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Body factory as a skincare brand served its customers for more than six years in three different locations. They are successfully treating their customers in feeling the glow and radiance of their skin. The body factory skin care treatment and products promise to become a part of your beautiful journey. This writeup along with informing you about the body factory products will also help you in knowing about the location and other details.

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The body factory skin care membership

If you want to take the membership in body factory skin treatment, then you will find two types of membership. And within each type of treatment, you will find different price ranges for membership.  Two types are:

  • Body factory face fit membership.
  • Body factory skin care laser fit membership. Let’s have a look at two of them individually.

Face fit membership package.

In this skincare package, you will have several perks such as you can have regular monthly hydra, regular and pro power peel facial. Secondly, you will have facial skin tightening treatment with a facial tune-up. They also offer regular discounts as an added advantage of face-it membership. And above all in your birthday month, you will get an exciting exfoliant skin cure at every, body factory skin care appointment.

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Face fit membership levels.

With the face fit membership, you will have three types of membership levels. Those are:

The basic membership level is a face fit standard. With the standard plan, you can have a $10 discount on the addons for the skincare services. You can have ten per cent off on retail products as well as can access surprising body factory events. The standard pricing is $80 per month.

Face Fit plus membership. The plus membership is available at all three body factory skincare locations. With this plan, you can have all the facilities available to standard plans and in addition, will also get one hour hydra and original facial services. For you, there will be exclusive Dysport and botox pricing available. For plus membership, you have to pay $ 100 monthly.

Facefit premiere membership. It’s one of the most advanced skincare treatment plans you can have access to with a body factory. You will have all the benefits of standard and membership. In addition, you will also get skin tightening micro shot services. And for premiere membership, you have to pay $120 monthly.

Is body factory face fit membership worth it?

There are many positive as well as negative body factory skincare reviews are shared regarding face fit membership. Some of the shortcomings pointed out by customers are that the membership is too expensive and sometimes the treatment is done in an unprofessional manner. However, those are from individual perspectives as positive reviews are there too regarding the same.

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Body factory skin care laser fit membership

Laser fit treatments are affordable and easy if you take the body factory membership, that’s what the site claims. The three levels of membership available with Body factory skin care laser fit are-

Laser fit mini shares the benefit of treating areas like the back of the neck, areola, abdominal line, front of the neck, jawline, etc. With the mini membership, you have to pay $60 per month and can also have one month of free membership.

Laser fit maxi has the added advantage of treating the following areas per month like full legs, chest, and abdomen, buttocks, etc. For Maxi membership, you can have a membership at $120 monthly. Get the first month free with a maxi membership.

Laser flex membership At $150 per month you can have the choice of switching flexibility to any of the areas as given in the list. In addition, you can also have an original facial session for half an hour.

Cons of body factory skin care laser treatment

Customers are often concerned about the expensive laser treatment process. In addition, it gets exhausting for some because of the long treatment process. For some, the professionals are not competent enough for the body factory skin care laser hair removal program.

How to take appointments in Body factory skincare locations?

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Before knowing the way for making an appointment you should know about the different body factory skincare locations. Being functional from 2014, the Body factory at present works from three different locations. Those are:

  1. West Village location. The address for the west village location is 472 American Avenue, NY, 10011. They have also given the contact details like phone number (+1212 255 5655). The west village location is like a premier class venue. However, there is no gratuity available for the cost reservation.
  2. Body factory skin care upper east side location. To reach the upper east side location the address is 1570 First Avenue, NY 10028. You can also book the appointment at the contact number (212) 255-5655.
  3. Hell’s Kitchen location. To reach the upper east side location the address is 726 9th Ave, NY 100019. You can also book the appointment at the contact number (212) 255-5655.

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Body Factory skincare appointment details

For making an appointment you will at first have to select the appointment consultation type. Consultations from which you have to select are

Free consultationThe list of free consultations are fillers and augmentation, cool sculpting, laser hair removal, and facial and skin analysis.

Facial under skin boostersThe consultations included in the list are wrinkle reducer, bright eyes, double chin, PRP, nasal augmentation, lip augmentation among others.

Facial on skin boostersSome of the on-skin boosters are laser skin tightening, micro-target facial, pro peel power for sixty and thirty minutes, etc.

Body boosterslaser removal of hair for mini, midi, and maxi areas. Knees fat reduction among many other booster treatments  

Once you select the consultation, the next thing you have to do for a body Factory skincare appointment is fixing the locations. After that, you have to choose the provider from whom you want the skincare treatment.

Body factory skin care yelp reviews

For the west village location, there are more than a hundred plus ratings. And on average there are 4.6-star ratings. Some of the positive body factory skincare reviews share that the team very efficiently cleans for the thirty-minute facial. As per the positive reviews, you can relax while the facial treatment.

#source: yelp
#source: yelp

Some of the negative reviews include that the professionals do not do the facial for thirty minutes as promised and instead finish it within 20-25 minutes.

The Body Factory skincare Instagram page

You can also be in touch with the body factory team by getting regular updates from their Instagram page. They are socially active on Instagram as they have more than 237 posts and have 4000+ followers. See some of the before and after images of body factory treatment and then confirm your booking there.

Sum up.

Therefore, the body factory skincare treatment is helping its customers to have glossy and tightened skin. They are available at three different New York locations and all the centres work seven days a week. Overall, it won’t be true to say that body factory have no complaints from the customers. But at the same time, you should also keep in mind that they also have four-star ratings. So, if you wish any of the treatments from them then book your appointment shortly there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What are the opening timings for the brand factory skincare spa?

Ans. The brand factory spa is open all days of the week. Their opening timings are from 10 am to 7 pm.

Q. Is Body factory protein powder nutritious?

Ans. The body factory protein powder contains more than fifty different fruits, herbs, and veggies. It also comes with more than 239 servings of calories. It is free from gluten and does not contain lactose. If you want you can also add your favourite flavour to it.

Q. How is body factory skincare?

Ans. The spa has three locations and all of them have been rated above four stars. Therefore, if you consider the ratings of the spa then body factory spa is fair enough in services.

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