Diet Soup With Cabbage Recipe Insights To Know

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Have you recently heard about a new speedy weight loss diet, “diet soup with cabbage” (that, as claimed by the proponents, can lose up to ten pounds of one’s weight within a week), and feeling hopeful that it will help you in losing your weight? 

Wait! Are you sure it can be effective for your long-term weight loss? Many health experts caution that this diet recipe only gives unsustainable results (helpful only for short-term weight loss) and is unhealthy. 

Wanna know more about the recipe for diet soup with cabbage? Then, continue reading this write-up, and we promise we will bring all the details about it in front of you. 

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Diet Soup With Cabbage Dish – What Is It?

Diet Soup With Cabbage Dish
Diet Soup With Cabbage Dish

The diet soup with cabbage tomatoes dish is an instantaneous weight loss diet that its adherents claim to lose up to 4.5 kg or 10 pounds of weight within a week.

You can guess the functioning of this diet by its name, “cabbage soup diet .”You have to eat only homemade diet soup with cabbage for one week (as the main food dish) and one or two types of other foods like vegetables, fruits, and skim milk. 

You can only use this diet plan for slimming down/ jump-starting a longer-term diet plan, and you have to adhere to the rules for no longer than 7 days. This dish also has many other names, like the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet, the Mayo Clinic Diet, etc.

Such names have been given to the dish considering the fact that this diet is given to heart patients in hospitals before their surgery so that they can lose some weight instantaneously. Nevertheless, the implicated hospitals or nursing homes have denied these claims. 

There’s no information about where this unusual kind of diet originated from. However, it has been traced that this extraordinary diet gained popularity in 1980 and has never looked back since then.

The basis of the dish is homemade cabbage soup. To start this diet, you must make a large quantity of the soup for eating and continue it throughout the week. The soup’s specific ingredients may not be the same always. They may differ. 

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Recipe For Diet Soup With Cabbage: 

Recipe For Diet Soup With Cabbage
Recipe For Diet Soup With Cabbage

The ingredients needed for the diet soup with cabbage recipe are 2 large onions, 2 cans of red tomatoes, 1 head of green cabbage, 1 package of fresh mushrooms, 2 green peppers, 1 bunch of fresh celery, 3 carrots, and 6 to 8 cups of vegetable cocktail (example – V8)/water.

You can also use 1 to 2 bouillon cubes for preparing this diet dish. However, it’s an optional ingredient, and you may also not prefer to use it in your dish. 

The cooking technique of diet soup with cabbage tomatoes dish is- 

  • Chop all the vegetables to give them cubic shapes. 
  • Take a large-sized stock pot and put it on your over. 
  • Pour a small quantity of oil and saute the chopped onions within the oil.
  • After the onions turn slightly reddish, put the remaining chopped vegetables into the pot and cover them with the vegetable cocktail/water. 
  • If you want to put bouillon cubes and other seasonings within the pot, put it. 
  • Now, boil the vegetables on medium heat. 
  • Allow the vegetables to simmer for thirty to forty-five minutes until they become tender. 

Seasoning the weight loss diet soup with a cabbage dish with salt, hot sauce, spices, pepper, and herbs makes it tasty. Besides, other non-starchy vegetables, like spinach, green beans, etc., can also be added to the soup to make it healthful.

One can have as much diet soup with cabbage as they wish each day. They can have several meals of this soup throughout the week. However, there are some rules for this diet that you have to follow.  

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Rules Of Intaking Diet Soup With Cabbage: 

While you are on this cabbage soup diet, you have to eat one or two additional low-calorie foods daily. Nonetheless, you must not make any other alterations and drink only calorie-free beverages (like unsweetened tea) and water.

Also, since the weight loss diet soup with cabbage dish is low in some special nutrients, you have to intake multivitamin tablets on a daily basis.

Furthermore, you should also follow the following rules allotted to the cabbage soup diet each specific day: 

