Chumlee Weight Loss Skinny Photos Before And After

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Chumlee, whose weight was 150 kg, was very worried about his heavyweight and always wanted to reduce his weight, for which he struggled a lot. Let’s talk about Chumlee weight loss.

Chumlee weighed 350 pounds in 2019. Chumlee went through a simple bypass surgery and shed 160 pounds, and came out with a healthy and fit body.

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Who is Chumlee

Chumlee is an American businessman. Chumlee’s real name is Austin Lee Russell, who was born on 8 September 1986.

Chumlee is best known for the show Pawn Stars on the History TV Channel, where he is an employee, and the television show, which featured full-day business at the Gold and Silver pawn shop in Las Vegas.

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How did Chumlee lose weight?

Chumli started his weight loss journey in 2009. He struggled with his obesity for many years. He wanted to reduce his weight for a long time, for which he also followed a Yo-Yo diet and exercised, but his weight kept fluctuating, and finally, he decided to undergo bypass surgery and reduce 160 pounds.

Chumlee Weight Loss Photos

Chumlee Weight Loss Photos
Photos of Chumlee Weight Loss

Chumlee Before and After

Chumle underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost 160 pounds. The first picture is one in which he is stuffed with his obesity, and on the other hand, there is another picture in which he is looking healthy and happy.

Chumlee Before and After
Chumlee Before and After

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Chumlee Transformation

Chumli keeps posting his before and after losing weight pictures on her social media handles in which he is not recognizable.

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Chumlee Then and Now

Chumlee Then and Now
Chumlee Then and Now

He tells TMZ that he feels great after losing weight and enjoys eating good, healthy food.He also says that everyone always supported him, which was the main thing in his weight loss, because people don’t care about your weight when you pushed towards the goal, it is fun to complete it, and because of everyone’s support, today he is at this stage. He is living a good and healthy life.

Chumlee Weight Loss Journey

Chumlee was always bothered because of his weight, and due to his weight, his cheeks and face were very fat. Because of this, he got the name Chumlee. he always made all efforts to reduce his weight, like going to the daily gym, eating healthy foods, and following a strict diet. Still, after doing all this, his weight came down a lot, due to which he got frustrated and decided to have bypass surgery. After his surgery, he lost 160 pounds.

Chumlee Weight Loss Surgery

Chumlee underwent gastric bypass surgery to reduce his obesity, reducing from 350 pounds to 190 pounds.


Question: When did Chumlee got married?

Answer: Chumlee got married to his girlfriend Olivia Rademann in May in Hawaii. 

Question: Which diet and exercise did Chumli follow?

Answer: His girlfriend helped him with Chumlee’s diet and exercise. His diet consisted of vegetables, juices, and fruits, and Chumlee used to go to the gym and exercise six days a week.

Question: How did Chumlee lose weight?

Answer: Chumlee followed a lot of diets and exercises to reduce his weight, but even after that, he was able to reduce a little, after which he decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery and reduced up to 160 pounds.

Question: Chumlee’s net worth?

Answer: Chumlee’s net worth is 5 million US dollars.

Question: What was Chumlee’s goal for losing weight?

Answer: Chumlee told a Las Vegas review that his ultimate goal of losing weight was 170 pounds. His heaviest weight was 225 pounds at the time.

Question: When and where was Chumlee born?

Answer: He was born on 8 September 1982 in Henderson, Nevada.

Question: When did Chumlee get his Nickname?

Answer: He got his Nickname “Chumlee” because of his large chin and face at the age of 12 years.

Question: Chumlee is a member of which show?

Answer: Chumlee is a member of the Pawn Star show coming to History TV18.

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