Costa Vida Nutrition & Some Popular Recipes

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Costa Vida, a Mexican cuisine restaurant that graces you with the experience of coastal life. Initially, when it was established by partners JD and Sara Gardner in 2003, Utahans called it Costa Azul. When the pair unleashed a coastal-style exquisite platter filled with mouth-watering food items, they both felt overwhelmed and got inspired to start a restaurant in Utah. In this article, we’ll see Costa Vida nutrition and its popular recipes with nutritional values.

Costa Vida Nutrition & Some Popular Recipes

Today, you can receive your Costa tortilla from any of the franchises located in more than a hundred different regions.

Costa Vida Menu Nutrition

Costa Vida menu nutrition

This Mexican serving outlet has salad keto (gluten-friendly), Raspberry Chipotle chicken, quesadilla, Chile Verde Enchilada, tortilla chips for your salsas, steak burrito, cinnamon tortillas (for small Costavidans), mango shrimp salad, lime pie, and tres leches on their menu card.

There must be so many of you wondering or thinking about the number of nutrients and calories in each food item. So there is a Costa Vida nutrition calculator for informing you more about the Costa Vida nutrition facts.

The restaurant also allows you to create salad by your choice of ingredients as per your health concerns.

Some of the most popular fresh Mexican grill eats are as discussed below (along with their nutritional facts):

Baja Bowl, Grilled steak

costa vida Baja Bowl, Grilled steak

this comprises chicken, rice, black beans, fresh lettuce, and pico along with the perfectly grilled steak. If we discuss its nutrients in four serving the cal you gain are 280.

A total of 18 grams contributes to its calories. This is also a great source of protein as it provides 27 grams of protein. If you desire to have low-carb food, this is the one for you.

Raspberry Chipotle Chicken salad

costa vida nutrition raspberry chipotle chicken salad

This salad is served with tomatillo ranch and black beans to enhance its taste. But without dressing, one salad offers 432-kilo cal.

These calories include 10 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein, and a great number of carbs (7pr)G). Along with these nutrients, the salad provides 1114 mg of sodium and 5 mg of cholesterol.

Cinnamon tortilla

costa vida cinnamon tortilla

This is a special cuisine for the costa-kids. Tortilla is slightly barbecued by using butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on top of it. The single serving of this tortilla serves 260 cal.

With a small amount of protein (3 grams only), cinnamon tortilla contains 41 grams of Carbohydrates and total fat of 10 g along with 200 mg of sodium.

Costa Vida Double Taco, black beans

costa vida double taco, black beans

Crispy tacos (twofold rolled) create magic or symphony of delicious flavours inside our mouths when stuffed with black beans. The Taco offers very few calories, just 80 in a quantity of 3 servings.

If you are looking for a fat-free lunch go and grab this double Taco. It will provide you with 14 grams of carbs along with 5 grams of protein.

Costa Vida Burrito, Sweet pork

 burrito sweet pork

The elements which constitute this extraordinary burrito are spineless pork, soft and crispy tortillas,cilantro-lime rice, green lettuce, sauces, and some black beans. This burrito is one of the most praised burritos on the Costa Vida Nutrition menu.

In the amount of four serving you consume 290 cal. The fat you gain is 17 grams along with 21 grams of total carbohydrates. The eater will also receive 13 grams of protein with 390 mg of sodium and 50 mg of cholesterol.

Single Enchilada Mahi Mahi

single enchilada mahi mahi

The single enchilada combined with Mahi fish brings the seaside vibes or littoral food essence to the menu. Along with its meeting to the true identity of Costa Vida, the enchilada provides less than 100 calories in 2 servings.

Very low amount of fat 4.5 grams along with abundant content of protein (12 grams) this single enchilada is carb- free. You will receive 45 mg of cholesterol and 125 mg of sodium in the same serving.


Costa Vida not only just serves delicious platter but some food options may turn up as life-changing food habits for the fitness freaks. Health-conscious may get gluten-free tortillas and keto-friendly salads. Also, if we talk about the Costa Vida black beans nutrition, these beans provide 58 calories in just one serving. Apart from these, the restaurant also offers dessert-like lime pie and tres leches for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q. How many calories are in a Costa Vida Bowl?

Ans. If we talk about Baza bowls, cilantro-lime rice, there are 140 cal in it. This is the lowest calories offering bowl among the other Baja Bowl options on the menu of Costa Vida.

Q. How many calories are in a salad from Costa Vida?

Ans. Costa Vida offers a wide range of custom-made salads for its customers. The regular grilled chicken salad offers 501 calories in a single offering.

Q. How many calories are in a small Costa Vida grilled chicken salad?

Ans. A small Costa Vida grilled chicken salad gives 645 calories to the patrons of the bistro in a regular serving.

Q. How many calories are in a small sweet pork salad from Costa Vida?

Ans. Sweet pork salad is one of the most loved or ordered eats. A small salad provides 290 calories in an offering.

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