Does Daith Piercing Helps in Weight Loss and Migraines

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Nowadays, daith piercing has become very popular on social media. People there share many images of this unusual piercing on their inner ears. At the same time, they are also promising that the piercing will heal your anxiety and migraine and thus improve your quality of life.

But, are all these promises true? Or it’s just a rumor they are spreading over the net? Well! To know that, we have to go deep and understand what actually this piercing is, how it is done and if there is really any evidence to prove the authenticity of the claims of these people over social media.

So, let’s get into that:

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What Is A Daith Piercing?

It’s a kind of piercing that goes through your ear’s innermost cartilage fold. The piercing passes through most people’s thickest portion of the human ear cartilage.

The piercer who does this piercing has to be well-skilled in this piercing, and the skill should be greater than that of other kinds of piercings.

This is because the inner ear’s unique shape requires a curved needle to enter through it. The healing time of this piercing is from four to twelve months, and you may find the initial piercing to be painful. 

Just like other piercings, the risk of infection in case of this piercing can never be disregarded. So, the piercer should use a sterile needle, and also, the person should keep the pierced region clean and tidy as it heals.

If you are interested in undergoing this kind of piercing, you should, without any second thought, go to a professional piercer for that. Also, before undergoing this piercing, you should weigh its available risks against its uncertain usefulness. 

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Daith Piercing For Anxiety And Migraines:

Daith Piercing For Anxiety And Migraines
Daith Piercing For Anxiety And Migraines

No medical research has confirmed that daith piercings are useful for anxiety and migraines. The reason is that not much study has been done on the claims that daith piercing treats anxiety and migraines.

But, most people who have done this piercing have experienced these benefits, and so, the belief that this piercing is valuable for treating anxieties and migraines. 

The adherents of daith piercing who believe it can treat anxiety give the logic that this piercing can stimulate an acupuncture point of pressure continually that the practitioners have associated with anxiety and mood.

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Acupressure Effect

This point of acupressure is known as the point zero spots, and it helps your body maintain homeostasis (somewhat constant internal conditions). Anxiety disrupts homeostasis

Acupuncture has been reigning this world with its power for nearly thousands of years. Nevertheless, it’s a matter of belief. Whether acupuncture is effective for various ailments or not is yet not proven, and the research on it is still going on.

Moreover, there are a few acupuncturists who are doubtful about this piercing. According to them, acupuncture points need great precision.

And, any small movement, even of a fraction from the actual point to any other direction, will not result in the recovery from the ailment.

Once missed a little point, the piercer will lose it entirely. So, the piercer must be chosen based on good acupuncture knowledge if you want the piercing for your anxiety treatment. 

Some anecdotal pieces of evidence show that this piercing works. However, it is absurd to declare this method as a treatment for anxiety without proper research and its outcome.

Nonetheless, it’s also true that other than infection, there’s no proof of harm inflicted by daith piercings. It’s called a placebo effect when something people consider effective works for all despite no research confirmation for it.

And this is true for daith piercings. Regardless, the treatment of acupuncture for anxiety and migraines can’t be totally said a myth as enough evidence proves that this treatment works better compared to a placebo.

So, if you believe in acupuncture, you can choose daith piercing for migraines. 

Daith Piercing Jewelry:

Daith Piercing Jewelry
Daith Piercing Jewelry

The options for Daith piercing jewelry are endless. You can choose ring-style hoops, captive bead hoops, or heart-shaped rings. Besides these, you can also go for other kinds of hoops, barbells, and clicker earrings. The jewelry material for daith piercings must be made of stainless steel, titanium, or niobium. These metals are solid hypoallergenic selections for fresh daith piercings. 

Daith Piercing Pain:

Do any piercing, and you will definitely feel the pain. And, it’s no exception in the case of daith piercings. So, there’s a common worry for pain in the case of this piercing, also like the others.

However, it is also true that the pain sensation of this piercing is different from that of a helix piercing. While helix piercing feels like a pointed nip, the daith piercings pain feels like a dull pressure.