  • On the 1st day of your cabbage soup diet, have only unlimited cabbage soups and no bananas. Remember, you must have this day 1 can age soup diet along with some fruits. 
  • On the 2nd day of your diet soup with cabbage, eat only the soup and other vegetables. Keep your eye on the raw as well as cooked green leafy vegetables. Don’t intake peas, beans, or corn on that particular day. However, you may consume a baked potato along with some oil or butter. 
  • On the 3rd day of your weight loss diet soup with cabbage diet, eat the soup along with a lot of fruits and vegetables. However, don’t plan to eat any baked potato or banana for the day. 
  • On the 4th day of your cabbage soup diet, have as many bananas as you want and skim milk (of the quantity you wish) with the cabbage soup. 
  • On the 5th day of your diet soup with cabbage, eat only 10 to 20 ounces of beef as a substitute for fish/chicken. Whether you want to add 6 fresh tomatoes or not is up to your choice. But you should drink at least six to eight glasses of water throughout the day. 
  • On the 6th day of your weight loss diet soup with cabbage diet, eat the soup with beef and vegetables. The beef may be substituted with broiled fish in case you have not done it on day 5. Please focus more on leafy vegetables on day 6. And remember, eat no baked potato today. 
  • On the 7th day, follow the soup diet of cabbage with brown rice, unlimited fruit juice, and fresh green vegetables. But, you should not intake any added sugar. 

#Note- Don’t continue the diet soup with cabbages dish after seven days. Can’t for at least 2 weeks before you start it again. 

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Does The Weight Loss Diet Soup With Cabbage Really Helps In Weight Loss? 

No study on the effectiveness of the “diet soup with cabbages” dish in weight loss has been conducted till now. So, no one can really confirm how effective it is in weight loss.

However, it is assumed that being extremely low in calories, the diet soup with cabbages” dish is the best option for weight loss.

While continuing this diet, you can consume the diet cabbage soup in quantity you wish along with some other specific food items of limited choice, the calories in all these items are too low to maintain or increase your body weight. So, diet soup with cabbages is thought to be an effective way of reducing one’s weight. 

Nevertheless, though this diet will help you lose your pounds rapidly, there’s a high probability that you will regain weight once you stop eating this diet. 

Severely restricting your body’s calorie intake or losing considerable weight makes your body lower its metabolic rate, thus decreasing the number of calories burnt daily.

The decreased metabolic rate of a person’s body is the common reason for weight loss plateaus while taking long-term diets. 

It takes almost two days to decrease your body’s metabolic rate as you start the diet. On the third day of this low-calorie diet, you will feel that your metabolic rate has started diminishing, leading to your weight loss.

This slowdown clearly illustrates why it’s so tough to continue or maintain your weight loss once you stop eating the diet soup with cabbages. 

But that doesn’t mean that very low-calorie diets don’t have any benefits. A few studies have confirmed that very low-calorie diets, when followed for 4 to 12 weeks under a doctor’s supervision, may result in significant short-term weight improvements and metabolic health improvements in the case of obese people.

Also, some studies have shown that a few short-term diets comprising very low calories have the power to reduce insulin resistance temporarily, even though they are not capable of producing large changes in one’s body fat.

Moreover, there’s an advantage of dieting with cabbage soup. It’s that you can eat as much of the cabbage soup or other allotted foods as you want. You don’t have to sleep hungry, and it’s a positive side of this diet.

Also, there are other positive sides too. The diet comprises a lot of low-calorie but high-fibrous fruits and veggies that are not much expensive. The dish’s ingredients, “diet soup with cabbages,” are also cheap and easily available in the market. 

Shortcomings Of Diet Soup With Cabbages:

Shortcomings Of Diet Soup With Cabbages
Shortcomings Of Diet Soup With Cabbages

The diet cabbage soup has some advantages regarding weight loss. However, its shortcomings outweigh its advantages. Here are some of its shortcomings: 

  • This process is inappropriate for significant weight loss as the diet must be followed for only 7 days or one week. And this time period is not lengthy enough for substantial weight loss.  
  • The fat burning of your body per week is too high. For example, in the 1st week of the diet, the weight loss of 34 percent is only from fat, and the other 2/3 parts are from water weight loss and muscle mass loss. 
  • The diet soup with cabbages doesn’t contain enough nutrients. 
  • This diet offers very few food choices, thus, lacking a real protein source and several vitamins & minerals. Lack of protein resists muscle loss at the time of following the diet.
  • The diet soup with cabbages dish is incredibly bland. Thus, it’s hard to continue it for a week. 
  • For following this diet, you are required to cook the cabbage soup in large-batch 
  • This diet may sometimes result in flatulence and cramping.
  • The diet may result in gallbladder issues.
  • The diet of cabbage soup changes the levels of one’s blood pressure.

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Wrapping Up: 

The diet soup with cabbages is an abrupt weight loss one-week diet that helps you forfeit substantial weight as it constitutes very low calories. However, the weight loss is momentary, and once the one week of the diet is complete, and you discontinue it, you will again start gaining weight.

