Does Vivant skincare give you vibrant skin? Its products, reviews, and more

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Vivant skincare, a beauty brand, has never failed to show innovations through its products for the past forty years. The motive behind opening the vivant brand is to treat aging problems and at the same time find acne solutions. James E. Fulton, who co-developed Retin A®, has later thought of treating acne solutions. In this revolutionary skincare journey, Sara Fulton joined her husband and dreamt of innovating series of beauty products that can bring about changes in individual lives. 

Vivant skincare vibrant skin
Vivant skincare vibrant skin

The Vivan skincare routine products are a consequence of science, persistence, and dream vision. Altogether it’s a multi-layered solution that is recommended globally by skin care experts, dermatologists, and other professionals.  

What’s your skin concern? 

The most interesting thing you will notice in the first glimpse of the Vivant website is that the categorization of three types of concerns. And those are acne problems, aging, and uneven tone. There are separate Vivant skincare routine products available for you, that will address the three sorts of concerns. Let’s peep into all the three classified concerns individually. You also love to read Selected Skincare Products; Is It Safe To Use The Products Of This Brand?

Solution for Acne, Agelessness, and Uneven tone.

Dr. Fulton and the team have consistently maintained the gold standards for all the acne and ageless solutions. The Vivant skin care products help in cleansing, protecting, and controlling your skin from unsurpassed acne. Besides that, it also helps in making the skin appear brighter and wrinkle-free. For treating acne, carelessness, and uneven tone, the Vivant skincare routine involves five steps. 

Step 1. Cleanse your skin with Vivant cleansers. 

For applying any beauty cream or gel on your skin the first crucial step you should undertake is cleansing your face thoroughly. It prevents acne and black spots to develop on your skin. One of the most sold Vivan skincare cleansers is 

~ Mandelic Acid 3 in 1 wash

Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash
Mandelic Acid 3 in 1 wash

The product claims to repair simultaneously your skin instead of only cleansing it. As a powerhouse of antioxidants, it helps in smoothly exfoliating the skin. Mandelic acid also checks closely on the bacteria which causes acne and brightens ups the skin. This Vivant skincare product is recommended for 

  • Balancing out irregular pigments. 
  • Prevents wrinkles as a part of the aging process. 
  • Also assists with flaws and fine lines. 

The price of Vivant skincare Mandelic Acid 3 in 1 wash is USD 22.00, which is available at 4 oz. sizes. 

Vivant skincare reviews and ratings for Mandelic Acid cleanser

On the Vivant skincare website, there are some customer ratings and reviews and all of them are positive. Out of fifty-five ratings, all have given five stars to the product. Most of them have considered Mandelic acid products as their face-saver. According to many of them, they just love the after-effects of the skin. 

MANDELIC ACID 3-IN-1 WASH official review
MANDELIC ACID 3-IN-1 WASH official review

However, some have also shown their disappointment in Amazon and other commercial sites related to the product size and after-effect skin dryness. Many have also considered the product as ay more expensive than a normal skincare serum or cream. 

 MANDELIC ACID 3-IN-1 WASH amazon review
MANDELIC ACID 3-IN-1 WASH amazon review

Ingredients used for the Vivant skincare cleansers 

One of the main ingredients used for cleansers is mandelic acid which is an extract of bitter almonds. Other ingredients used for the cleanser are green tea extract which is rich in Vitamin E and C, Grapeseed oil, and kiwi fruit extract. The kiwi fruit extract acts as an anti-inflammatory enzyme. Further Vivant’s skincare routine also uses Vitamin C and honey as a combination to booster your skin. 

Step 2. Use Toner to repair your skin. 

After cleansing your skin you have to apply toner for refreshing and clarifying the skin. Though there are multiple variants of skin toner available at the Vivant skincare site, rating wise Daily repair pads are most sold. 

~ Daily Repair Pads

Daily Repair Pads

The daily repair pads are free from alcohol and react against present microbes like bacteria in the skin. Prep up your skin with daily repair pads using Vivant’s rejuvenating serums. The skin care product is recommended for all types of skin. It helps in- 

  • Reacting against acne. 
  • Repairs discoloration of the aging skin. 
  • Evenly pigments the skin. 

The price of DAILY REPAIR PADS is $70 and the size is 60 count. You can use gen daily repair pads after cleansing the skin, two times a day. 

Vivant skincare reviews and ratings for Daily Repair Pads

Users who have purchased the product funds it easier in using them. They have observed that within two weeks of applying the product the sadness and discoloration of the skin vanishes and helps in adjusting the skin. There are more than twenty positive Vivant skincare reviews available on the website. But again the biggest disappointment for them is regarding the size of the product. They complained about the smaller size of the product after charging higher product prices.


