Corn On The Cob Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

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Corn is that starchy cereal you enjoy every summer. Be it America or Asia, people can’t stay away from tasting this exquisite cuisine. Corn on the cob is nothing but that cylindrical part of Zea Mays (maize plant) which possesses yellow seeds. One of the most prominent varieties of it is sweet corn. Once your papillae catch its heavenly flavour, there is no turning back, the corn will add you as one of its aficionados. Even after consuming it time and again, few people have a vague idea of its high nutritional value. It is the perfect mix of exquisite food and a healthy diet if put together in the right or appropriate manner. In this article, we will get to know Corn on the Cob nutrition and other amazing facts about it.

Corn On The Cob Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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Nutritional Value Of Corn On The Cob


This particular food item consists of 19 grams of Carbs when considering a single serving of corn . 2 grams of fibre is obtained from these 19 grams of Carbohydrates. Moreover, you will consume 6.4 grams Of Sugars if you finish up this mouth-watering corn.


The quantity of protein is found to be low in a single piece of the cylindrical part of the corn. Only 3 grams of Protein will reach inside your body if you eat one corn serving. But still pretty much ahead in Protein presence in contrast to other vegetables. It is basically a low-fat cereal so comparing it with veggies is not justified.


This is an ideal food item to consume for people who are looking for low-fat food as it possesses 1.4 grams of Fats in a single serving. So next time if someone interrupts you from eating corn, enlighten them with this healthy fact about corn.


Corn carries some of the vital Vitamins such as ascorbic acid which is an antioxidant, retinoids which are also fat-soluble vitamins, and Vitamin E, helpful in the treatment of osteoarthritis.


Most of the essential elements are also found in corn, some of them are well known for controlling blood pressure.

Nutrition facts For Corn On The Cob

If we talk about the nutritional value of corn on the cob in each serving, we will receive 99 calories as a whole including around 22 grams of Carbs (which may contain 4.7 grams of Sugars and 2.5 grams of fibre). Moreover, the total fat of 1.5 grams is possessed by a medium-sized ear of corn. The most important thing is that it is rich in Protein. It can also serve you as a good option for your healthy diet as it is cholesterol-free. Also, lutein is a carotenoid that helps in protecting eyesight.

corn on the cob nutrition
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Corn On The Cob Nutrition USDA

The United States Department of Agriculture i.e USDA usually looks after the implementation of agricultural policies concerned with farming, food quality and provides the facts related to nutrition.

The nutritional content is given by USDA for medium-sized corn on the cob:-

  • 88 calories will be consumed
  • 1.4 grams of saturated and unsaturated fat you will intake.
  • 15 milligram of Sodium is also obtained by it.
  • 19 grams of Carbs are also feeded to your body.
  • 2 grams of fiber suggests it is quite rich in Protein.
  • 6.4 grams of Sugars will be consumed per serving.

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Nutrition IN Fresh Corn On The Cob

Apart from containing Carbs, proteins and essential elements in ideal nutritive amounts, fresh corn on the cob also contains insoluble fibres and some good bacteria which helps in digestion inside your gut resulting in an increase in the activity of metabolism.

Health Benefits Of Corn On The Cob

Improves eye health

Visual disorders such as cataracts and blurred vision may be seen in old people, but still, if they consume antioxidants or carotenoids like lutein, they will notice a great degree of improvement in their eyesight. Being abundant in lutein and zeaxanthin, corn may serve this purpose.

Diminishing intestinal problems

Colon cancer is a problematic disorder mainly related to the intestine, so some of the microbes found in corn can produce monocarboxylic acids, helpful in preventing this disorder.

Corn also possesses various antioxidants that are favourable for us. Problems related to heart and diabetes can also be reduced. Corn contains polyphenols, one of the plant compounds which is a great factor in regulating the level of insulin and mono carbohydrates in our blood. And if you have ever thought consuming corn can gain you some weight, then this is the time you realize its worth in the weight loss process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Does Corn on the Cob have any nutritional value?

Ans. This consists of great nutritional value, along with essential elements, it possesses 3.4 grams of protein as well.

Q. What is the nutritional value of a large ear of corn on the cob? 

Ans. In a large ear of corn on the cob, there is 5.4 grams of protein and a total of 2.1 grams of Fat, high content of fibre (4.6 grams) and vital vitamins.

Q. What is the nutritional value of sweet corn on the cob?

Ans. Sweet corn on the cob is a widely loved variety of Zea Mays, also provides 3 grams of protein,15 grams of Carbs and very little Fat (1 gram).

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