Moreover, the diet of cabbage soup is nutrient deficient, and you will not get sufficient nutrients from it. So, it will be wise for you not to fall into this diet trap for losing your weight as it will not be a permanent and healthy weight loss.

Instead, you may try other weight loss methods (ex-, exercises, diet control, etc.) that will healthily give you permanent results. 

Diet Soup With Cabbage FAQs

Q.1. How many calories in the cabbage soup diet?

Ans. The cabbage soup diet (1 serving) with added protein comprises nearly 401 calories, 32.5 gm of protein, and 37.3 gm of net carbohydrates.

Q.2. How many calories are in the cabbage soup diet recipe?

Ans. About 2 cups of cabbage soup diet recipe comprise 133 calories, 3 grams of protein, and 19.8 grams of carbohydrates. It also encompasses 7g of dietary fiber, 11 grams of sugar, and 5.2 grams of fat. Besides, 0.7 grams of saturated fat, 4480.2IU of Vitamin A, 88.2 milligrams of Vitamin C, and 91 mcg of folate are also present in it. Furthermore, the soup also has 110.7 milligrams of calcium, 1.5 milligrams of iron, and 30.2 milligrams of magnesium. After experimenting with this diet soup recipe, 504.1 mg of potassium, 451.1mg of sodium, and 0.1mg of thiamin are also found in it. 

Q.3. How an individual do the 7-day cabbage soup diet?

Ans. The 7-day diet with cabbage soup must be eaten daily alongside one or two food dishes of low calories. Besides this, no other changes are needed. Just drink calorie-free beverages, for example, unsweetened tea, water, etc.

Furthermore, make sure that you intake multivitamin tablets every day to make up for the low vitamins and nutrients in the cabbage soup diet. 

Q.4. How much weight loss with a cabbage soup diet?

Ans. The diet’s proponents assert that it can assist you in losing up to ten pounds/4.5 kg per week. However, numerous health experts alert that the food is unwholesome and its results are also unsustainable. 

Q.5. What to eat with a cabbage soup diet?

Ans. Along with the cabbage soup diet, you should eat the following: 
Day 1 – Fruits (no bananas)
Day 2 – non-starchy leafy green vegetables, no fruit
Day 3 – Fruits & vegetables
Day 4 – Bananas & skim milk
Day 5 – Beef/ skinless baked chicken & tomatoes.
Day 6 – Beef with vegetables
Day 7 – Brown rice, fresh green vegetables, and fruit juices (unsweetened)

Q.6. How much can you lose with cabbage soup diet?

Ans. You can lose up to ten pounds/4.5 kg per week with this diet.

Q.7. How often to eat cabbage soup for weight loss?

Ans. You can eat cabbage soup throughout the day whenever you feel hungry. There’s no limit. However, you will need to consume at least 2 bowls/per day for the entire week, so you don’t feel excessively hungry.

Q.8. How often do you eat cabbage soup to lose weight?

Ans. You can eat diet soup with cabbages anytime throughout the week. But, to avoid feeling hungry, consuming at least 2 bowls of this soup daily (for 7 days) is necessary. 

Q.9. How does the 7-day cabbage soup diet work?

Ans. The diet functions strictly as its name suggest. For 1 week, you will consume almost nothing but only diet cabbage soup made at home.

You can also eat 1 or 2 other foods daily (for example, skim milk, fruits, vegetables, etc.). By doing this, the low-calorie diets will give you very low calories, thereby decreasing your body’s metabolic rate. It will lead to substantial weight loss. 

Q.10. How often do you eat cabbage soup diet?

Ans. You should eat a minimum of 2 bowls the diet of cabbage soup per day. Still, if you are hungry, you can eat more of it.  

Q.11. How often should you eat cabbage soup to lose weight?

Ans. Eat cabbage soup throughout the week whenever you feel hungry. But, also ensure that you consume a minimum of 2 bowls of this soup per day. Otherwise, your body will be very weak. 

Q.12. Can you really lose weight on the cabbage soup diet?

Ans. Yes, the diet of cabbage soup really helps in losing weight, that too of a substantial amount. However, this weight loss is a provisional and unwholesome one. 

Q.13. How to lose weight on cabbage soup diet?

Ans. Eat the cabbage soup diet recipe for 7 days along with 1 or 2 additional low-calorie foods such as fruits, vegetables, beef, etc, and from the third day, you will notice a significant decrease in your weight. 

Q.14. Who came up with the cabbage soup diet?

Ans. Raymond Ellis Dietz first proposed the cabbage soup diet in 1930. He recommended this cabbage soup diet to his hospital patients.

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