Ingredients used for the Vivant skincare toners

The Vivant skincare routine treatment toners consist of components like Mandelic acid, the water-soluble Vitamin B or Niacinamide, zinc peptides, plastic acid, and Glycine. Salicylic acids are also used for soothing the skin. 

Step 3. Apply Corrective serums

The third step helps to correct the customer’s skin from any kind of imperfections. Have gradient skin free from acne by applying the corrective serums. Most of the corrective serum-like Derma renew consists of an anti-aging arsenal along with the transformative potential of Vitamin A. This Vivant skincare product is especially recommended for sensitive and dry skin types. 

~ Derma Renew


If you are looking for advanced skincare options then dream renew is good for you. It helps in exfoliating the skin and limited the chances of skin breakouts. It contains peptide pump up collagen. Along with that also consists elastin. Production. 

Main ingredients of Derma Renew

Some of the key ingredients used for the corrective serums are- 

  • Lactic Acid encourages the revival of the skin. 
  • Oligopeptides for stimulating the natural generation of collagen and hyaluronic acid. 
  • Retinyl Proportionate and ionic acid for preventing the skin from photodamage. 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties like Niacinamide. 

Step 4. Hydrate your skin with Protectors or Hydrators. 

The hydration of skin is equally necessary as a part of nourishment of the skin. When you apply hydrators you allow the skin to become inflammation-free. Can’t of the hydrators sold by the Vivant skincare brand are suitable for all types of skins and protects one from sunburn.  You also love to read Joanna Gaines Skincare Secrets And The False News Of Her Skincare Line

~ The Totaloe calming and hydrating gel 

Totaloe Calming and Hydrating Gel

The properties used in the hydrating gel helms in soothing he akin from unnecessary sun exposure. As an oil-free moisturizer, it’s perfectly suited for hydrating the skin and making it free from inflammation and irritation. The product is recommended for all skin types. It’s ideal for controlling – 

  • Irritation of the skin. 
  • Regularly checks on acne. 
  • Prevent skin irritation and Rosacea. 

The price of total calming and hydrating gel is approximately $45.00 through the USA and outside.

Vivant skincare reviews and ratings for Totaloe calming and hydrating gel. 

Many users have rated the product five stars and commented the skincare gel is good under SPF 15. People find it helpful for dealing with dry climates. The Vivant skincare reviews have expressed their satisfaction related to the product. 


Step 5. Apply Algae soft mask as a skin booster 

Algae Soft Mask

As a perfect ageless solution, algae soft mask helps the skin in restoring it to its original form. It also works as a bioactive and nourishing ingredient and works for boosting the skin. Besides that, collagen production and skin radiance are also efficiently maintained. The product is recommended for all types of skin. It helps in lifting, clarifying, and restoring the skin. The price of this Vivant skincare routine product is $46 available in 4 OZ sizes. Out of the fourteen comments, people find it suitable for their skin. It turns the applicant’s face softer and clean. 

ALGAE SOFT MASK official review
ALGAE SOFT MASK official review

Vivant skincare before and after

There’s a separate segment on the website’s page that tells Vivant skincare before and after success stories. People after applying the skincare products have shared their transformative experiences on how they become more confident after applying the products. They feel great when someone compliments them after stepping out from their home. People facing skin issues like hyperpigmentation, cystic acne, teen acne, wrinkles on their face, etc. have revealed theirs before and after happy photographs. Here’s are some for you. 

steven Vivant skincare before and after
steven Vivant skincare before and after
sandra Vivant skincare before and after
Sandra Vivant skincare before and after
samia Vivant skincare before and after
Samia Vivant skincare before and after
jordanne Vivant skincare before and after
Jordanne Vivant skincare before and after

Bottom line

Vivant’s skincare products are relatively new in the market. But since the last forty years of its introduction to the US market, it has never offended the users. With thorough analysis, they have introduced three types of skin concerns most people face nowadays. And through their diverse products have also introduced solutions to the problems. However, the only complaint the brand has repeatedly received from the users is in terms of less quantity of the skincare solutions as compared to higher prices. And other than that, the Vivan skincare routine products are good to go for the beauty market. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about vivant skincare

Q. Where to buy vivant skincare? 

Ans. The ordering of vivant skin care products is available on the official site itself. However, if you are from the US or outside the region you can also order some of the selective products on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

Q. Is Vivant safe?

Ans. The company claims that all products are cruelty-free and are completely safe to apply even during times of pregnancy. But it’s recommendable to consult doctors at least for the first time before applying. 

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