Does Your Lower Back Hurt After Drinking Alcohol?

by Sanjana Lall
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Lower back pain can arise due to a list of reasons. If you go around telling people about that excruciating twinge of pain that comes and moves your world apart in the blink of an eye, they would most certainly advise you to watch your sitting position. Some more acknowledged intellectual ones would add a speck of logic into the advice and ask you to get an X-ray done because the problem must be lying in your ligaments. But no one, not even the most informed person, would take that extra mile, do some backend research, and tell you to visit a doctor because the condition may not be as minor as it appears to be.

Yes, you heard that right – lower back pain may sometimes also indicate kidney-related issues, which is quite a worry! And more often than not, this is caused as a result of excessive, routine alcohol consumption. 

 lower back pain after drinking alcohol
#Lower Back Hurt After Drinking Alcohol

But the question is, why do people fail to suspect this? The most common reason is that the dialogue around alcohol consumption stirring lower back pain is very faint, almost zero! Thanks to this article, now you know your drink can also be a potential reason for putting your kidneys at risk. So why stop here? Let’s find out more about this :

What are the causes of pain in the lower back after consuming alcohol?

As per recent research, it was found that around 2 billion people across the globe are habituated to consuming alcohol in some form or the other! (Source: If you are amongst this population too, pardon me for bursting your happy little bubble, but you are at a greater risk of inviting some serious health issues. I shall get to that later, first; let us see what are the five major causes of kidney pain after drinking alcohol :

1. Kidney infection – 

Known as Urinary Tract Infection or UTI in medical terms, most of the time, this is the reason contributing to that stinging pain in the lower back. UTI is also a side-effect of consistent alcohol consumption. And if left unchecked, this may lead to you developing an acute kidney infection. 

2. Dehydration – 

Another reason to tank up on all the water! Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for lower abdominal pain after drinking alcohol. But how? The reason being alcohol and its massive abstergent properties. In simple language, alcohol consumption causes one to urinate more, causing the body to excessively release fluids and get dehydrated. So, drink as much water and electrolytes as possible. Trust me, and you don’t want it to get any severe.


3. Kidney stones – 

If you thought kidney infection and dehydration were too bad, wait till you see this! Stones in the kidneys are again a very typical cause for that unbearable pain in the lower right side after drinking alcohol. And mind you, this is not just painful but could also take a life-threatening turn if left undiagnosed. 

4. Liver ailment – 

The cons of alcohol consumption aren’t just limited to kidney issues aloof. If you feel pain in your lower back a few hours after consuming alcohol, there’s a good chance it might be induced due to some underlying liver disease. This can even cause the kidney to malfunction! 

5. Gastritis – 

Pain in the kidneys may also be caused by heavy gastritis aroused because of alcohol intake. While this is not as painful as the lower back pain caused due to any of the aforementioned reasons, it sure is discomforting. 

What are the red flags you must be wary about?

If the issue isn’t so dreadful, the only symptom you are most likely to experience is a piercing pain in the lower side of your back or maybe under your ribcage. However, if you are witnessing any of the associated symptoms listed below, along with strong back pain after drinking alcohol, I’d strongly suggest you see a physician at the earliest :

1. Fever

2. Nausea

3. Vomiting

4. Headache

5. Cold

6. Pain while urinating

7. Blood in the urine (not menstrual)

8. Fatigue

Author’s note: Here, I’d like to mention one thing – whether or not these associated symptoms make an appearance, pain in the lower back post alcohol intake shouldn’t be allowed to go unchecked. Urgent medical treatment is a must.


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What are the potential risk factors involved?

Beware! Alcohol abuse back pain may be an invitation to several conceivably fatal diseases. Some of the few are :

● Anaemia

● High blood pressure 

● Heart disease

● Gout/Arthritis

● Organ failure

How can this be treated?

By this time, you must have understood how crucial it is to address this issue as soon as possible. So, here are some of the treatment options available to do away with alcohol-induced lower back pain :

1. Take pain killers – 

If you’ve felt this, you know just how unbearable the pain in the lower back can get. Feeding on painkillers isn’t the most ideal “treatment” method for this, but they surely help cope with the otherwise excruciating pain. 

2. Increase electrolyte intake – 

Since dehydration is amongst the more common reasons that cause lower back pain due to alcohol consumption, this tip is a goldmine. Stock up on electrolytes as much as your body allows. Sports drinks are power-packed with all the minerals and electrolytes that our body needs to function. So, drinking that is a good kidney pain after drinking alcohol remedy. 

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3. Prescribed antibiotics – 

Like said earlier, getting expert advice on this issue is essential. Upon studying your condition, doctors may prescribe you certain anti-biotics. These drugs mostly prove to be a life-saver and cease the pain once and for all after completing the course.

4. Long-term dialysis – 

Dialysis is a medical procedure performed on those individuals whose kidneys fail to function properly. This procedure aims at eliminating toxins, excess water, and other solutes from the blood and is mainly prescribed to those chronic patients whose kidneys are on the verge of failing.

5. Kidney transplant – 

If your doctor has called for a kidney transplant, it means things have gotten out of hand already, and it isn’t much you can now do to alleviate the condition. However, maintaining a clean diet post-transplant can make a change. 

Is prevention an option? Let’s see:

Lower back pain alcohol withdrawal isn’t as easy as it sounds. But if looked upon as a challenge rather than a cumbersome task, then it miraculously becomes achievable. Here are 3 of the most feasible prevention tips to follow up :

1. Cut down on alcohol intake – 

Give your body one less reason to cry. When you limit your alcohol consumption, you are not just saying goodbye to the horrific lower back pain, but also several risky diseases like heart disease, stroke, liver dysfunction, and what not! 

2. Drink more water – 

Drinking an ample amount of water is one amazing way to prevent lower back pain caused by alcohol intake. Remember, staying hydrated is the key!

3. Exercise regularly – 

Regular exercising aids in doing away with alcohol withdrawal in a certainly wonderful way. It also brings down the chances of a lower back pain episode. 

Some common FAQs about Lower Back Hurt After Drinking Alcohol:

Q. Why does my lower back hurt after drinking?

Ans. Kidney pain after drinking water may signal a lot of ailments. Some of the most commonly reported ones are kidney stones, UTI infection, or Hydronephrosis. 

Q. What are the first signs of kidney damage from alcohol?

Ans. The initial symptoms of kidney damage from alcohol include dwindled urination, swollen face, exhaustion, difficulty breathing, etc. 

Q. Why do my kidneys hurt after drinking alcohol?

Ans. Dehydration caused by excessive alcohol intake may be the reason behind the discomfort, often piercing pain caused in the kidney after drinking alcohol. 

Q. Why do I get the pain under my ribs when I drink alcohol?

Ans. The reason is that the pain caused in the lower back after alcohol consumption tends to expand to other body parts like the ribcage, back of the abdomen, and even in the spines. 

Q. Can your kidneys recover from alcohol damage?

Ans. Although continual consumption of alcohol can cause damage to your kidney as heavy as kidney failure, if you restrict your alcohol consumption at the right time, the damage caused to kidneys can be reversed by introducing a simple change in the diet and daily routine. 


Lower back pain is a subject matter that several medical professionals have studied over the years. However, the same pain can also be caused by alcohol consumption is a fact not that widespread yet. Hence, this blog aims at educating people about that. 

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