Best Full Coverage Foundation For Dry and Sensitive Skin?

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Girls mostly love wearing makeup & looking beautiful. And, when it is about wearing foundations on their faces, they just need a perfect one with a perfect texture that is compatible with their skin. Many people suffer from dry skin & while choosing foundation, they have to keep it in mind. They leave no scope in finding the best foundation for dry skin available in the market. But, how to know which is the best one among so many? Come! Let us help you with the suggestions of some foundations that are best for dry skin:

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Best Full Coverage Foundation

Best Full Coverage Foundation
Best Full Coverage Foundation

If you are browsing for a full coverage foundation for your dry skin that is the nicest in the market, then Nars Cosmetics Weightless & All Day Luminous Foundation is the exact one for you. This foundation will lend you a natural finish & create a perfect & flawless base. This foundation from Nars Cosmetics is oil-free & ideal for those who have oily or combination varieties of skins. 

It will always keep oils at bay & your skin will never look dry & heavy. To get complete coverage, apply the foundation with your fingers & it will look natural on your skin. This Nars Cosmetics foundation has a highly pigmented formula.

It is ultra-light & easily glides into one’s skin, thus providing her with full but natural-looking coverage. The best part is that this natural-looking coverage will stay with you in place the whole day long. 

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The Finest Full Coverage Foundation Made For Mature Skin

If you are digging everywhere online & offline for a full coverage foundation for mature skin, which is again the best in the market, then Estee Lauder Futurist SPF 45 Foundation With Hydra Rescue Moisturizing feature will be satisfactory for you. There are a few foundations, which, when applied without serum at the outset, make the mature or aging skin of an individual even more & uncomfortably dry. 

But, with Estee Lauder Foundation, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Coming with buildable coverage, this foundation will moisturize your skin & its double-duty formula will work overtime if needed for the sake of your complexion. This foundation cream is a part medium-to-full coverage type makeup. It comprises anti-aging serum. Also, it has SPF 45 protects you & your skin from the tanning UV rays & photoaging.

Besides, the hyaluronic acid & Estee Lauder’s IonCharged Water Complex present in this foundation hydrates your skin. Also, the product is sold in twenty-eight shades (Java, Porcelain, etc.). The foundation will instantly plump & address the redness of your skin even if it is matured & aged. So, it is one of the best foundations for aging skin. 

Also, it is one of the best foundation for wrinkles. It can very well hide your wrinkles. Simply apply this foundation on your aged & matured skin & relish the radiance & natural-looking glow of your skin that you have never basked before. The only downside of this merchandise is that it is costly. 

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Best Lightweight Foundation

Best Lightweight Foundation
Best Lightweight Foundation

If you are searching for the best lightweight foundation among all, close your eyes & go for L’Oreal Paris Foundation (Infallible & Pro-Matte). It’s very much trustworthy for dry skin. This lightweight foundation will definitely stay for hours on your skin that most of the other foundations don’t.

Want a product that will stand the tryout of rain, sun & sweat? Then which other foundation can it be other than L’Oreal Paris Foundation! It will make you appear like a million dollars. Its long-wear & waterproof feature will let you shine out at any precious event. Hey! After reading this, have you fallen in love with this cosmetic product just like us?

Best Hydrating Foundation

Lakme Absolute Foundation With Argan Oil Serum (SPF 45, W160 Warm Sand) may be picked as the best hydrating foundation among all. A dewy & luminous look is no more a far-fetched dream with this foundation. It’s an argan oil replenished potion & also a kind of nourishing serum foundation. This foundation has various skincare benefits as well. The product comes with the attribute of SPF 45, which will protect your skin from the harmful & tanning rays of the sun & give your skin a glistening glow throughout the day. 

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Best Drugstore Foundation For Dry Skin

In case your priority is to buy the best drugstore foundation for dry skin, Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation with a long-stay feature will be perfect for you. The time-release technology of this foundation will give you hydration throughout the day. Also, it is oil-free & has the ability to balance moisture levels. Again, it is long staying in nature & it will remain on your skin for up to 24 hours. 

The broad-spectrum protection from sun damage is another impressive feature of this foundation. The SPF 20 of this foundation makes it possible. Furthermore, there are 4.4 percent titanium oxide & 2 percent zinc oxide in this foundation in blended form. Their function is to protect your skin from the harmful radiations of UVA & UVB. You will find this product gentle on your skin. 

Besides, your skin will get a natural finish & a medium-buildable coverage with the application of this foundation. Guessing, will it be hard to use it? No, not at all! It’s very easy to use this foundation. Pump out the foundation, take a small amount of it on a sponge, apply it on your skin in a proper way & you are done. 

If you are a choosy kind of person, then let us tell you that this foundation is available in twenty-four shades. Elect any one of those foundations based on your skin tone. There is majorly one downside of this product is that you may find it thin in consistency. That’s it. 

 Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you remain tense while choosing any product for your skin that it will suit your skin or not? Then, use the Pro Breathable Foundation from Dermacia. The Dermacia Foundation will provide you a brilliant coverage & will also rejuvenate your skin at the same time. 

Being an oxygenating foundation that comes with a 3X silica gel-established formula, it will diffuse every fine line, blemish, & problem area of your skin with full coverage. Its hypoallergenic formula is suitable for every sensitive skin type. Through its breathable formula, air & moisture will get permeated within your skin.

So, this foundation is also acceptable for those who have just gone through aesthetic/surgical procedures. 

Our Final Words

So, we hope you are pleased that we have made you aware of the best foundation for dry skin in each category. And, now, as you have learned the names of those foundations, start searching for the foundation that will match your skin best & suit your purpose & priority. Are you still waiting? Don’t just sit & wait! Hurry! The stock of your selected foundation may get over soon! 


Q.1. Is liquid foundation better for dry skin?

Answer: If your skin is dry & you want to apply foundation on that, sheer-medium coverage selections in liquid & lightweight format are the best. Even when the day comes to an end, you will still feel your skin hydrated because of the water-based formula present in it. 

Q.2. Are matte foundations good for dry skin?

Answer: No, matte foundations are not good for your dry skin. Matte & powder finish foundations can actually make your already dehydrated & dry face appear more matte & flat. What the matte foundations do is it clings on the dry patches of your skin. This will emphasize your skin’s texture even more. So, if you possess dry skin, a dewy/satin finish foundation will be best suited for you. 

Q.3 Why does my face look dry with makeup?

Answer: Your face will look dry by applying makeup if the application process of your makeup is wrong or the products’ combination in the makeup you are using is not perfect. If you apply a full coverage makeup foundation on your dehydrated skin or make use of the wrong primer on your face, your foundation will appear flaky. 

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