serum to the face, neck, and décolleté using the dropper, follow with moisturizer.


The product was not really popular among the customers of the Sanitas brand. It had allergic side effects and a strong petroleum smell.

~ Sanitas Skincare Antioxidant Moisturiser

Sanitas Skincare Antioxidant Moisturizer, Highly Concentrated Moisturizer,
#Sanitas Skincare Antioxidant Moisturizer, Highly Concentrated Moisturizer

The Sanitas skincare moisturizer has a high concentration of antioxidant that helps in rejuvenation of the skin. It consists of a reparative blend of vitamin C, vitamin D, and Vitamin E that hydrates and nourishes; seed butter that protects from harmful environmental aggressors and replenishes the elasticity; and hyaluronic acid that provides smoothening effect to the skin.


Apply the moisturiser on the skin in a circular motion using your fingertips.


The anti-aging and moisturizing properties of the product work very well for dry skin. Its smooth texture helps it seep into the skin better.

~ Sanitas Skincare Moisture Infusing Spray

Sanitas Skincare Moisture Mist, Moisture Infusing Spray, 4 Ounces
Sanitas Skincare Moisture Mist, Moisture Infusing Spray, 4 Ounces

The Sanitas skincare moisture infusing spray is a face mist formulated to help soften dehydrated skin which in turn makes absorption of serums and moisturizers by the skin easier. It consists of a combination of hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, and sodium PCA that volumizes, re-texturizes, and balances skin hydration.


Spray the mist lightly on your skin from a distance of six to eight inches, before applying serum or moisturizer to increase spreadability.


The mist has no alcohol or fragrance, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. It helps in making the skin more absorbent for other products. The quantity is good for the price.

~ Vitamin C Body Lotion

Sanitas Skincare Vitamin C Body Lotion 8 Ounces
#Sanitas Skincare Vitamin C Body Lotion 8 Ounces

This Sanitas skincare body lotion is rich in the constituency of Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant popular for its brightening and skin renewal properties. The product helps nourishment of your skin by sealing in the natural moisture and with the help of Shea butter- an ingredient that nourishes and softens dry skin while helping preserve hydration levels.


Apply a generous amount of the lotion on your skin, after bath on a daily basis.


This lotion is non-greasy, light on the skin, and has a good fragrance. However, the product quantity is really less for the price.

~ Sanitas Skincare GlycoSolution Exfoliating Treatment

Sanitas Skincare GlycoSolution 5%, Active, Exfoliating Treatment, 3.4 Ounces
#Sanitas Skincare GlycoSolution 5%, Active, Exfoliating Treatment, 3.4 Ounces

Consisting of ingredients like amino acid complex, glycolic acid, and Sodium PCA, this Sanitas exfoliator is created to eliminate dead skin cells and help accelerate the renewal of the skin. It reduces any wrinkles, enhances moisture retention capability, and brightens dark spots.


Apply the solution twice or thrice a week to the face and neck using cotton pads. If it causes excessive dryness, use it less frequently or discontinue. 


The product has desired results for some customers while cause irritation of the skin for others. It may not be suitable for people with dry skin.

Some frequently asked questions related to Sanitas skincare:

Q. Where to buy Sanitas skin care products?

A. You can visit the official site of Sanitas skincare to buy their products. Some products are available on Amazon.com as well.

Q. How to get Sanitas skin care discount?

A. Various discounts are posted on the Sanitas skin care official website throughout the year. Keep checking the website regularly to avail some. You also get some discount on your first order.

Q. Is Sanitas skin care medical grade?

A. No, the Sanitas skin care products are not medical grade.

Q. Is Sanitas cruelty free?

A. According to the official website of the brand, Sanitas is cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

Q. Which skincare brand do dermatologists recommend?

A. That depends on your skin type and problems, but many dermatologists do recommend Sanitas Skin care brand.

Q. Who is Sanitas skincare founder?

A. The founder of Sanitas skincare is Lisa Crary.


Sanitas skincare is a progressive skincare brand that develops its products in an environmentally and ecologically manner. So that the natural ingredients can seep inside the deepest layer of your skin and provide the best results. You can buy their products separately or as a part of the Sanitas skincare kits, which caters to a particular skin type or cures a particular skin problem.

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