Clamshell Exercise and Workout With Resistance Band

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Some exercise is meant to strengthen the specific parts of your body. And such an exercise that makes your bone stronger is the clamshell exercise. This exercise is most noteworthy because of its animal-like movements. With clamshell exercise, your pelvic region and glutes get tight and, you can get rid of the pain also.

For further convenience, you should also note before starting that this type of exercise can be performed anywhere because it does not need much space to flex your arms and legs. If you are in a room with a minimal area, you can also begin doing this workout perfectly. 

What muscles do clamshell work? 

What muscles do clamshell work
What muscles do clamshell work

This type of exercise directly shows positive results in maintaining the strength of the pelvis, glutes, and hips. But that does not end the positive effects of such workouts.

Clamshells exercise also rebuilds from any means of injury in your lower back region. Because of its healing results the physiotherapist has timely implemented these types of exercises on its patients. 

So, the clamshell provides orthopedic support to the gluteus medius laying the exterior edge of the heap. Also, it stimulates the pelvic portion of your body. You can come out of discomfort. It prevents injury to your leg region by equally balancing the muscular effort between the outer and inner thighs. 

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Who should try it? 

Since clamp shell exercise helps prevent rigidity or exhaustion of the body, these exercises are readily helpful for athletes, runners, or any other sports person.

The runners specifically find these exercises beneficial because these workouts recover the injuries of your weak hip bones. And, as it is often being found that ankle sprains and knee pains are an outcome of weak hip bones, athletes should consider working on them. 

Some starting advice

  • Firstly, at the point you engagingly maintain the core, you encourage the abdominal muscles to get activated. And from a substantial scenery, it protects the spine. 
  • You should focus on isolating the glutes. For that, instead of bending the lower back, only rotate the hips. 
  • Take the expertise support in watching over whether the neck is in a neutral position or not. 

Insights on clamshell exercise with band

Clamshell exercise with band
Clamshell exercise with band

As of now, it must be clear for you that clamshell workouts involve the movement of your leg and hip region. But many also prefer practicing these forms of exercises with the support of a resistance band.

One of the most common benefits of using a resistance band to carry forward these types of exercises is elevating the regular clamshell rotation. As an added advantage, the resistance band assists in working on the glutes and the hamstrings for a more intense support core and back. 

How to practice with the resistance bands? 

  • For starting with the exercise, you would require to locate the band in between your legs. The loop band should be placed in a manner so that it gets adjusted above your knees.
  • Once properly adjusted, you should lie down at one side of your knees by forming a 45-degree angle between your stacked hips and knees. 
  • Get comfortable with the posture and start contracting the leg muscles to establish the core. 
  • Maintain your one foot in close contact with the other feet. Then, slowly initiate elevating the upper knees as much as you are capable. But make sure that during this activity, you don’t move your pelvis or hip region much. Note, you should not permit the lower leg to get up from the floor level. 
  • Once your upper knees are in an above position, then stop in that posture for some more seconds. After at least ten seconds, lower down the top knee at the initial status.

 When you get done, you can continue the clamshells exercise with a band on the other side for at least ten to fifteen repetitions. 

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Clamshell exercise benefits

Clamshell exercise benefits
Clamshell exercise benefits

Clam shells exercises are particularly good for retaining a healthy body shape. Especially when you seek the help of a loop band then you build an attractive body shape along with strengthening the muscles of the bottom part of the body. But that doesn’t limit the significant benefits of this type of exercise. Some of the extensively known benefits are- 

  • Spatially these forms of exercises are perfect mainly because you don’t need much space in practicing them. Even at your workplace, whenever you are free, you can try it out. 
  • It’s a versatile form of exercise, practically showing multiple benefits. 
  • Clamshell workouts have resulted in making your hip and gluteus muscles strong. For the aged person when they are finding it difficult to walk or sometimes do morning jogging, then they can try the exercise with the assistance of a resistance band.
  • As an added advantage, if you are facing the issue of gaining excessive weight, you can try it out in burning fat and unwanted calories. Thus, shape your body in a fit manner. 

You are suggested at the beginning level to practice this clamshell exercise without the help of loop bands. And once you become an expert, then you should take the support of these bands. So, tone up your body shape in this way. 

What is a reverse clamshell exercise? 

What is a reverse clamshell exercise
What is a reverse clamshell exercise

The reverse clamshell exercise is known as an advanced version of the conventional clam shells exercise. Usually, these forms of workouts aim at recovering the injury of the inner thigh and further assist in tightening the muscles. As an add-on, these exercises are also helpful for the outer thighs, strengthen the pelvic muscles, and work on toning the glutes. 

For performing these reverse patterns of clamshell exercise as the equipment, you would require the support of a softball. Here’s how to begin –

  • You have to lie on one side of your body and then just bend slowly. Once you get tilted, you have to place one of your legs at the top position of the other leg. And in between both your thighs, you have to place the softball appropriately.
  • Then maintain both your feet together and gradually start squeezing the softball by reassuring your inner thigh. 
  • After a few seconds, you can release the ball and then ultimately can switch over the sides. 

Trying out both the upper and lower body simultaneously

The sub-topic might sound inappropriate for you here. But it is not. Because truly you can establish both your lower and upper region of your body at the same time, by practicing clamshell exercise using dumbbells. Know below how!

  • Simply lie down in the conventional clamshell posture. And then hold a 3 or 5-pound dumbbell as per your body capacity, maintaining the elbow at the upper side.
  • Slowly elevate both the upper arms and feet at a 90-degree angle. And in the posture itself keep the core and hip stacked. For simultaneously stabling your upper and lower body you have to lift your entire top leg, unlike just the knee. 
  • By maintaining the position, keep the elbow pressed in your side along with the lower leg at the ground level. 
  • Stick to the top position for the next few seconds before returning the initial point. For the next ten times, repeat the same pattern and then switch over to the opposite side. 

Sum up! 

From the above discussion, it must be clear that clamshell exercise is one of the easiest exercises without even the requirement of a huge space. If you know how to practice them appropriately then, you don’t have to seek the help of a professional also. But in that way, you should stay a little more careful in analyzing the positive and negative results, if any, in your body. When you face any particular difficulty in carrying out the clamshell exercises, you should discontinue it or take a break to avoid exhaustion. Overall, these types of exercises are very simple yet productive ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1. What is the clamshell exercise good for?

Answer – Individuals who actively do clamshell workouts have found multiple benefits from these types of movement exercises. For example, when you consistently work on them, you can maintain a healthy body shape.

Besides that, your hip and gluteus muscles stay strong with these exercises. And lastly, spatially, these exercises are perfect mainly because you don’t need much space to practice them. Even at your workplace, whenever you are free, you can try it out.

Q.2. What muscles are used in a clamshell exercise? 

Answer – The clamshell exercise strengthens the hip muscles. But other than that, muscles like the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus also get stable when you appropriately practice clamshell exercise with a band, reverse clamshell exercise, and its subtypes. 

Q.3. How often should you do clamshell exercises? 

Answer- To get positive outcomes, you have to labor a lot on these forms of exercises. Therefore, it is proposed to practice them twice a day at an expert level, and at the beginning, you should warm up once a day. And at one time, you should perform them at three different sets without pausing in between. Once done, you can relax for 90 seconds at max. 

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