Cumin Seeds and Powder Benefits and Side Effects on Skin and Face

by Adarsh Patel
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Cumin is the most crucial ingredient or spice in Indian kitchens. Cumin means “jeera”; our curries and gravies are incomplete without that ingredient. We can say that every Indian dish is incomplete without cumin seeds.

But most people don’t know that cumin or cumin powder is also very useful for the face and skin. It is medically beneficial for hair and skin. 

It will treat many diseases and skin infections because cumin consists of antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory qualities and is the best remedy for your face, skin and hair.

Cumin is an essential ingredient in skincare and hair care. So in this, we are giving a walkthrough on the benefits of cumin. 

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Cumin Skin Benefits

Cumin Skin Benefits
Benefits of Cumin on Face and Skin

Cumin is the core ingredient for treating any skin issues or hair issues. Because cumin has many useful qualities for the human skin, it will help give tone to your skin and increase your blood flow.

The main thing is that cumin is a natural ingredient, and there are no side effects of cumin seeds. Let’s discuss some of the benefits that are cured by cumin seeds or cumin powder. 

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1. Cumin Cures Skin Disorders

The cumin seed contains a huge amount of vitamin E that will help to keep your skin healthier and free From the ailments. It will cure skin disorders because cumin seeds have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which are very effective for your skin.

Most people struggle with acne and pimple problems, but with the help of cumin based anti toner, you got acne and pimple-free skin.

You can just boil water with cumin seeds and apply it to your skin. It will work as a skin anti toner and give your healthy skin. 

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2. Skin Nourishment

Cumin is the best ingredient and source of useful nutrients for our skin. It is a huge source of medication if it comes to the problem of digestion. Jeera is the godsend for digestion related issues.

And we also know that most of the nutrients in our skin come from our digestion procedure. But face masks, serums, and scrubs are not enough for your skin. Taking care of your digestion is also important for good skin.

Cumin water is the most useful in our diet plan so consume it if you are worried about the nutrition of your skin. 

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3. Glowing Skin

People struggle with unhealthy skin in this busy world; they want glowing skin but fail to get it. Most people are going to salons and getting expensive treatments for their skin.

But cumin seeds are a very beneficial ingredient for that. You have to mix cumin seeds with turmeric and honey to make a paste for applying to your face or skin.

After that, sometimes remove it with warm water. And you can see the natural, healthy, glowing skin you want. 

4. Anti-Aging

The most fantastic ability of cumin seeds is it moisturizes your skin. It contains vitamin E, so it acts as an antioxidant. So it is effective to prevent ageing-related symptoms like sagging skin, dark spots, and wrinkles on a face.

If you have that problem, then you look older than your age. When we consume cumin seeds regularly, we can free ourselves from the anti-ageing issues on our skin because cumin seeds consist of adequate amounts of vitamin D, E, and A.

If you drink jeera water daily, it will also help reduce ageing problems. 

5. Cumin Cures Acne

Most people suffer from acne-related issues on their faces. If you are struggling with your acne-prone skin, then cumin is the best ingredient to cure acne-related problems on your face.

Cumin is a multipurpose skincare ingredient. Cumin seeds are used to destroy all the bacteria and germs that cause pimples and acne because of their antibacterial properties.

You have to wash your face with cumin laced water, which is responsible for healing every type of skin issue and disease. 

6. Treatment of Hair Loss

Most people suffer from hair loss, dandruff, and rough hair problems. People are trying expensive shampoos, oils and serums. They are ready for therapies that are harmful and have many side effects.

Cumin seeds cure the problem of hair loss, baldness, and dandruff problems. You have to mix cumin seeds with olive oil and apply that paste to your hair. And scalp it at the time you take a bath.

That procedure promotes hair growth, treats dandruff problems, and gives your hair more strength. 

7. Improves The Sperm Quality

Cumin seeds help improve the quality of sperm because they contain zinc. It promotes and synthesizes nucleic acid. It also cures insomnia related issues.

If you can add at least two spoons of cumin powder to your day to day lifestyle, it will be helpful to increase the sperm count. Cumin is the most beneficial ingredient for your skin issues. 

Nutrition Facts of Cumin Seeds 

Nutrition Facts of Cumin Seeds
Nutrition Facts of Cumin Seeds

We listed below some of the nutrients that contain 100-gram cumin seeds. 

Vitamin C12%
Vitamin A25%
Sodium168 mg
Potassium1788 mg
Protein18 gram
Carbohydrates44 gram


Cumin powder or seeds are the most beneficial ingredient for our skin. This is a natural ingredient, and it means no side effects of that ingredient. It is a great source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and many more nutrients. This is the most effective ingredient, which is beneficial in many ways. If you have any skin or health issues, you have to consume cumin seeds to get good results. We listed some benefits of cumin seeds. I hope you will like it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Can I apply cumin powder on my face? 

Ans. Yes, we can apply cumin powder on the face. We can also use cumin by making its face pack on our face. The face pack is prepared by mixing cumin seeds, turmeric and honey. 

Q. Can cumin lighten skin? 

Ans. Cumin not only cures acne or pimples, but it also cures skin disorders and diseases because it flush the toxins out from your body and gives you glowing and brighter skin.

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