Then, the pain tolerance of different persons is different. So, it also depends upon your tolerance capability and how much pain you will feel. However, it must be admitted that this piercing is a bit more painful than the piercings that are done on earlobes. 

Daith Piercing Healing Time:

Just like the pain tolerance ability, the healing time for this piercing also differs from one person to another. The healing time for this piercing is approximately 6 – 9 months.

Please don’t sleep on this piercing before it is completely recovered. However, we can ensure you that you will soon be able to sleep upon your daith piercings within a few months.

Usually, soreness doesn’t happen during the healing time. But, you have to take care of the pierced area and maintain cleanliness over there. 

Daith Piercing Cost:

A Daith piercing is not that expensive. Any other inner-ear piercing on your ear’s cartilage costs either the same or more than daith piercings. Moreover, the daith piercing cost depends upon the location as well as the bedazzling jewelry.

But, approximately, it’s anywhere between 30 dollars to 80 dollars. 

Aftercare Of Daith Piercings:

Taking good care can speed up the healing process of daith piercings by taking your daith piercing’s good care. Cleanse the area with pure saline wound wash. Flush out the shower.

To cleanse the area, you have to make a sterile solution by mixing 1/8 teaspoons of non-iodized or iodine-free salt. Besides, you can also use the H2Ocean piercing spray for its aftercare, which is made of natural ingredients and is available in spray form. 

Avoid all kinds of temptation involving touching, twisting, and playing with the new piercing, especially when healing. Also, swap your bedsheet pillowcase to avoid any kind of bacterial infection.

Stop using beauty and hair products that comprise harsh chemicals and may irritate your ear. Also, don’t wear any hair accessories such as a hat, hairband, etc. These hair items can snag in your piercing.

You may also apply and then rinse the five percent benzoyl peroxide thoroughly. However, don’t forget to rinse it; otherwise, you may feel irritation in the area. And, last but not the list, never thinks of removing your daith piercings ever before it is completely healed. 

Daith Piercings Side-Effects:

  • Ear anatomy
  • Blood infection
  • Inflammation and infection
  • Keloid

Infected Daith Piercing:

To treat the infected daith piercing, apply sea salt soak-up or warm compress in the area. The warm compress will drain away from the infection and relieve the pain and swelling of your body. Besides, soaking the infection in a warm salt solution will work the infection and heal it. 

Does Daith Piercing Hurt?

Though this piercing is never the most painful, it will still lend you some discomfort while the procedure goes in or just after it. The feeling of pain for every individual is different.

The people who have undergone this piercing report that they have felt an intense and sharp shot over their pierced area.  

Daith Piercing For Weight Loss:

Daith piercings can’t result in weight loss directly. On the other hand, it may pose a significant risk of infection. It is because this piercing is done based on the acupuncture principles stimulating some specific points, using fine needles.

And, with ear acupuncture, the needles stay at the required spots for only a few minutes. However, ear stapling proponents claim that the acupuncture procedure in daith piercings will control the person’s appetite, resulting in weight loss.

Nevertheless, research does not prove that. It’s only just a belief of the daith-piercing adherents. 

Wrapping Up:

So, Daith piercing does cause some pain. However, this piercing pain is worth it as it is believed to save you from anxiety and migraines. So, visit a professional piercer and do this piercing to save yourself from migraines and anxiety. 


Q.1. How painful is a daith piercing?

Ans. Daith piercing is painful like any other piercing. However, it is never the most painful piercing. It will really lend you some distress while the procedure is going in or just after it. The tolerance of discomfort for all individuals is varied. The people going through this piercing declare openly that they have experienced a fierce and strong shot over the pierced area.  

Q.2. What is a daith piercing good for?

Ans. Daith piercing is the best for dealing with anxieties and migraines. 

Q.3. What side is the daith piercing for migraines?

Ans. It all depends on which side you are experiencing the discomfort from the migraines. If you face migraine on your left side, do this piercing in your left ear and vice versa. 

Q.4. Does daith piercing stop migraines?

Ans. Though there’s not enough research on this matter, there’s still a popular belief that daith piercing can stop migraines. And there’s enough evidence of its success in the life of its proponents.

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