Chris Sullivan This Is Us Star Weight Loss

by Adarsh Patel
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Chris Sullivan Weight Loss Intro

Many people are troubled because of their obesity. They want to reduce their weight but cannot do it. Weight is the biggest problem due to many issues arising in our bodies. Because of being overweight, you may have trouble walking and difficulty wearing the clothes you like.

Big celebrities also reduce their weight because they want to look good in front of people. Losing extra weight is not as easy as it seems. But if you work hard, you can make it easy. One celebrity is Chris Sullivan, who surprised everyone with his weight loss. Today in this article, we will give you information about Chris Sullivan weight loss.

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Who is Chris Sullivan?

Chris Sullivan was born on July 19, 1980, in America. He is a famous American actor who has been seen in many films. Chris Sullivan is known for his performances in This is Us from 2014 to 2015. he started his career in 2008 with the movie “North Star .”After that, he was features in many films. His career is very successful, and millions of people like him for his work.

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Chris Sullivan Weight Loss

Chris Sullivan is a famous American actor and musician. He plays the role of Toby Damon in the NBC show. He has been honored many times for his roles. Starred in the sequel Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris’s body looked a little different after the third season of this show. 

Chris Sullivan Weight Loss
Chris Sullivan Weight Loss

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Did Chris Sullivan Really Lose Weight? 

Did Chris Sullivan Really Lose Weight
Did Chris Sullivan Really Lose Weight

Chris was seen as normal in the first three seasons of “This Is Us .”But when the fourth season of “This Is Us” was viewed, Chris looked a bit different. He looked much leaner than before. This clearly shows that Chris has really been working on his weight. Viewers are interested to know how he achieved a slim body.

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How much is Chris Sullivan’s height?

He is 6ft 3inch (191.8 cm) tall.

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Was Sullivan slim from the beginning?

In 2017, Susan Kelechi Watson revealed this. Sullivan used to wear a vest to make himself look fat.

What is the reaction of fans to Chris Sullivan weight loss?

When Chris Sullivan fans discovered that the actor was not overweight, his fans were disappointed and angry. This was done because the audience said that the show should have taken someone who matched that role.

Body measurement

Chris Sullivan’s weight is 211.5 pounds i.s. 96 kilograms. His body height is 6.3 feet, i.e., 191 centimeters.

Chris Sullivan This is Us

However, Chris Sullivan, who played Toby in “This is Us,” had been battling with heavyweight for a long time. But he is not obese in real life. He wears a thick outfit during the show, which makes people think he is fat.

Chris Sullivan movies and TV shows


  • Guardians of the galaxy (2017)
  • Broadcast signal intrusion (2021)
  • The knick
  • Adopt a highway (2019)
  • Agnes (2021)
  • North Starr (2008)
  • Sugar (2008)
  • Death and the red dress (2012)
  • The drop (2014)
  • Morgan (2014)

Tv shows

  • 2010 Pleading Guilty
  • 2011 Weekends at Bellevue
  • 2012 A Gifted Man
  • 2013 Elementary
  • 2013 The Red Team
  • 2014 The Normal Heart
  • 2016–2022 This Is Us
  • 2017 Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • 2018 Camping
  • 2019 The Good Fight
  • 2021 What If…?

Chris Sullivan Personal Life

Chris Sullivan was married to Rachel Sullivan. Rachel Sullivan gave birth to a boy named Bear Maxwell on July 28, 2020.

Chris Sullivan Career

Sullivan had moved to Chicago, USA, in the early days, where he tested at the IO Theatre. Then he joined the 2011 revival of Chicago, which had been running for a long time.

Chris Sullivan first acted in the Cinemax drama The Nike, playing the role of Tom Kali. he also played his part in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Chris Sullivan worked in many TV shows and movies. He was nominated at an award show for North Star in the year 2008.

Most recently, he played the character of Toby De Mann in the “This Is Us” show, for which he was also honored with an award. He voiced the camel during an American auto insurance company Hump Day advertisement. In March 2022 of the same year, Sullivan was set to lead a comedy pilot at NBC.


Chris Sullivan is a famous American actor; he worked in many movies and tv shows. He has been working on the TV series This Is Us most recently. He was looking normal till the third season of this show. But in its fourth season, he was already looking lean. Viewers thought Chris Sullivan had lost weight. But a person who worked with Chris said that Chris is not really fat. Chris wears a trouser during the show, due to which he looks fat. He is really skinny and hence did not lose any weight. 

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