Chris Pratt Weight Loss Before and After Body Transformation

by Adarsh Patel
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Nowadays, a lot of problems are increasing in people’s weight. People ignore their weight, but this weight becomes a big problem in the future. When this weight becomes a problem, then people decide to reduce it. They read about weight loss on the internet and celebrities’ weight loss journeys. Today in this article, we will talk about the weight loss journey of Chris Pratt.

A few years ago, Chris realized that he had gained weight. He used to do some cycling sometimes, due to which he lost some weight. Let’s get to know more about Chris in more detail. People loved Chris Pratt weight loss journey and follow his journey and lose weight with his help. This article will discuss how Chris lost weight and how he followed the workout and diet.

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Who is Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is a professional American actor and comedian. He was born on 21 June 1979, Virginia, Minnesota, U.S.) He is mainly famous for his action films. Before he become a film star, he was a TV show actor. However, he has made a place in the hearts of many people with his work.

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Chris Pratt Weight Loss Journey

Chris is a very famous American right now. His increasing weight in his life was a challenge for him which he wanted to reduce as soon as possible. Chris Pratt weight loss journey has inspired his fans as well as others. Big celebrities talk about their weight loss in their interviews so that ordinary people can also reduce their weight by making changes like these in their lives. With his hard work, he lost 60 pounds in no time.

Chris Pratt weight loss journey is extraordinary as he did not miss a single workout. He used to work out daily and strictly follow his diet plan. For a good result, it is essential that you do not go back from your goal, even for a day, and work hard for weight loss.

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Chris Pratt Diet plan

A good diet plan is more than half as effective in weight loss. It reduces fat from your body quickly and helps your body’s health. Chris Pratt weight loss diet includes high-protein foods such as fish, chicken breast, eggs, etc. Sometimes, he ate carb-rich foods, including brown rice, curd, broccoli, etc.

Apart from this, he started drinking a more significant amount of water, and he used to stay away from junk food from outside.

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Food to avoid

Sugar, Dairy, burgers, noodles, Junk food, pizza.

Food to eat

Broccoli, fish, egg, Spinach, Sweet potato, Nuts, berries, brown rice.

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Workout

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Workout
Chris Pratt Weight Loss Workout

Working out is very important and beneficial for good results in weight loss. You can work out even if you do not have a lot of weight. He wanted 6 pack abs from the very beginning, for which he did a lot of exercises. Combining the proper amount of exercise with the proper diet plan is critical.

He used different exercises every day, such as push-ups, hammer strength, warm-up, incline bench, shoulders and triceps, dynamic stretching, etc. In addition, he sometimes used to go on motorbike rides, walk and jog.

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Before and After

Chris is a famous actor as well as a bodybuilder. He is very famous for his movies and was very worried about his weight, after which he decided to lose weight. He dropped more than 60 pounds in less time, the difference of which you can see in this photo.

Chris Pratt Before and After
Chris Pratt Before and After

How Chris Pratt Fat Reduced

Chris Pratt Fat
Chris Pratt Fat

The famous actor has been in the news about his weight loss for some time. Seeing him in this new avatar, his fans like him even more. However, losing weight is not as easy as people think. Weight loss requires a lot of hard work, as Chris did not miss his workout, not even for a day, and strictly followed a diet plan.

Chris Pratt Weight

Chris Pratt weight loss is very much liked as compared to many weight loss stories. He made every effort to lose weight, which is perhaps why people like him so much. He lost 60 pounds of his body, which was challenging.


Question: How much weight did Chris lose in the last 6 months?

Answer: Chris lost weight during the shooting of many new films. Chris didn’t lose a lot of weight. He keeps on losing a little weight every day and continues his exercise. But at one time he had almost lost 60 pounds in 6 months.

Question: How much weight did Chris lose in the Guardian of the Galaxy?

Answer: Chris in Guardians of the Galaxy: played the role of Drakshire. In this movie, he has a mission to reach the stone to the tip of the galaxy. Unfortunately, he is involved in an accident at an unknown alien home and becomes infected with a virus. For that role he worked hard to lose 60 pounds.

Question: What type of workout does Chris do?

Answer: Many people are familiar with Chris but not by name because of his films. Many people are shocked to see his weight loss. They all raise this question. Has Chris lost weight by going to the gym? Or did he have surgery? Chris never misses his workout routine. His workout routine includes push-ups, pull-ups, warm-ups, jogging, and walking.


Who does not know Chris today? The whole world likes him. He has a lot of fans who always support him. Even after having so much popularity, Chris was worried about himself. The reason for his trouble was his increasing weight. He did a lot of workouts and strictly followed the diet plan to lose weight. People love his weight loss journey because he never misses his workouts and diet. He is truly an inspiration for people who want to lose weight and leave after exercising for 1 or 2 days due to laziness. Admittedly, it is difficult to lose weight, but if it is done with a good and sincere heart and one does not want to back down the path, it is not so difficult.

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